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Okay, okay. So that was kind of misleading. Well, sort of. See, I did write a Submissive’s Guide to Giving Head over the weekend, but I just didn’t publish it here, I did it over at Eden. It seems I have a minor obsession with this place.

But it’s weird. I kind of feeling like I’m cheating. I’ve got my lovely little blog here, that has been there for me for the last 11 months. And here I am, neglecting it, just for a few sex toys and orgasms (but cum on, really, who can blame me?).

And what makes it worse, this is exactly the type of stuff I wish I was still posting about. I love the factual pieces, and my masturbation guide, how to squirt and nipple torture posts are and always have been my most popular pieces. It’s what I set out to do, all those many months ago, and here I am, doing it some place else, not here.

*shrugs* It is what it is.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw out the link, just in case anyone wanted to read it!

*hugs and kisses* y’all. Expect to hear from me soon. After all, I’m supposed to be writing a novel, and I need things to distract me! And it seems to be award season again in these parts!

(see that little widget at the bottom right hand side of my page. It should be reading 20k by the end of tonight. Still 4,000 words short, but I don’t think the 8,000 I pushed out the last two days is anything to scof about!)