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English: Lesbian show in Granada (Spain).

English: Lesbian show in Granada (Spain). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, I just started reading this new piece of erotica, where the primary relationship is girl/girl. And it got me thinking about how different it is to be with a girl than a guy. It’s been years, a lot of years, since I’ve been with a girl, but in reading this, flashbacks of warm soft skin, musky scents, and all night love-making are vivid in my mind.

And it’s funny as I write this that I call it love-making. I never refer to sex as making love. But with a girl, two soft bodies pressed together, that’s what it is, making love.

Anyway, it’s so different from being with a guy. And don’t get me wrong. I love men. I love cock. I love a man’s chest and his hands. The hardness of his body. And I love fucking. But with a woman, it’s different.

It’s curves and soft velvet. It’s kisses and lingering touches. It’s lips and hands and tongues. It’s slow and long and sometimes seemingly everlasting. Orgasms come and go, the ebb and flow of the waves on a shore.

With a woman, there is no beginning and no end. It fades in and it fades out. You can make love for hours and fall asleep with your bodies pressed together, only to wake up and do it all over again. And again.

Mmm… Memories of scents on my fingers, my fingers surrounded in warm, wet heat. My tongue on soft folds, The taste of salt, sweat, and woman dripping from my chin.

With a woman, the give and take is endless. It does not have to end with an orgasm, or even five. It is exhaustion that leads to slumber, curling around each other, not the orgasm’s toll on your body that deems the end of the night.

Truly it is not comparable to being with a man. It is just too different. It is not better than the other, nor does it satisfy better. It is simply different.

I don’t know. this is just my experience, hazy by the fog of memories of long ago…

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    Invaluable insight in this post. Grist for my writer’s mill.

  2. Perfectly described….there is not comparison in making love to man & a woman. The experiences are so vastly different. Ohhhh such sweet fond memories.

    • Yes, fond memories… *sigh* sometimes I wonder, if given the opportunity, if I would even know where to begin. Or is it like riding a bike, engrained somewhere in the recesses of your mind, never forgotten?

      • I’ve gone years between girlfriends and yes it seems like it is like riding a bike….somethings you just never forget. Besides I think we as women have an advantage. While yes every woman is different the basics of what feels good is the same. All this talk actually has me wondering if dating a woman again isn’t something may want to give another shot. 🙂

  3. 40ouncestofreedom

    Aside from what I’m sure is sparking hard-ons everywhere, this is a lovely bit of writing in and of itself. Poetic almost. Nicely done 😉

    • Hi there 40 oz! And thank you, I’m flattered. *blushing*

      • I agree with 40 and with what you’ve written. However, I call fucking a girl fucking, too, but that’s personal semantics. I understand why it’d be called love-making vs fucking.

        These days I only crave a woman when a man is around. She’s like chocolate sauce: not necessary for the dessert to be delish, but welcome nonetheless.

        • Yes… I don’t necessarily crave a woman… But I don’t think I’d pass up the opportunity if the right one knocked on the door. *shugs* We’ll see. I’d bet I’ll be fucking a girl with M well before it happens on my own…

          And I would have to say that in conversation, I say fucking (I’m not sure, I’ll have to pay a bit of attention), but in the reminising moment, I glorify it, perhaps, thinking it all soft and sweet. But in actuality, it had its times of full out rough fucking. Mwah!!!

  4. I love hearing a woman’s perspective. I always thought I’d like to be a woman for a couple of weeks, just for this…..

  5. Yippee! The blogosphere has been so sad lately. Horray for the happy return of LSM to brighten my day.

  6. That was really beautiful LSAM…makes me feel like getting more actively involved in maybe being with a girl once before I’m old. Who knows!

    Lovely post!

    Girl to Girl Bisous,

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    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  8. This is so interesting. If a woman’s sexual rhythm is like ocean waves, orgasming through the day, then is the daily rhythm of a man like an event?  One of the complaints I hear, is that men are destination oriented with sex. The opposing rhythms explains that. I think perhaps it would be one of the reasons BDSM has evolved into what it has, because it is a way for two different rhythms to connect. BDSM practices can keep a woman on a volatile simmer with wave crashes, all day. 

    (disclaimer insert: author has no actual experience with anything. Opinions are still *sigh*, opinions)

    • IKTB, my belief is because it is easier for (some) women to orgasm easily and often, that yes, it is less destination oriented when compared to men. I don’t necessarily think that men see it as such, perhaps, because they are enjoying the experience. idk. But I will say that for M and I, BDSM has certainly added to the levels in sexual thought and arousal throughout the day.

  9. Mmmmm lovely post…

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  11. Luv your comment so true girls know where to touch

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