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6 Easy Ways to Improve Your Sex Life

When your sex life is in the slumps, it sometimes feels like it’s easier to just let it go rather than try to fix it. After all, maybe you’re getting a little older. Maybe you still have babies in your bed. Maybe you’re out of shape. Maybe it’s just easier to throw in the towel. Continue Reading

How to Fuck like a Porn Star

So, as I’m attempting to build my online presence, I’ve been spending a lot of time on social media *read: procrastinating and not working*. And through this, I randomly have random conversations with random people. Continue Reading

10 Things You Can Learn from Porn

I think porn gets a bad rep.

I happen to like porn. A lot. And apparently so does most of America. And yet we judge porn watching people all the time. And nobody admits to it, but come the fuck on folks, it’s estimated that 40 million Americans watch porn regularly. Continue Reading

Becoming More Comfortable 69ing

For years, I hated 69ing. Too young and too insecure about my body, I was uncomfortable being exposed and having my most private parts on display.

And then I met M.

The visual creature that he is, 69ing was (and still is) one of his favorite ways to pass the time. Oh, I’d comply, straddle myself across over his mouth, but I was always uncomfortable, still too shy to be able to relax with my pussy and ass only inches from his face. Continue Reading

Be Your Husband’s Mistress

A few months back, I remember reading a post from Confessions of Your Husband’s Mistress about what men want, discussing the dichotomy of prim and proper during the day and wild and raunchy at night. I actually emailed the link to M to get his thoughts on it, which were pretty much “Yep, that’s what we want” (he’s not much of a talker). Continue Reading

9 Weeks: Week 4 Orgasms

Alright…  So after last’s weeks Bust, I was kind of looking forward to the next installment of the 9 Weeks to Better Sex.  It is officially Week 4 and it’s about orgasms, what they are and how to get them.  I guess this is important, but really, it didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know.  Let me explain… Continue Reading

9 Weeks: Week 3 Bust

Image of S/M sexuality

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Complete and utter fucking bust.  That’s what week three has become.  A fucking thorn in my side.  So here is your warning, dear reader:  **This is going to be a little ranty, pretty bitchy, and all together fucking pointless.  Read at your own risk.** Continue Reading