What’s Up, Y’All?

Fucking Aldabra Tortoises in Honolulu Zoo

Fucking Aldabra Tortoises in Honolulu Zoo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Alright you little pervs…  First and foremost, I need to apologize to you.  I have a handful of faithful readers, and I’ve dropped the ball as a blogger…  I used to post everyday, or at least almost everyday.  And, if you know me, you know that my life has been chaos.  But that doesn’t make for an excuse to slack on my responsibilities.  I really am going to try and do better.  We’ll see.

And a quick update, just in case you’ve followed me for a while and consider yourself a friend.  If you don’t feel free to quit reading and come back next time.  It takes a lot to offend me, so don’t worry, I’m not going to piss in your coffee or put sugar in your gas tank.

We (M, me and the children) are still “technically” homeless, but it looks as though that roadblock is about to be lifted.  We have found a place and the bank has accepted our offer.  The house needs a lot of work, so we will still be squatting at my pops for a bit, but at least we will officially have a place to call our own again.  Optimistically, I’m hoping by the end of June, we will be in.  Realistically, by the time school starts in the fall.  Moving forward.  The best part, we found ourselves in a situation where we can pay cash for the place, so “Woo-fucking-hoo!!  No mortgage payment!”  The second best thing about the place…  M and I’s bedroom will be separate from the majority of the house.  Can anyone say sex dungeon?

On that note, again if you’ve followed along in my chaos, things are going very well between M and I.  Probably better than they have ever been.  Our relationship has taken on a whole new dynamic, which seems to work very well for both of us.  And the sex…  Well the sex is fucking phenomenal.  Oh. My. Fucking. God.  The best sex of my life, times 10.  And sometimes we are screwing so often that it hurts me to wear fucking jeans.  Oh, well, a minor price to pay for the pleasure received.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get back into the swing of things.  I’m not promising much, but really going to try for at least two or three posts a week.  And responding to comments in a decent amount of time, not days and days and days.

To all of you that are hanging on with me through this life transition, I thank you and love you and feel blessed to have you in my life.  For those new followers that have recently come along, I don’t really know what the fuck you’re thinking, but thank you anyway.  Stick around, I’ll make it worth your while soon, I promise…

*hugs and kisses* *licks and smacks*~LSAM

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  1. really glad for you x

  2. Gillian Colbert

    Yay! Good for you both! Make sure there’s a guest bedroom for when I decide to swing (haha .. can you say I’m horny) your way 😉

  3. Wahey! Here’s to the great sex!

  4. Gideon Jagged

    Woo Hoo for the great sex and future sex-dungeon! you give me hope for my sex-life!


  5. Congrats on securing a new house AND that things are going well with M. I’m happy for you on both counts! 🙂

  6. Hello, Beautiful! I’m really happy to hear that you’re doing well, on the home front and the sex front. <3 I'm sure we'll still be here when you do get back into the swing of things. I know I will be. Kisses.

  7. Congratulations! That’s great news!

    I’ve had my own issues to deal with in life lately, so I haven’t been around WP that much. But I’ve been a little more active in the last couple days, and now I have ONLY 438 new blog posts to read! As if that will happen… Lol

    Hope the good news and improving circumstances continues for you and yours. 🙂

  8. That’s grand news about the house, congratulations! I’m sure that some order will prevail in the chaos; even Chaos has some rules. Very glad to hear that the relationship dynamic improves for the better, along with the sexier bits, too. Yay you (both of you!)

  9. *Melts, fans self* I can feel the sexual heat from here! Hugs to you, I am so happy that you and M are doing well.

  10. So happy for you! Sending positive vibes your way. Also that picture of those tortoises is priceless.

  11. Love, love, love, love to you! I’ve been thinking about you nearly everyday. So glad you’re still alive!

  12. Great job you and M have done to survive your problems. And a house too! Whhheee!

  13. That’s all great news. So glad things are going your way.

  14. Wonderful! Thanks for the update!

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  16. Very happy to know that all is well.

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