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For years I wasn’t a fan of 69ing. The position exposed more of me than I was comfortable showing and at that point in time, I couldn’t imagine the close up of an ass to be attractive, especially my ass. It made me apprehensive, this discomfort, and therefore jittery and awkward, feeling weird in my own skin. Continue Reading

Wanting a Girlfriend

So… in redoing the blog here at LSAM, I’ve been rereading a ton of old posts and comments. And on this post there is the following comment from Lily that has been radiating in my mind for the last few days. Continue Reading

Thinking About Sex

I ran a little experiment today. I carried around note cards in my pocket, and between 7 am and

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5 pm, I kept track of every time I thought about sex.  Well, almost every time.  I think  the note cards made me think about it a little more than normal (like I really need that!), so I eliminated the thoughts about the note cards.  And the thoughts about the thoughts on the note card.  For the validity of research.  And I must say, I was somewhat surprised by the results.  There is a lot more sex in my head that I thought…  And that’s saying something! Continue Reading