Welcome Home, Caitlyn!!

After being gone for just two days (I know, I know, I made it seem like we were apart forever), I finally made my way home last night. A rushed dinner was followed by story time and bedtime kisses, then the kiddos were tucked into bed and encouraged to fall asleep.

Soon after, M and I followed. I’d been craving His touch for what seemed like months, and when we crawled under the covers, hands were everywhere. Our mouths met, tongues collided, and we roamed each other’s bodies like it was new territory.

It wasn’t long before my panties were pulled aside, M’s fingers exploring my lips, finding their way to where moisture ran deep, grazing my clit, then returning to plunge into my pussy. His boxer briefs were off, and while I tried to move slow, my lips lingering on His, my hands playing in His hair, it wasn’t long before my fingers wrapped around His cock, hard against my palm, and I was stroking at a pace I wanted mimicked.

His fingers plunged into my pussy, and within two heartbeats I was convulsing around Him, my pussy clinging to Him, wanting to draw Him into me, deeper than He already was. As fluid flowed into His hand, M’s breathing deepened and His attentions turned aggressive.

His fingers curled inside my pussy, tips pushing against my g-spot and my body responded, just moments after the first orgasm, my back arching off the bed as His lips fell to mine, kissing with me with an urgency that sent waves of pleasure throughout my body.

His mouth left mine, and without hesitation moved directly to my clit, drawing the swollen bud deep into His mouth. My hand curled into His hair, holding Him in place as He pressed His face hard into my pussy, and my legs fell wide apart, giving Him deeper access.

His teeth grazed me, sending shocks through my whole being, as His fingers found their way back to my pussy, to my swollen spot that craves His touch. It wasn’t long before my fists curled into the sheets, and my body once again spasmed under His touch.

I don’t know how it happened, but the next thing I remember, He’s kneeling on the bed, His cock bobbing in front of my face as my mouth waters to feel Him deep in my throat.

My tongue darts across my lips, wetting them before I surround His cock with their firm, soft attention. His fingers continue to play in my pussy, rubbing my clit, moving in circles that drive me crazy.

I take Him as deep as I can, until I feel Him far in the back of my throat. The sounds He makes drive me wild, and I push harder against Him, taking Him further and further until I am nothing but a vessel for His pleasure.

He starts to move against me, matching the pace of His fingers with the movements of my mouth and His cock and I’m lost. His fingers of His other hand coil in my hair, grabbing my ponytail hard, wrapping His hand in its length. He holds me still, His fingers pushing into my pussy as His cock fucks my mouth.

He switches between our movements, His and mine, holding me still then moving my mouth across His cock, seeking the rhythm that best suits His pleasure. He still holds me captive with His fingers, making me cum and move and moan against Him, craving both to give and receive His pleasure.

Again, images in my mind fade, and now He has me on my back, my legs wide to allow the width of His body, pushed against my hips, His cock hard and awaiting entrance at my center. As He pushes into my waiting cunt, His eyes lock with mine and His hands move to grip my wrists, holding me in place while He thrusts into my wetness.

Moving together, we’re one, in search of the same goal, although I can’ t necessarily say what that goal may be.

Moments later, whether they be minutes or hours, M moves us closer to the edge of the bed, and my head hangs over, my eyes closing as blood rushes to it. He thrusts deep, and I respond, fluid spilling between our bodies. His hand finds its way to my throat, easily accessible, and closes around it. He grips me tight, squeezing in time with thrusts of His cock in my pussy.

At this point, I’m lost. In Him. Us. This never-ending and eternal moment of pleasure. I can not think. I can only feel. Fear. Pleasure. A touch of pain as He fucks me hard and steals my breath away.

I cum. Again and again. And when He whispers what a good toy I am and how I make Him want to cum, tears almost spill from my eyes.

I’m overwhelmed. By Him. His attentions. His cock and His love.

By Him. And this. And us.

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  1. Unf. I’m about to go out of town for three days – ALONE. I’ll hope for a homecoming along these lines. Beautiful and hot, at the same time.

    • Thank you, Kayla! And have fun (regardless of what your trip is)!! I can’t even begin to tell you the last time I went anywhere for more than an hour alone! *Thanks the gods school’s starting!* xoxo

  2. Ok, ok…you missed him while you were away!

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