Too Much of a Good Thing: A Real Life Tale

As I mentioned on Sunday, this is the week of Daddy’s birthday, which means there are a little bit of extras when it comes to celebrating and indulgences. Last night was no different. It was movie night, and since I’d never seen it and HH and Lo seemed to find so much enjoyment in it, I opted for Magic Mike. 

I showered, put on a tight black tank top and a ridiculously short pink mini with matching panties, and we crawled into bed to cuddle our way through the movie. Fast forward two hours, and hands are grazing as Mike changed his life around and fell for the good girl. And when the credits started rolling, mouths joined in our exploration.

It wasn’t long before I was on my back, His head between my thighs, beard rough on my sensitive skin. Even though my panties were still on and pulled to the side, I was dripping, the puddle beneath me spreading out in every direction.

He pulled my panties down over my hips, settling them half way to my knees. Forcing my thighs back, his mouth returned to my pussy with a vengeance. His teeth scraped my clit, nipped at the skin surrounding it, then pulled it between His lips. His suction deepened and in moments, I was lost, one hand buried in His hair, the other wrapped in the sheets, as waves crested and broke around me.

With a growl, He rose. Like a beast ready to devour its prey. He eyed me from head to toe, His hand stroking His cock as my juices dripped from His chin. I squirmed under His gaze, my back arching, begging for His return.

Moving forward, He grabbed my panties and pushed until they rested on my lips. “Open up, toy,” His voice was gruff, strained with the effort of holding back. Swallowing, I opened and gripped the wet fabric between my teeth as my cheeks flushed pink.

I watched as He stood back, admiring the image He created. Reaching forward, he pulled down my tank, exposing my breasts, and pinched each of my nipples, making them stand tall in response. With cock in hand, He bent down one last time and licked me, His tongue flipping across my clit, down over my lips to the sensitive spot at the bottom of my cunt. I moan was muffled by the cloth, but He didn’t care, thrusting His tongue into me, and again, I was gone.

Rising, His cock sunk into my pussy, pulled out, and thrust in again. I convulsed, my body wanting to move against Him, grind on His thickness, arch and thrash and be wild. But I was stuck, my panties holding my head off the bed, M’s hands braced against my thighs, my knees pushed back to either side of my breasts.

He started fucking me, slow and deliberate, hard and demanding, yet I couldn’t move. I gasped around the panties, wanting to cum so bad, but my body wasn’t accustomed to the mandatory stillness. Sir didn’t care though. He continued to fuck me, hands kneading my flesh, telling me how “fucking pretty” I was.

I started to squeeze, my orgasm building and building. He thrust harder, going deeper, so deep it almost hurt. But I wanted it. Wanted it all. Wanted more. Wanted everything. He pushed. Then pushed again, and when I was teetering on the very edge, His hand slipped down my leg, over my knee, and across my calf until it came to rest on my ankle, where He guided my toe to His lips and drew it into His mouth.

My dam broke. I was cumming uncontrollably. He dove back into me, His cock buried to the hilt, then pulled out. Fluid gushed from me. Then He was in me again, fucking harder than before. Relentless, he pounded my pussy until I was in a constant state of bliss, incoherent to everything but Him.

His pace increased, and without warning, He withdrew and cum surged from my body, covering my thighs and chest. ***Really, it splashed all over my face here, too, although that didn’t sound too sexy, so I’m excluding it. But it did cause me to burst into laughter as I had to stop everything for a moment while I grabbed a nearby pillow to wipe off with.***Again and again, he did this. And again and again, I came while He had His way with me.

When it was over, us both covered in cum and sweat, I curled up next to Him, my arms wrapped around my knees. “Toy,” he asked, “You okay?”

I nodded. “Just a few cramps,” I said. “My insides are in spasms still trying to cum.”

He looked down at me, “You sure?” Another nod. “I wondered how long you could keep coming like that. Maybe it was too much,” He said as He crawled into bed beside me.

And as I lay there, doubled over in pain, Daddy’s arms wrapped around me, I wondered, is there really too much of a good thing.

Nah. It was well worth the pain. 😉

too much of a good thing

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