So… in redoing the blog here at LSAM, I’ve been rereading a ton of old posts and comments. And on this post there is the following comment from Lily that has been radiating in my mind for the last few days.

Step 1: Get a girlfriend.
Step 2: Acquire a strap-on.
Step 3: Get her to give you a blow job.

Speaking from personal experience? TOTALLY WORTH IT. You might not have a lot of nerve endings in your “cock,” but you have a hell of a lot between your ears.

It’s been constantly on my mind, all of it, steps one through three. And I’m strategizing how to accomplish them. I guess, first, should be to notify M. hehe. Well, I’m pretty certain that he knows now, me putting it all out there like that on LSAM.

But really, how do I even go about getting a girlfriend? I’m thinking of browsing AFF, afterall browsing never hurt anyone right?

*sigh* A girlfriend. What a novel idea. I picture taking her out to dinner, wooing her. I can feel her hair running through my fingers, the softness of her lips on mine,  her skin beneath my hands. I imagine first kisses and butterflies, hesitant touches and small gasps of surprise and pleasure.Share 1

And then the strap on… I’ve been infatuated with the feeldoe, or perhaps the Share even more, since the first time I’ve seen one.

I picture her on her knees before me, looking up through shy lashes as her lips wrap around my “cock.” I imagine my hand coming to rest on her cheek, my fingers wrapping around under her hair line, looking down at her with love and desire in my eyes. I want to know what it feels like to thrust into her mouth, watching her suck my “cock.”

God, it gets me wet just thinking about it.

I want her spread before me, her slit wet with want. I want to bury my tongue in her, tasting her salty sweetness, feel her softness close around my fingers. I want to make her juices flow and swallow down every drop.

I can see her beneath me, eyes closed, her teeth working on her lower lip as I thrust into her, fucking her. I feel her ass pressed against me as I take her from behind, wrapping my arm around her waist to fondle her breasts, then manipulate her clit. I imagine watching her cum, her body’s spasms spreading through my own as we cum together.

Fuck. I want a girlfriend.