Kissing and the Benefits It Brings You

With day jobs and three kids at home, sometimes it’s easy to forget the little

French Kiss

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things in your relationship. It’s easy to go about your day, moving from one thing to another, homework, dinner, evening news, and never stopping to catch your breath.

At different times in our relationship, sometimes the intimacy has taken a backseat (although let me tell you I will make sure that never happens again). And one of the first things to go is kissing. And it’s a shame, because I love to kiss.

Kissing, especially passionate kissing, is one of the ultimate expressions of love and desire. To hold someone in your arms, pull them close and press your lips against there’s, to lose yourself in the embrace is not only fun and arousing, but good for you as well.

  • Cleaner Teeth Having extra saliva in you mouth from “swapping spit” helps to keep your teeth cleaner, as it washes bacteria off and loosens plaque. 
  • Exercise When you make out, all the muscles in your lower jaw are used, which could, theoretically, keep your skin tighter and reduce wrinkles.
  • Calorie Burn Making out doubles you calorie burn, reports ranging from two to six calories a minute. While that might not sound like much, the more you kiss the quicker it will add up.
  • Stress Relief Kissing is known to reduce stress and the negative pressures of the day; in other words, it lets you blow off steam. Kissing increases the levels of oxytocin in your brain, which is kind of like your body’s own Xanax.
  • Be Happy When you kiss, it increases overall euphoria and calms your mind. According to WebMD, the physiological changes that occur with kissing are very similar to those achieved during mediation.

So it’s time to start kissing more. Why the hell not? And here are a few ways to get back into the habit.

  • Kiss for at least 30 seconds a day. If you haven’t actually really kissed in awhile, be prepared; this may lead to a quick romp on the couch.
  • Give small kisses when the opportunity arises. Kiss good morning, kiss goodnight. Kiss before you leave for work in the morning and when you get home.
  • Hold hands. Although it’s not kissing, it increases your touching and makes you feel closer. With that in mind, I’m guessing it will increase your kisses as well.
  • Make out. And not just for 2 minutes before you start fucking, but really make out. Like you did in high school.
  • Kiss sometimes when you’re having sex. It makes it that much more special.

22 responses to “Kissing and the Benefits It Brings You

  1. I’m not getting enough kisses. My healthy is at stake here. I need to fix this fast.

  2. We love kissing and I’m always asking if we could make out. I miss making out in the movie theater and at drive-ins.

    • I love making out just for the sake of making out, when it doesn’t lead to sex right then. It seems to be making its way back into our daily life and it’s fucking fantastic.

      I remember in 9th and 10th grade, my bff and I were a thing, and every time we had 10 minutes alone, we were kissing with roaming hands. We always had smiles on our faces! *hugs and kisses*

  3. Kissing is the most romantic thing. Slow and sensual and rough and hard. Goosebumps crawling down your arms and spine. *sigh*

  4. So true, and as with all of your posts, so well written. And yes I always find that if I’m comfortable enough with a partner to exchange passionate kisses, it does increase my arousal . . . and fulfilment.

  5. I have one other benefit to add to your list. Kissing is exciting! A good makeout session often leads to further adventures in our house. There’s also an interesting and fun dynamic that comes into play when one mixes tenderness with rougher activities, such as spanking or bondage. Kisses can be used to fill the “tenderness” side of the equation.

    • Good Point Jake! And oh, so true. I know kissing sets off my senses even more if we are in the middle of a scene and M suddenly kisses me tenderly. *sigh* Thanks for throwing that out there! xoxo

  6. I have always loved long, deeply intimate and passionately intense kissing, and I always will. It’s always a vital part of our foreplay. I’ve been fortunate that almost all my long term lovers have been been very intense kissers who love kissing just as much as I do.

    • I don’t think I could be in a relationship for any length of time if the other was not a good kisser. I remember this one guy, years ago, that I made out with a few times. He mouth would open so wide I could feel his lips straining under mine. Made out twice, only because I was hoping the first time was a just a bad fluke, due to nervousness or something. Second time proved it was a deal breaker.

      • I feel the same way. Truly great kissing is true magic, and I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship without it. I feel sorry for the people who don’t have that experience, for whatever reason.

        Did you ever go to drive in movies? Or did they die out before your time? There’s still one around here within driving distance on Cape Cod, and my wife and I usually go a couple times a summer, just for the sheer joy of fogging up all the windows in the car again. It’s a real good time. 🙂

        • There is one drive-in close to us, and we’ve been there once, but didn’t fog up the windows. But now I foresee a date night coming once this damn winter chill breaks! Thanks, Mark, for the great idea! xoxo

  7. TemptingSweets99

    I love this post. I love to kiss 🙂

  8. Kissing… man. I’ve kissed more people than I could ever count. Three or 4 times the number of lovers I’ve had, easily, and I’ve had a lot of lovers. It’s, like, the best thing ever!

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