This review has been a long time coming, and since there are very–and I mean very–few of them available, I’m going to try and make it thorough. Which means this won’t be like some of my other toy reviews, where there’s a sexy story involved.

No, this review is going to tell you why the Vibra King is worth every penny you spend on it.

So first things first.

This is a Vibra King.

vibra kingThe Vibra King is a vintage personal massager that hit the porn scene a few years ago. If you tend to like watching girls masturbate, then there’s a chance you may have come across this beast before.

Vibra Kings are hard to find, really only available on e-Bay and at estate sales. But they’re a hot commodity, so be prepared to get into a bidding war over this baby. I got mine in March on e-Bay. I got a deal on it for about $100 (they normally go for around $150), because the seller didn’t know the market.

Mine was originally purchased in 1957 for $29.95.

vibra king

If you’re lucky enough to get one in the original box, you’ll see it comes with four different head attachments, similar in style to every personal massager made from 1950 to 2000.

An original will not come with the white tip you see on porn. Repeat. It does NOT come with the plain white attachment the girls on porn use.

And honestly, I don’t recommend any of the attachments it comes with for masturbation purposes. You’ll want something similar to  what the porns have, but I have yet to find it. We’ve tried a variety of things, from golf balls to rubber chair guards, and what’s worked best for us is the end of a silicone dildo.


Speaking of attachments, you can see that each one screws on, not snaps. That made the silicone really easy to deal with, as M just drilled a hole in it, and I can tighten it to where I want it.

The Vibra King is small, about the size of a compact blow dryer, and it has a similar shape. It’s heavier than more modern vibrators, but when compared to the Hitachi, it’s about the same. Maybe a few ounces heavier.

The design of the handle makes it easy to manipulate over your pussy, and you can easily change angles without having to bend your arm backwards.

The Vibra King doesn’t have any speed control, just an on and off switch, which you can see on the right side below.  Basically, it’s either off, or rocking your socks off.

It plugs in, and the cord is rather long–thankfully–probably close to eight feet. It’s long enough that you don’t get stuck up next to the bed or have it accidentally unplug while you’re playing.

And because it plugs in, it keeps consistent and constant speed.

vibra king

The vibrations are strong, but not thuddy, and do not radiate through the whole device, like with the Hitachi. This means that your hand’s not going to go numb if you’re playing for an extended time.

What makes this thing great, is that the vibrations are concentrated, unlike any other vibrator I’ve used (and I’ve used a lot). I can’t really compare it to anything, but imagine taking the power of an Hitachi, and compressing it into a half inch surface. Yeah. That’s sort of what it’s like. Pinpointed on wherever you place the little devil.

Now, from my experience with Vibra King porn, mine is pretty damn quiet. Extremely quiet as long as the silicone head is on it. Quiet enough to use even if there’s other people in the house. Now I will say that when you press down on it, it does get a little bit louder, but not even close to the majority of the vibrators I own, and definitely quieter than the Wand.

vibra king

As far as use goes, with the Vibra King you can isolate the vibrations to get them right where you want them, whether it’s over the whole clit, on one side, on the top, or even under the hood.

I typically keep my panties on when I use it, simply because the vibrations are so strong on my clit. If M and I are playing, I go without, but when I’m just trying to get off, it works better with a layer of cloth between my clit and the vibrator.

This has quickly become one of my favorite toys. Now, I don’t use it exclusively, but I’d say the King makes its way to my pussy just as often as the Hitachi, if not a little more.

The day I took this picture, it made me cum so hard I had change my panties. I typically use it just as shown, right over my clit, and within only a few minutes, I’m gushing.

vibra king

Now, I’ve always been a squirter, so I can’t promise that this thing will make you ejaculate if you never have, but I can tell you it’s the best shot you’ve got as far as vibrators go. While I can soak a sheet with the Hitachi, it’s never on the first orgasm and I typically need M watching to get me there. The King’s not like that. It can get me there within minutes, and keep me there for as long as I can stand it.

I’ve only got one complaint. If you’re playing for an extended period of time, say more than 30 minutes or so, the machine gets hot. Too hot. When this happens, you need to shut it down and let the motor cool.

So that’s it. All I can think of to report. Please feel free to post specific questions in the comments or email me for more information.

Oh. One last thing. It’s one of the best $100 I’ve ever spent and I’ve never regretted the purchase.