Want Valentine’s Day All Year? Check Out Rori’s 365 Valentine

Many of you know Rori from Between My Sheets – go check her out if not- and she’s started this brand new program I wanted to tell you about.

365 Valentine.

I’m jealous, because it’s such a great idea, I wish I came up with it!

But seriously, if you feel like you’re struggling with keeping the romance alive, this is a great, and inexpensive, route to take.

Here’s how it works:

  • Read about and sign up for Rori’s 365 Valentine program.
  • Due it before March 1st to get the great introductory rate of $37. After March 1st, the price more than doubles.
  • Simply decide which of the three options is best for you and your love.
  • And viola! You’ll start receiving daily emails, giving you advice and easy to follow, realistic tips on how to start growing the love and intimacy in your relationship.

And if you do it now, you’ll get 10 bonuses, including ebooks on special dates and how to initiate some kinky fuckery into your relationship.

In case you missed it earlier, you can check it out here.

Go for it. And if you like, come back here and tell me about it!



4 responses to “Want Valentine’s Day All Year? Check Out Rori’s 365 Valentine

  1. If I was in a relationship, this would be cool

  2. Thanks for spreading the word! I’m really excited about it – put a LOT of work into making it awesome and I hope other people think it is too. 🙂

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