The Magic Wand

In all the years I’ve owned sex toys, I have been a fan of vibrating dildos and specifically the rabbit style vibrator.  Then, this past November, my

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favorite pink rabbit, which has been my solo partner for almost five years, died.  Needless to say, it was a sad day in my bedroom.  I had to bite the bullet and buy something new.  My instinct told me to opt for another rabbit, which is most likely what I would have done, if not for a random coincidence.

One night while I was browsing online, I happened across a video of a girl riding the Sybian (if you don’t know what the Sybian is, please google it or check it out on xhamster or youporn, it is well worth the time).  This completely distracted me, and as the Sybian is well beyond my price range, I started looking at other types of sex machines.  This led to me find the extremerestrainsts website (which I absolutely LOVE) where I stumbled upon the Hitachi Magic Wand.  I was very hesitant to invest in this vibrator as I have always used penetration with my vibrators and figured why fix it if it isn’t broke.  But I continued to research and the Magic Wand had fantastic reviews, a very good warranty return policy.  I made the decision to splurge and, boy, I am grateful!

This wand rocks my world!  I have never quite experienced anything like it.  It literally can make me cum in under a minute, and I promise you, I am not exaggerating.  It does not have the numbing vibration like other I have used and it has not hindered my ability to get off without it, which I have had happen with other vibrators in the past, especially those I used often.  It only has two speeds, which I thought would bother me as my faithful rabbit had seven, but I have not yet used my wand on the higher setting.

I did buy an attachment when I ordered, but honestly, I’ve only used the thing twice.  It’s nice and it does its job, but I just don’t find it necessary.  This vibrator is great to use alone, but is also very fun to incorporate into sex.  I love to use mine during doggy style, and the vibrations are so strong, M can feel them too, which he obviously enjoys.  Also, it’s great for some light S and M, but we’ll talk about that in a later post.  All I can say is that this thing is the best $50 (I got it during the black friday sale) I have ever spent.  Ever.

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  8. LOL!!! I no longer could reply on the thread we were talking on so I had to start a new one to try to get you at the top of the page!!! LOL!!!

    When I first started looking at wands I did a load of research and came up with this where I got to compare the Hitachi to the Fairy, then went with the Fairy because of the 8,000rpm’s compared to the Hitachi’s 5,000. I was introducing myself to wands, and went with the Fairy. The end results have been painfully numby to say the least. Then I recently go my hands on the Eroscillator, and I’ve never had another numb clit. I will get the Hitatchi, but I am a toy whore. I am seriously wanting the “disco ball in your room” Zini line, some more Lelo items, more Jopens, possibly some Leaf’s, and everything else.

    But at the moment, because of this post… the Hitachi is number three on my current wish list. The only toys above it are Fun Factory’s Fou, and Zini Ran.

    • I’m going to have to check out some of these you mention… I’m assuming, based on the post you linked to, that most of these are available through edenfantasies? And good luck with the Hitachi. There is a reason it has a cult following! Keep me updated!!

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  11. I have used wand massagers as vibrators for many years. I started hearing about the Hitachi a couple of years ago but haven’t been able to afford one. Now The Boyfriend wants to get me one and I think I may let Him. (nah, I don’t really have a choice lol) Do you know the history of the vibrator? Discovery Channel did a really good show about sex and it happened to have old vibrators and a bit of history there. One of the first mentions of a wand being used was Betty Dodson’s 1973 Getting to Know Me: A Primer on Masturbation article, in Ms. Magazine (I don’t know all the formatting tags yet, I’ll have to learn them):

    “For the past two years I have been experimenting with different vibrators. I have found that the vibrator gives me the strongest and most consistent form of stimulation and is especially good for women who have never experienced orgasm. It also overcomes the problem of your hand or arm getting tired while masturbationg manually. Some women complain that the vibrator makes them go numb. Of course, if you put the vibrator directly on your clitoris and don’t move either the vibrator or your body, you will numb out. I always use a bit of material between me and my vibrator — a piece of velvet, satin, fur, a towel.”

    Nice that it shows up in the media the year I was born. I feel special 😉

    • Catherine, I so love that you are back reading and commenting! The wand. So worth it. And, just so you know, watch the online sales. I researched the wand for a while and checked out multiple sites and went to some local stores. All the stores wanted damn near $100. I ended up catching a 50% sale at Adam and Even (although I typically use extremerestraints), and got the thing delivered for free, total cost was under $35 I think.

      Anyway, once you go Hitachi, you’ll never want anything else. During moving this weekend, I actually threw away my rabbit…

      • :-O You threw it away! Wow… I currently have 3 vibes (2 are at TB’s, one’s half dead lol) but if I found something that good I’d willingly cart it back and forth between my place and his!

        • Damn right it’s that good! M and I just had this conversation while packing up this weekend. He couldn’t understand why I wasn’t putting my vibe and toys in storage. WTF?!? You think just because we aren’t going to have a house and don’t know where we are going to be staying, that I’m not going to need to get off? To be spanked? Fuck, I think I’ll need to cum more now, just to try and stay sane! So (sorry for the mini rant), yes, it is good enough to be carted back and forth. For sure!

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