Okay, first and foremost, I must inform you that I’m drunk, and this most likely won’t even get a quick once over for proofreading, as I just got a new shipment of stuff from edenfantasys.com yesterday. M wants to fuck and who am I to postpone that pleasure?

My first free piece

So, disclaimer of typos aside, I want to tell you all about edenfantasys. I’d love to link you there, but stupid wordpress won’t allow it.

Anyway (see how rambling I am already), edenfantasys.com is a sex toy shop. But it’s a shop that you can earn free toys from. And it’s easy as hell. (And just so you all know, I’m not earning anything from this, this is true, from my heart, with no kickback). First, you need to just go there and look around. It’s a good toy site, and has most anything you would want at good prices. And if the price seems high, just hang out for a bit, because they have amazing sales going on all the time.

So, go check it out. I’ll wait.

Back all ready? Did you register? Because that’s the next step, registering to become a reviewer. I’m there. And you can find me under my user name of lovesexandmarriage (imagine that, right?). Go ahead and friend me there, because right now, I spend more time there than I do here…

lovely clover clamps with a HUGE bite!

Anyway. Now that you’re registered, look around the site and find a few toys (three to be exact) that you already own. Write reviews on them (if you can’t figure this out, either message me there, here, or email me at lovesexandmarriageblog@gmail.com). Once those reviews are written, request to be made into an advanced reviewer. Once you’re considered an advanced review, you’ll be able to pick a free toy once a month that EF will send you, free of charge, in exchange for an honest review of the product.

Not only do you get this free toy a month, but when you interact on

Can I simply say that I LOVE this!

the site by fb liking items, commenting on reviews, being active in the forums, etc, you earn points, which can be redeemed as gift certificates to be used for more free items.

And then they have an online magazine type thing, called SexIs, that you can write articles for, and earn points for (ranging from $10 to $15 a piece) each article you submit.

Oh, and if you have you’re own site (aka, not a mysitename.wordpress.com site) you can do posts on your blog, and earn even more free toys. **hence, if I wasn’t a cheap skate, and bought my url, instead of using wordpress to host, I’d be getting paid for this post, but alas, I’m doing this just for you, dear reader, so you can get your own free toys**

Once you get established, and increase you’re ranking, you can become an editor, earning more points, and then a mentor, adding to your sex toy collection.

At this point, I’m not a mentor, but I am an editor. I’ve been using edenfantasys as my “go to” sex toy shop since I started LSAM. I do use other shops, as EF doesn’t carry some of the hardcore stuff I’m sometimes looking for, but I shop at EF more than anywhere else. For instance, all the pics included in this post are things I’ve received for free from EF, and believe me, there are plenty of items that I can’t seem to fit into

Daddy really liked this school girl outfit…

this post, like the feather nipple clamps, the chemise and dildo from this post, a nice silicone rabbit, etc, etc…

So check it out y’all. It really is worth it.

*hugs and kisses* ~LSAM