Spank Me, Love Me

I don’t normally post personal stories of my sex life, but this experience was fantastic, so I thought I’d share it.

Christmas night M went out with his boys, leaving me at home to play with my wand by myself.  He left around 11 and by 2, I had at least five orgasms and sent him dirty pics all night.  Shorty after 2, I got a message that he’d be home soon…  I got up and put on a garter, my stockings with the bows on the back (a left over from an Alice in Wonderland costume I wore a few years back) and a blue nightie.

When M got home, we went straight to bed.  I had laid out some toys I had recently bought from ExtemeRestraints that we hadn’t played with yet.  This included a paddle, a rubber flogger (love it!!), and a three set of butt plugs.  Needless to say, the kink started right away.  M decided that we would start with some spanking.  He bent me over the bed, and soon we realized that the flogger was working for us very well.  It stung just enough and made my ass a beautiful pink and glowing warm.  He continued to tease me, rubbing my dripping pussy, then flogging me.  He then grabbed the plugs and quickly moved me up through the all three sizes.  The third was bigger than anything I had ever taken, but with how excited I was, I didn’t mind.

He initially had difficulty getting it in, but decided to pour some more lube on me, and just pushed.  I came very hard.  He pulled it out and did it again.  Another amazing orgasm.  M then pulled me up onto my knees, pushing my head down so my red ass was sticking in the air.  He spanked me again.  He would stop, just to finger-fuck me, then continue to beat my ass again.  I squirted all over the bed, soaking the sheets.  Twice.  M came around to the side, and stroked his hard cock in front of my face.  I eagerly wrapped my lips around his member, taking him as deep as I could.  He wrapped one hand up in my hair, and used to the other to tease my ass…  twisting and pulling on the plug then smacking my already warm cheeks over and over again.

I could not stop cumming and M continued to fuck my mouth.  I don’t know if I’ve ever experienced something like that before, it was a constant

Black and red corset, black cuffs, black boots...

orgasm, wave after wave, that didn’t end.  M then spun me around, so my red ass was facing him.  He jammed his hard cock so deep in my pussy, I lost it.  With the thick plug in and M’s thick cock, I had never been so filled.  I was withering on the bed, moaning and breathing and cursing and cumming.  M continued to fuck me into the early, early morning (the last time I looked at the clock it was after 6 am) until he finally came deep in my pussy.  I collapsed onto the bed.  I was still shaking and twitching.  I couldn’t stop.  M thought it was funny.  He’s come up and rub my ass, making me moan, then turn around and smack it, making me gasp.

It was the best Christmas ever.

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  1. Good for you! Way to take control of your own happiness and then allow him to join in. Sounds HOT!

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