When I’m Gone

When I’m gone from you, away somewhere else, it’s like my mind can’t think of anything but you.

The sight of you, shirt off, working in the yard, the sun shinning on your bronzed skin, fixates in my head and distracts me from what I should be doing. I think of the feel of your hands, wrapped around my waist as you lift me for a welcome home kiss. I’m overwhelmed by memories of the smell of your skin as I nuzzle against you and drift off to sleep.

These thoughts of you invade my senses and make my mind drift to secret places between the two of us. Places where your teeth scrape the skin on the back of my neck or my nails dig into the flesh of your ass, pulling you deeper inside of me. Being away from you makes me remember places like the sixth hole on the golf course or the room beneath the stairs, places that share our secret rendezvouses.

It makes me crave your touch. Your hands soft at one moment, loving and caressing, then punishing the next, rough in my hair and on my breasts.

It makes me want your mouth on mine, demanding I open to your will. I want to feel your lips move down my body, over my collarbone, to my nipples, where you linger and play. Down to my stomach, over my hips until you settle between my legs and your mouth captures my sole attention.

I miss the whole of your body, warm and hard against mine as you take me, overpower my will and my desire, until I want nothing but to serve and please you and be yours.

You make me forget myself, who I am and what I want, making me want nothing but you.

If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine you on top of me, your hands pinning mine above my head, taking whatever you want from me, for all of me is yours to take.

I can feel you behind me, your chest pressed against my back, the weight of your body a welcomed pressure as you push into me, stretching me to fit your girth. Slow and steady, even when I buck against you, pushing you to take me harder, you withhold, taking your time, relishing in the joining of your body and mine, torturing me with your slow strokes and soft touches.

And then you let go, fucking me like I want, until I am nothing but putty in your hands, weak from the ecstasy of bodily joy, a toy to be used in any way you want for your pleasure.

Just thinking of this, of you, it makes me clench, makes my heart race and my pussy moisten. I makes me want to drop to my knees in front of you and take you deep into my mouth until I can’t breath around you. Until the whole of my existence revolves around you and your cock and your will.

But tonight, release will not come to me. Tonight, I will fall asleep with you on my mind, wishing you were in my body. Tonight, I’ll sleep with a shirt that still smells of you, wrapping my body around it, and dream of you and the pleasures that I’ll find tomorrow.

I miss you, Sir. Have sweet, sweet dreams. And I’ll see you tomorrow evening. xoxo.

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  1. So sweet, lovely, and sexy

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