Who doesn’t love free stuff?

Okay, first and foremost, I must inform you that I’m drunk, and this most likely won’t even get a quick once over for proofreading, as I just got a new shipment of stuff from edenfantasys.com yesterday. M wants to fuck and who am I to postpone that pleasure?

My first free piece

So, disclaimer of typos aside, I want to tell you all about edenfantasys. I’d love to link you there, but stupid wordpress won’t allow it.

Anyway (see how rambling I am already), edenfantasys.com is a sex toy shop. But it’s a shop that you can earn free toys from. And it’s easy as hell. (And just so you all know, I’m not earning anything from this, this is true, from my heart, with no kickback). First, you need to just go there and look around. It’s a good toy site, and has most anything you would want at good prices. And if the price seems high, just hang out for a bit, because they have amazing sales going on all the time.

So, go check it out. I’ll wait.

Back all ready? Did you register? Because that’s the next step, registering to become a reviewer. I’m there. And you can find me under my user name of lovesexandmarriage (imagine that, right?). Go ahead and friend me there, because right now, I spend more time there than I do here…

lovely clover clamps with a HUGE bite!

Anyway. Now that you’re registered, look around the site and find a few toys (three to be exact) that you already own. Write reviews on them (if you can’t figure this out, either message me there, here, or email me at lovesexandmarriageblog@gmail.com). Once those reviews are written, request to be made into an advanced reviewer. Once you’re considered an advanced review, you’ll be able to pick a free toy once a month that EF will send you, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review of the product.

Not only do you get this free toy a month, but when you interact on

Can I simply say that I LOVE this!

the site by fb liking items, commenting on reviews, being active in the forums, etc, you earn points, which can be redeemed as gift certificates to be used for more free items.

And then they have an online magazine type thing, called SexIs, that you can write articles for, and earn points for (ranging from $10 to $15 a piece) each article you submit.

Oh, and if you have you’re own site (aka, not a mysitename.wordpress.com site) you can do posts on your blog, and earn even more free toys. **hence, if I wasn’t a cheap skate, and bought my url, instead of using wordpress to host, I’d be getting paid for this post, but alas, I’m doing this just for you, dear reader, so you can get your own free toys**

Once you get established, and increase you’re ranking, you can become an editor, earning more points, and then a mentor, adding to your sex toy collection.

At this point, I’m not a mentor, but I am an editor. I’ve been using edenfantasys as my “go to” sex toy shop since I started LSAM. I do use other shops, as EF doesn’t carry some of the hardcore stuff I’m sometimes looking for, but I shop at EF more than anywhere else. For instance, all the pics included in this post are things I’ve received for free from EF, and believe me, there are plenty of items that I can’t seem to fit into

Daddy really liked this school girl outfit…

this post, like the feather nipple clamps, the chemise and dildo from this post, a nice silicone rabbit, etc, etc…

So check it out y’all. It really is worth it.

*hugs and kisses* ~LSAM

38 responses to “Who doesn’t love free stuff?

  1. Hot damn, this is pretty fucking cool. Thanks for writing about this. Already earning points. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been on the site in a while. Life’s been crazy since school started back up, but I do love that site a lot. It’s easy to spend hours on there racking up points to get free stuff. I’ll have to spend some time on there again soon. 🙂

    • I’ve been looking for you, but hadn’t seen you around lately. It’s addicting, that’s for sure. *hugs and kisses* And as crazy as life gets CC, always try and make time for sex toys! All work and no play…

  3. For someone who was blogging drunk, you seem pretty coherent and mostly typo free. And hey, I’m high right now – which is why I’m commenting here at 3:35 am. Checked out the site and it seemed cool enough, so maybe I’ll get my lover into it, since she might have some fun with it. Me? I’m real busy with my writing these days, (while doing lots of “research” with my research assistant. lol) since I’m still on my writers vacation and I’ve posted some of my stories here on WP. But I do like toys, and I also really love sex swings, which I think is some of the most fun that you can have with your pants down, or your panties off, according to your gender. lol

    When I buy toys, my lover and I often go to some of the more high end toy stores around here, which have quality stuff and aren’t in sleazy parts of town. It’s fun and exciting for us to go toy shopping together. 🙂 Cool post and TY for the info.

    • Ha! Thanks Mark. I have a lot of practice at blogging drunk, especially when I was able to blog daily… There are a lot of drunken posts in my archives, I’m sure!

      And I don’t know if you’ve tried teh door swing, but I like it better than the regular one I think. An ex and I had the original, and I wasn’t too fond of it, but the door swing… OMG, I love it, having the benefit of a swing, but the firmess of the door behind my back. Huh, think I now know how M and I are going to spend this evening…

      *hugs and kisses*

      • Hi there, LSAM. I wanted to get back to you and thank you for following my blog! It’s always good to have a new reader, and even more so, since I just started my blog here on WP a week ago. But I’m also pleased that you are following, because I’ve read a couple of your older posts that were erotic/sexual stories somewhat similar to what I often write, and I was impressed with the skill of your writing. Please feel free to share with me some constructive criticism of my posts when you read them, even if your criticism is negative. This will only help me, and I try to never let my ego get in the way of learning from someone who writes very well, since this can make me a better writer. So go ahead and be honest with your opinions, and I’ll be grateful for any feedback I get from you.

        Took a closer look last night at the door swing, and I can see what you mean about more stability from the door from behind while on the swing, while still getting you up in the air, fully accessible and enjoying lots of hot fun with the up and down motion.

        As you know, the full free swinging sex swings can be used in a greater variety of positions, but it also takes some practice and coordination to get the right rhythm for thrusting while your lover is suspended in the air with very little resistance to push against, causing lots of motion and more difficulty with keeping enough stability to stay in the right rhythm while thrusting. But once you get the hang of it, the sex can be absolutely amazing in ways that would be impossible to do any other way.

        Had a former lover who was 5′ 10″ in her stocking feet and full figured but very well proportioned with a dynamite hourglass shape. She was a big girl and that swing was ideal for her, since while she was suspended in it, lifting her wasn’t an issue, and I could do a whole range of things to her while she was in the air, that would drive her stark raving crazy! Hmm… I think that this could be my next post! lol 😉

        Gotta go, cause I hear “L” stirring and she’ll soon want my attention. But I’ll let her know about your toy site today, and I’ll bet she does something with it. Later! 🙂

        • @ Mark. I’d love to do feedback, but it will have to wait until I’m at least caught up with my nano novel, still 5k words behind, and I’m doing everything I can to continue to put it off!

          When I had my “original” style swing, it was years ago and I was in my early twenties. Now, I may like it more than I did then. I remember a friend being in the room where it was installed, and quesitoning why the giant eye hook was in the ceiling. After I responded, “You really want to know?” they declined. haha

          Hope you both are enjoying Eden!

  4. Eden Fantasies is definitely a guilty pleasure worth sharing. I’m fond of those clovers, myself, not to mention other stuff.

  5. Thanks! All the 411 Lo needed!

  6. Unless you need it now-now-now, DON’T buy anything unless you have registered. Do go through the loop of selecting an image, leaving a minimal profile etc for yourself as it will allow you to vote. When you register you get sent their emails, maybe 2-3 a week, with the current discount promo information. Typically once a month they give 15 – 30% on everything for a week, depending on order size.
    Look out for the free shipping offer over $35 – worth $6. To get the free gift on any order I think you have to say which one you want.
    And remember to log in and vote on LSAM’s reviews – it gives her ‘free stuff’ points.
    Which is why I know so much about this…honest!

    • Good point Nick. And I completely forgot to mention… You can use my code *WFC* for a 15% discount. Hmm… maybe I should add that into the post!

      And yes, free shipping over $35 in most cases. Me, I live in the middle of BFE, so some of my orders don’t get free shipping because they can only use USPS.

      And thanks for promoting me buddy! xoxo

  7. Sorry to go a little off topic but the Empire Records clip made me a little sad. All I could think of while watching it was that iTunes and digital downloads probably killed off the store and other record stores, such as the one from High Fidelity, too. *sad face*
    Oh well, I’m going to cheer myself up by heading over to EF to rack up some points because If sex toys can’t cheer you up then nothing can. 🙂

  8. This makes me really jealous to not be in the US!
    I do reviews for a few UK sites, but they have hundreds of reviewers to chose from to it’s a challenge to get any!
    Would love for them to do more like this xx

    • I’m not sure if EF ships to the UK, but Woman (from the World According to Woman) lives in China, and she uses EF…

      It really is a great site, wish you could use it! xoxo

      • EF do ship to UK. Woman uses it, in part, because they are one of the few western toy shops that will ship to China, and anywhere else. China delivery is about 2 weeks, so you have to plan your hot toy fun:-)
        I’d suggest that Little Miss does the reviews at EF because it is lots of fun, you can hone your skills and the toys (and free gift!) are no cost if you have the points, but I think you still have to pick up the shipping. If paying for expensive things it is often worthwhile even from the UK if you work out all the discounting and $-£ conversions. Build the order, see what the shipping costs and then decide. Remember it will take a while to deliver to UK, against the ‘next day’ delivery from UK companies. Oh, and remember to check that any mains chargers will work in UK or wherever. This is a problem for Hitachi Magic Wands, for instance, which need a converter.

  9. Ok, first of all, that’s one of my favorite movies! Second, you’re such a good drunk blogger that, in this award season, I’ve nominated you for an award… you should drunk blog more often!


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