Wedding Night Revisisted

A few weeks ago, M and I were moving my mother into a new house. While cleaning out her basement, I came across a giant white box wrapped in plastic. My wedding dress.

“Think it still fits?” I ask him, holding it up.

“Mmm. I bet,” he said. “Can’t believe I never fucked you in it”

Fast forward 12 hours and we’re in our bedroom. I’m wearing white thigh highs with black bows on the back, a corset and my wedding dress.

We have a few drinks while we hang out in bed. “How did I not fuck you in this?” he asks as his hands graze against the top of my breasts where they swell out of my gown.

I laugh. “We were young and dumb.” I think of us then and now. I loved him then, but it’s so much more now, so much deeper.

As we talk and reminisce, his hands find their way to the bottom of the dress. They sneak under layers of tulle and satin and work up my stockings until they flutter along the skin at the top of my thighs. His words trail off as his lips fall to my shoulder, my neck, my collarbone. When his lips meet mine, his fingers dip under the stockings. He tugs them, then lets them snap back against my skin.

Before I know it, I’m on my back and M’s face is buried between my legs, his fingers pulling my white panties to the side as his tongue flicks across my clit. The fingers on his other hand move through my folds and I’m lost. It doesn’t take long before he’s got me at the brink of orgasm, withering beneath him.

Two fingers bury themselves deep inside and I’m cumming around him, juices pouring out of me as I grip my fingers in his hair, holding him to me so I can ride out my orgasm on his mouth.

A few orgasms later and I find myself sideways in bed, M’s fingers still playing, pushing and prodding and rubbing, making a mess out of me while I lick his cock from base to tip. My tongue swirls around the head and the sensitive area right beneath as my hands massage his balls. Within moments, I’m excited and don’t want to wait any longer. I rise up so I can take the length of him into my mouth all the way to the base of his cock.

His groan of approval sets me off and my mouth moves up and down on him as his fingers play and stretch my cunt. I start to cum again and push his cock deep in my throat until I’m gagging on it. His free hand wraps into my hair to hold me in place and I start cumming.

Then I’m on my knees, his cock buried deep in my pussy. He’s got one hand holding the back of my dress while the other runs across the skin on my ass. He’s mumbling words of love and sex, although I can’t concentrate enough to hear him. My pussy’s on edge, already racked by multiple orgasms. I’m pretty sure I’m whimpering nonsensical things -“Yes Daddy,” “Please,” “Fuck, fuck, fuck”- and my body’s to the point where I can no longer determine when I’m cumming and when I’m not.

His hand connects with the skin of my ass with a loud smack and I’m clenching him, soaking the dress and sheets beneath me. Again and again, I’m lost and panting and moaning and cumming and crying and I want it to stop right now and I want it to last for ever and ever.

For hours he tosses me around the bed, fucking me this way and that. My mouth, my pussy, my hands. When he finally cums, I’m on my back, pillows piled beneath my ass, both my ankles over his shoulders while he leans down to kiss me. We’re both covered in sweat and cum and he reaches behind my head and pulls my hair, making me arch beneath him, exposing my neck. I growl out his name as my pussy squeezes his cock.

“Fuck pretty girl. I’m cumming,” he says through gritted teeth, thrusting deep and hard into me until he explodes. He rides it out for as long as he can, and I watch him savor the feelings until he slows and lowers himself onto me.

A little while later, I fall asleep wondering how different things would have been if our first wedding night had been like this….

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  1. Oh Jeebus…I hope if I ever wear a wedding dress again, I have a similar experience. Rawr!!

  2. Yes, my wedding night was far from this too.
    Fuck, let me get divorced quickly, it may even make me want to marry again just for the chance to have as amazing a time as you two had!

  3. Damn, that’s so hot. How long have you two been married?

  4. Yes, verrrry hot indeed miss Caitlyn! Interesting question- what would it have been like then, hmmmm, I don’t think I have changed much, well maybe, but Mynx? OMG! Not that she was bashful or prudish in any way, but it certainly would have been way more Olympic caliber I suspect… 😉

    -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

    • Back then. Well… If I remember correctly we left the reception separately to drive drunk people home. Went to a bar and got in a fight. Left and went to the cabin we rented. Striped naked. Fucked for 5 minutes and passed out cold. It wasn’t horrible compared to others, but this was SOOO much better! xoxo

      • I remember a long and hot day, stayed too long at the reception, checked in at a posh hotel in the big city, my best man and his girl stayed there too. They joined us in our honey moon suite for more drinks and fun (if fun is almost getting kicked out for launching grapes into the tops of convertible cars, lol) before getting rid of them to tear up the room with what we thought was wild and kinky sex, haha. So he had gotten Mynx a pair of panties that had an electronic music box in them that played a song when pressed. Well, very past our “shangri-la moment” the cover on the suit case suddenly fell shut on the novelty panties hung over the side, which started an electronic version of “here comes the bride!” We were rolling on the floor laughing so hard, she had already cum, LOL! Ahhhh, the good times, new Caitlyn… 😉

      • … That should have been- “Ahhh the good times, now, miss Caitlyn…”

      • I promise you, you don’t want to know about my wedding night. Let’s just say no fucking happened when we went to ‘bed’. It’s only when we changed locations that a very forgettable shag happened. So forgettable that I have absolutely no memory of it aside the fact it did happen. And to think that was the preview to every time (or almost) for the next 20 years!
        And before you ask, no, I didn’t wait until my wedding night to discover sex, and it had been just as forgettable prior to that.
        Yes, maybe I need to get married again, just to replace those memories with new ones 🙂

      • It’s amazing the amount of people I hear from that never even had sex on their wedding night. I always that it was necessary! haha. Our whole wedding was a cluster. We had a keg kicked before we got married. One of our groomsman was eating mushrooms. My mom forgot the rings. It was a party with a little ceremony in the middle. I never even packed a bag for the cabin. I had to wear my wedding dress home in the morning! Ah, the memories! xoxo

  5. Dayum, girl!! Hot hot hot! My wedding night was fun as shit, but not sexually. All our friends came back to our room and we kept drinking and laughing. Escapades galore. When it was finally time to shoo everyone out we tried to fuck, but we were so drunk nothing really happened lol. I laugh every time I think about it. It’d have been nice if we’d done it differently, but we were at least surrounded by our friends and had a great time 🙂

    • We had fun. It was draining though! The night mentioned above was much more fun! And although we had a good sex life back then, it was NOTHING compared to what we’ve got now! haha. *hugs and kisses*

  6. I love this, definitely listing it as a great read for the month of September. So hot.
    I love my husband far more now than I did when I thought it wasn’t even possible-on our wedding day. I now want to grab the dress and have some great sex in it.

    • Thanks Cammie! It was fun to put it back on. I think it fit me better now than it did then! And even if M would have asked to fuck me in it all those years ago, I’d of probably thrown a fit. But after hauling the box around from basement to basement, fuck it. Use it while you’ve got it! xoxo

  7. I have chills. And my nipples are hard. Wow.

  8. Unf. Hello and welcome back, beautiful. What a way to return to sex blogging. Sexy, sexy, sexy.

    Something sooo sooo erotic about all white.


  9. I didn’t have sex on my wedding night either. In fact we were so stressed out at the big event that we barely even ate anything… we got Jack in the box drive through and then ate on the floor…. oh, and my new brother in law came back to our place with us. Don’t remember why. So un-sexy or romantic

  10. I see you haven’t lost your sexy writer’s voice! Mmmmmmm!


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