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I Find Myself Alone

I have three kids. And my youngest just started Pre-K yesterday. It was a rough start for both of us. But M made it better, took me to breakfast, then golfing. By the time we were done, it was time to get my boy from school. Continue Reading

Masturbation Monday #51

There’s nothing better than watching a man touch himself. A grip that’s both soft and hard, squeezing and caressing at the same time. It’s the true epitome of what it is to be a man, hard and in control, yet with a soft touch where it counts. Continue Reading

Masturbation Monday : Oh. My. Fucking. God.

I’m sure by now y’all know Kayla Lords and her Masturbation Monday meme. Whenever I’ve participate in it in the past, I’ve always written little bits of erotica.

But oh my fucking god, this week I’m rendered speechless. Here’s the inspirational gif she used for this week’s theme. Continue Reading

I’m so Excited: The Vibra King Arrived

If you’re looking for my Vibra King review, click here.


Okay. See this box, the one right below here.

Well you’ll never guess what’s inside it.

A vintage Vibra King massager. Not sure what a Vibra King is? Check out this Red Tube video  or watch it below to be enlightened. Go ahead, do it now. I’ll wait. Continue Reading

The “Problem” with Female Masturbation

Be prepared. This may get a little ranty.

My friend BIG RICH stumbled upon a few articles and emailed them to me this morning. I guess he thought I’d find them interesting. Or maybe he misses hearing my tangents. Either way, this is what he got. Continue Reading

The Exhibitionist in Me

I would never actually call myself an exhibitionist, but thinking back, I must be in denial.

I remember summer nights, two tents pitched in the backyard, children in one, M and me in the other. The kids all sleeping peacefully, while in our tent, I’m getting the shit fucked out of me doggy style. M would stop, ears perked, as a car drove by. I imagine them, who ever they are, their headlights shinning through the thin nylon of the tent walls, outlining our silhouettes, him kneeling, me on all-fours. And the thought of the people in the car seeing this would make me back into him, hard, make me want to cum so bad. Continue Reading

More Masturbation


Masturbation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m a big fan of masturbation. Truly I am. But I go through these phases where I quit, with no explanation. I don’t know if it’s when I’m having a ton of sex and my libido is matched by what I’m getting. Maybe it’s when I get busy, and there’s not enough time in the day to stop and think, let alone rub one down. But whatever the reason, eventually I’ll realize I haven’t had my hand down my pants in months. Continue Reading

World Sexual Health Day 2013

world-sexual-health-day-2013Yay! A day, worldwide, devoted to sexual health! What could be better? Hmm… maybe a day devoted to orgasms.

Anyway, I’ve got to turn this into a PSA, as I am a huge advocate for sexual health. So here we go! Continue Reading

This is Why I do What I do: 2013 Sex Survey

If you read regularly, you make remember a few months ago, when I was ranting about the iVillage 2013 Sex Survey. Well, I just wanted to warn you, I’m doing it again.

Be prepared.

And I promise, I’m at least going to try and not repeat what I said last time. We’ll see how that goes. Continue Reading

Submissive’s Guide to Giving Head


submissive_sign (Photo credit: CapesTreasures.com)

Okay, okay. So that was kind of misleading. Well, sort of. See, I did write a Submissive’s Guide to Giving Head over the weekend, but I just didn’t publish it here, I did it over at Eden. It seems I have a minor obsession with this place. Continue Reading

Good Intentions…

Masturbation Month

Masturbation Month (Photo credit: bjo_)

So, I’m trying, truly I am.  Every night this week, I’ve thought about sitting down at the computer and writing and posting.  But one thing leads to another, and when I’ve got to choose between blogging and sleep, well, sleep tends to win over.  But this morning, I had some great thoughts for a few posts.  And I got up shortly after M, and had a little morning lovin, had some coffee, and after M left for work, I had an hour to spare.  So I get the computer, and I go to bed, and sit down to write. Continue Reading

9 Weeks: Week 6

Stupid, stupid, stupid fucking 9 weeks project.  I’m at the point that this thing is just a thorn in my side.  I was just looking over the project, and the last post, Week 5, was done over two months ago.  What the fuck, LSAM?  Get this fucking thing finished!  Arghh!! Continue Reading

TMI — Masturbation!!

1. How often do you masturbate?

  • Normally, when I’m not homeless, I masturbate daily, at least once.  Sometimes five or six times.  Now that I’m living back with my pops, it’s WAY less…  And, truly, M has been fucking the shit out of me since I’ve fucked up, and we screwed at least once a day for over two weeks…  Interestingly, I just realized, I’ve only masturbated once during that time, unless he was watching me.  Does it count if he’s watching me, or is that considered foreplay?

2. What are you doing to celebrate Masturbation month?

  • Well, I didn’t have anything planned.  But I did just buy my first glass dildo, so perhaps I should have an all night masturbation party…  Just me, my glass piece, my wand, and some lube.  Hmmm…  That sounds like fun.

3. Do you like to watch your partner masturbate? a. Yes, it turns me on. b. Sometimes, because it gets my partner very aroused. c. Not really, it’s boring. d. No, it’s a turn off. e. I’ve never experienced it but I’d like to. Continue Reading

A Good Jockey…

With all this talk of male masturbation and gay porn, after “finishing up” first last night, I

English: Nude male torso

Image via Wikipedia

continued to watch the guys, and I began thinking about how many male bottoms masturbate to finish.  Now I understand that it’s porn.  And porn is often times not realistic to life.  And I know that the industry tends to like cum shots, so maybe that’s why.  And really, I’m pretty damn fresh into the gay porn scene and all, so it could just be a fluke. Continue Reading

9 Weeks: Week 4 Orgasms

Alright…  So after last’s weeks Bust, I was kind of looking forward to the next installment of the 9 Weeks to Better Sex.  It is officially Week 4 and it’s about orgasms, what they are and how to get them.  I guess this is important, but really, it didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know.  Let me explain… Continue Reading