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The lovely lady at Confessions of Your Husband’s Mistress has honored me with the Sunshine Blogger Award.  For this I am humbled and honored.  Mistress was one of the first blogs I followed five and a half months ago when LSAM was at the infancy stage and she has been along on the ride with me ever since.  For this, Mistress, you will always have a special place in my heart.

The rules for this are pretty simple:
1.Include the award logo in a post or somewhere on your blog.
2.Answer 10 questions about yourself.
3.Nominate 10 to 12 other fabulous bloggers.
4.Link your nominees to the post and comment on their blog, letting them know about the award.
5.Share the love and link the person who nominated you.

Fuck…  10 things about myself, that you don’t already know…  Damn.  I don’t know if I can do it, but I’ll give it a go.  Fuck, I’ll try anything once.  Shit.  I don’t even know if this stuff is mentioned elsewhere in the blog.  If it is, I’m sorry.  What the fuck ever.  You can only remember so much when you have a tendency to go crazy and vomit random information all over your blog.

Français : Cravache. Photographie prise à Miss...

Français : Cravache. Photographie prise à Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. filedesc A 30″ (75cm) riding crop. I, User:OwenX, photographed this on 30 December 2005 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada using a Fujifilm FinePix F440 digital camera. I am hereby licensing this image to the Wikimedia Foundation in perpetuity under the terms of GFDL. de:Bild:Riding crop.JPG (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1.  M and I…  We never really dated.  We were roommates, living together with a couple and their baby.  Well, needless to say, there was a bit of sexual tension between us.  Then, on Halloween night, 2002, we met up at a local bar (haha, I was dressed up as a Domme, with a rubber ball gag and leather crop, go figure), one thing led to another, and, come 2:30 am, I ended up naked in M’s bed.  The rest is history.

2.  Some of you may know this, others may not.  I’ve got three kiddos.  The oldest, a girl, will be six in July.  She is my pride and joy.  A loving little girl, sweet and smart and athletic.  She’s promiscuous and a little perv, just like her mommy **Quick story, I promise!  The other night, she was so fucking hyper and after bathtime, I had the hairbrush sitting beside me on the couch as they were getting their PJs on.  She ended up grabbing the hairbrush and started smacking her own ass with it.  Hard.  Hard enough to leave marks.  I lost it.  M looked at me, then looked at her, “Like mother, like daughter”.**  The second, another girl, will be five in October.  She’s my sweetheart.  And very sensitive.  A girly-girl.  She loves make-up and hates to wear jeans (I don’t know where the fuck she got that from).  Every morning when I get ready for work, she tells me how much she likes my high heels and asks me if she can wear my pearls.  And then Bubba, my baby boy.  He is 18 months old.  The only boy.  And he is spoiled rotten and loved by everyone who meets him.  And, oh my god, is he a brute.  Already stronger than his sisters!

3.  I’m an only child.  I’ve got step siblings, from my dad’s wife.  My sister is two months older than me.  Then two step-brothers, one a year younger and another two years younger.  I love them like they are my flesh and blood.  But being an only child, it is sometimes difficult.  When M and I got married, it was bitter-sweet, for I am an only child of an only child.  So my name, my maiden name, it died with me when I married M and took his last name.  So, I made my maiden name my middle name.  And my son, his middle name is my maiden name as well.  At least it will carry on in some way for another generation.

White horse in field

White horse in field (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

4.  I was reared riding horses. **Quick english grammar lesson…  children are reared, sheep are raised.  I was dropped a letter grade in my first college English class for making that mistake**  I got my first horse when I turned a year old and her name was Baby Apple.  I had horses until I was late into my 17th year, when I was kicked out of my mom’s house.  The summer after I graduated high school, I worked on a horse ranch, teaching kids to ride.  Even now, my pops, he is a Ferrier (which means he shoes horses, if you didn’t know).  What has this done for me, being raised around horses?  Well, I have a love of the gentle beasts, and thighs that can grip on to anything, keeping me from falling off a “bucking bronco.”

5.  I have always been a guy’s girl, if you know what I mean.  I’ve always been “one of the guys” and have had very few girl friends (until now, that is.  I have found myself surrounded by female blogging friends, and this is the first time that I have had this many females in my life that I love and trust).  But, before that, I have always been the chick that hangs out with the guys and parties with the guys and checks out other girls with the guys.

6.  Before we actually got married, I made M promise me that we would have booty-call rights for the rest of our lives with each other no matter what happens.  So, even if we end up separated or divorced, even if one of us re-marries, we have rights to fuck one another as long as we both shall live.

7.  I’m a farm girl.  I’ve lived in the country most of my life.  I can throw a bale of hay surprisingly far for a girl my size.  I learned how to shoot a gun by killing groundhogs in the fields and porcupines that were killing the trees.  I can drop a squat anywhere and be comfortable enough to pee.  I know how to kill a chicken and neuter a sheep.  I’ve gutted a deer with only a knife and my hands.  My tan is from the sun and my nails are real.

Zeta Tau Alpha

Zeta Tau Alpha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

8.  I was in a sorority in college.  Zeta Tau Alpha.  Let’s go Zetas!!!!

9.  According to M, I moan a lot in my sleep.  I know when I was a kid, I talked all the time, and would often get up and sleep walk.  When I had friends spend the night, my mother says that we would carry on full conversations in our sleep.

10.  One of my greatest loves is Philosophy.  The first BA I earned was in philosophy, with a focus on ethics and social and political aspects.  This is the reasons I do not allow political talks on LSAM.  Bad mojo.  And a lot of pissed off readers.  And one throughly pissed off blogger!


I did a bit of research (read:  I googled “sunshine blogger award”) and determined that it is awarded to those blogs that light up your day when there is a new post.  Now, I know how these damn little memes work.  I gave them up for awhile, because sometimes, let me tell you, they aren’t the easiest things to write.  And what happens is that they end up being passed around your blogging community, everyone giving them to everyone else, and yada yada yada.  All that being said, I really don’t give a fuck.  These are my top favorite blogs, in no particular order.  When these blogs come into my mailbox, it makes me happy.  I always make time to read them (or at least try, some of you pervs write so damn much I can’t keep up!) even though I don’t always have the time to comment.  If your not on my list, I’m sorry.  I love you too, but I can’t list everyone, and remember, I’ve smoked a lot of weed in my lifetime.  It truly does fuck with your memory!

And the song of the day, with a bit of back story.  Musical talent runs in my dad’s side of the family, but those genes must have skipped me, as I have absolutely no ability to do anything with an instrument but trip over it.  When I was a kid, I spent most of my time at my Nana and Papa’s (everyday after school and almost every weekend).  My most frequent childhood memories include my Papa or my dad, any random amount of places, playing either the guitar, banjo, or fiddle (we are country folk, so it’s a fiddle, not a violin).  My Papa used to play this song for me everyday, and I can remember sitting on the floor in the kitchen, leaning against the cabinets with my eyes closed, just listening.  Now, it brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it.  And it was the first song I taught my girls to sing…

19 responses to “Sunshine Award

  1. Gillian Colbert

    Awwwe … I love that song too. My favorite was the Carpenters 😉

    Congrats and thanks! Love you, babe.

  2. Holy shit!! I rode most my life, too, though I never owned a horse. I evented from 11 to 18, then rode Hunter Jumper on my college team. Haven’t ridden in too long due to the cost, but I think about it every week! Guess who else used to ride in our little community? Maria (aka Noodle) of Creative Noodling! I can’t believe there are three of us who rode horses!

    And thanks for the nom! I feel the same way! xx Hy

  3. Another award??? You love me! You really love me!!

    Thank you. Now I have to share 10 more secrets? Oh my….

  4. Well holy fuck. Thanks LSAM ! I’m speechless. I don’t really think of myself in the same class as all you bloggers as I am still cutting my teeth on it. Ill give it a whirl though. 😉
    And I sang that song to my babies all the time.

  5. Thanks for the award, darlink. <3 I also moan/talk in my sleep a lot in my sleep–more moan than talk. Thought I was the only one. 😛
    And I love Johnny and June. <3

  6. Thank you sweetie! I feel horrible now that I haven’t brought “sunshine” to your inbox in so long. Been on a vacation for a bit. But your award brought some more sun to my Tuesday!
    H.H. (Will tell Lo tonight!)

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