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For years I wasn’t a fan of 69ing. The position exposed more of me than I was comfortable showing and at that point in time, I couldn’t imagine the close up of an ass to be attractive, especially my ass. It made me apprehensive, this discomfort, and therefore jittery and awkward, feeling weird in my own skin. Continue Reading

Wanting a Girlfriend

So… in redoing the blog here at LSAM, I’ve been rereading a ton of old posts and comments. And on this post there is the following comment from Lily that has been radiating in my mind for the last few days. Continue Reading

Swallow, It’s Good For You: Health Benefits of Semen

Sorry ladies, I know I shouldn’t be encouraging the guys out there to pressure you into swallowing, but I’ve thought about this lately and decided to do a bit of research on the subject, and lo and behold, it turns out that swallowing cum can help you out, in more ways than just getting those new shoes you’ve been eyeing up.  Not only is it full of protein, but it has other benefits as well.  It took some time to sift through the myths and get to the facts of the matter, but I, the dedicated cum-swallower, did and (most) of the information below is from reputable sources.  That being said, one thing I do want to clarify, is even in the university and hospital studies, researchers often seem to make the jump from things being beneficial through absorption of the vaginal walls, to having the same benefits if swallowed.  I, my dear friends, am a human service worker, dealing with addicts and mental health, and have not done real research for a number of years.  Hence, I am not a scientific expert, and I do not know if this is the case.  But regardless, here we go… Continue Reading

Thinking About Sex

I ran a little experiment today. I carried around note cards in my pocket, and between 7 am and

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5 pm, I kept track of every time I thought about sex.  Well, almost every time.  I think  the note cards made me think about it a little more than normal (like I really need that!), so I eliminated the thoughts about the note cards.  And the thoughts about the thoughts on the note card.  For the validity of research.  And I must say, I was somewhat surprised by the results.  There is a lot more sex in my head that I thought…  And that’s saying something! Continue Reading

Talk Dirty

The Overly Dirty Talker at The Frisky

The Overly Dirty Talker at The Frisky (Photo credit: rachelkramerbussel.com)

Mmmm…  Yes, right there…  A little harder…  Oh, that’s perfect…

We all like to know that are lovers are enjoying themselves when we are doing whatever it is that we are doing…  sucking their dick, licking their pussy, playing with their ass.  The moans and groans of pleasure are sexy as hell, but you know what’s even sexier…  talking dirty. Continue Reading

The Perfect Blow Job

Okay, so maybe a chick shouldn’t be writing about the perfect blow job.  It very well might be a job for a man.  But I’m not 100% sure on that.  I

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don’t know if M has the slightest clue what I’m doing with my hands, mouth, tongue when I’m going down on him.  So, I’m going to try my best, give you all the advice I can think of…  Because being able to give good head is important.  It’s important for your man.  It’s important for your self-esteem, and it’s important to your own sexuality. Continue Reading