Wanting a Girlfriend

So… in redoing the blog here at LSAM, I’ve been rereading a ton of old posts and comments. And on this post there is the following comment from Lily that has been radiating in my mind for the last few days.

Step 1: Get a girlfriend.
Step 2: Acquire a strap-on.
Step 3: Get her to give you a blow job.

Speaking from personal experience? TOTALLY WORTH IT. You might not have a lot of nerve endings in your “cock,” but you have a hell of a lot between your ears.

It’s been constantly on my mind, all of it, steps one through three. And I’m strategizing how to accomplish them. I guess, first, should be to notify M. hehe. Well, I’m pretty certain that he knows now, me putting it all out there like that on LSAM.

But really, how do I even go about getting a girlfriend? I’m thinking of browsing AFF, afterall browsing never hurt anyone right?

*sigh* A girlfriend. What a novel idea. I picture taking her out to dinner, wooing her. I can feel her hair running through my fingers, the softness of her lips on mine,  her skin beneath my hands. I imagine first kisses and butterflies, hesitant touches and small gasps of surprise and pleasure.Share 1

And then the strap on… I’ve been infatuated with the feeldoe, or perhaps the Share even more, since the first time I’ve seen one.

I picture her on her knees before me, looking up through shy lashes as her lips wrap around my “cock.” I imagine my hand coming to rest on her cheek, my fingers wrapping around under her hair line, looking down at her with love and desire in my eyes. I want to know what it feels like to thrust into her mouth, watching her suck my “cock.”

God, it gets me wet just thinking about it.

I want her spread before me, her slit wet with want. I want to bury my tongue in her, tasting her salty sweetness, feel her softness close around my fingers. I want to make her juices flow and swallow down every drop.

I can see her beneath me, eyes closed, her teeth working on her lower lip as I thrust into her, fucking her. I feel her ass pressed against me as I take her from behind, wrapping my arm around her waist to fondle her breasts, then manipulate her clit. I imagine watching her cum, her body’s spasms spreading through my own as we cum together.

Fuck. I want a girlfriend.

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  1. Aaaaggh, now I want a girlfriend too!

  2. This is fast becoming my new favorite blog!

    You have a great way with words. I feel like I am there, all five senses of me.



  3. They need a “love it” button not just a like!


  4. Jeese! Now I want you to HAVE a girlfriend, so you’ll write more posts like this one! That was seriously HOT LSAM. I’m familiar with the “feeldoe” because a while back, the company that makes them did some some smokin’ hot videos on an internet porn site that I check out from time to time. If only all advertising was as hotly exciting as this was… well hey, I might even throw away my TiVo! (probably not gonna happen.) Your post here is the reading equivalent of those videos, and I’m wishing you the best of luck in your search for a girlfriend!

    • Ha! Thanks, Mark! Maybe if enough people are rooting for me, perhaps the fates will allow it (although, believe me, the way my thoughts are going I’m not thinking I’m going to leave this one up to the fates).

      I’ll have to look for those. During my morning “me time,” the 10 minutes I try to steal in the morning to rub one down, I looked on youporn, which I know sucks but it agrees with my phone, and couldn’t find anything decent that wasn’t god-awful scripted shit.

      And as always, you flatter me! xoxo

  5. Girlfriends are, in fact, the shit.

    At least mine is 😉

  6. Feeldoe? Pfft. Go for a harness.

  7. meeeeee tooooooooo.

  8. I’m not into girls, but goodnight that about did me in. I was right on the edge of volunteering after this. Going from writing some erotica to reading this has me all edgy.

    • With your erotica, there’s no wonder why! And you never know, Cara, until you try it… Girls are fun, a whole different experience. *hugs and kisses*

      • Lol. If I’m honest, I’ve always been closer to the middle on the Kinsey scale. My early adolescence was interesting.

        • I know that feeling. When I was responding to your previous comment, I was thinking about not knowing I was attracted to girls until I had my first experience in 9th grade. But I remember being young and stealing my dad’s playgirls and hustlers, all late 70s editions. I masturbated to those things for years! haha.

  9. That sounds very sensual and romantic. I don’t know if I want a girlfriend as much as I just want to fuck a girl. Being in a relationship with one person is hard. Forget about two. I’m more interested in a female fuck buddy. 😉

  10. I think the idea of a girlfriend would be lovely…

  11. Maybe it’s sort of an acquired taste because when I was younger, I was more or less horrified with the whole idea. Women have always come on to me and before, I couldn’t fathom it. Over the last few years I’ve passed from, “I’m no longer disgusted with the idea,” to, “I think I would like to try,” to, “Fuck, maybe I’m yearning for this.” Go figure.

    Just goes to show ya, snap judgements are rarely accurate…sooner or later.

    Big Bi Bisous on your lips, 😉

  12. Cum on over here and Lola will make a worthy gf for you! (You too, Dawn!)

  13. MMMMmmmmm, this is delicious and naughty. Puts a little different perspective on my Owner and I sharing a third when that time comes.

    • Welcome to lsam, Slave! My Sir and I too are eventually planning on a ffm threesome (actually wrote a series of posts on it), but this is different, my desires. I don’t want just a one time thing or casual encounter. I want a girlfriend, not just a fuck. Although I wouldn’t mind a casual fuck, especially with M. *hugs and kisses*

  14. … As if I wasn’t sexually frustrated enough… ahahaha!


  15. Sometimes, LSAM, you’re right there with me. We run parallel paths down the same street, and it gets me to wondering. I have a post in my queue that I’ve been debating on posting or not. I’m leaning a little more toward yes.

    This is steamy.


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  17. You just wet my appetite all over again… 🙂

  18. Reblogged this on MaríMar and commented:
    Funny that I should read this today… This week I decided to be more proactive in finding a girlfriend but now reading LSAM words… I crave. ❤

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