Sexy Awards

You know, I’ve recently been called a milf (which cracked me up btw), but I can truly say that bilf has never crossed into my path before.  That is to say until some of you kinky and sexy bloggers started passing around this award.  And what a fucking phenomenal award.  Not that I don’t love the rest of the awards that have been bestowed upon me, but a sex award, cum on people, you know this one would have me soaking my panties.

And those wet panties are attributed to two sexy bilfs …

So, without further ado, as much as I fucking hate them (rules that is), here they are:

According to the rules of this award, we have to:

1. Post 5 sexy suggestions.

2. Post a link to your sexiest blog post.

3. Nominate 5 other sexy bloggers.

4. Let your nominees know they’re sexy.

Sexy Suggestions

  • Grow your toy chest.  There is nothing better than playing with toys, sometimes as we grow up we forget that…  So grab a friend (or maybe just your right hand) and get down to business.  This is my latest purchase from  It includes a collar with attached nipple clamps, neoprene wrist cuffs, a ponytail butt plug, a bit gag, my first glass piece (woo-hoo!),  and some beautiful purple silk bondage rope.  I got this package on May 7th (Happy Anniversary, Baby!!) and have used everything at least once so far…  So, yes, sexy suggestion #1, grow your toy chest.
  • Get out the camera.  I love taking pictures and having pictures taken.  Pictures before sex, posing, in lingerie or cute little outfits.  Pictures while we’re playing, with toys, and a hard cock and wet pussy.  Pictures during sex, although these don’t happen too much, as M and I tend to be “hands on” during sex, so camera holding tends to fly out the window.  And I’m even a fan of pictures after sex, with a swollen, wet pussy filled with cum.  Damn…

    My hubby… otherwise known as M

  • Sexting.  I do it just about everyday.  Keeps M and I hot for each other.   Sometimes it’s just a mention of the last sex we had, sometimes it’s a sexy thought we had or something we want to do later on that night.  Sometimes it’s a cute little shot of something or another, and sometimes it’s a full on pussy or cock shot, taken somewhere sneaky throughout the day.  No matter what, it keeps me wet and M chubby throughout the work day.  So when we get home and finally can see on another, we are just about ready to rip the other’s clothes off!

Me, in my car, working…

  • Figure female ejaculation out.  There is nothing better than squirting!  I wrote a guide to it, but if you’re a chick, you need to figure this out.  And if you’re a dude, learn how to make it happen.  It is so worth it.  I could just go on and on, but once you figure it out, you’ll understand why.
  • Wear sexy panties.  If you’re a chick, go buy some.  If you’re a dude, go buy some for you lady.  Not only do you look hot, but it makes you feel sexier throughout the day, believe me…

Sexiest Blog Post…

I have no fucking idea what my sexiest blog post is.  I really don’t.  My highest hit posts (female ejaculation and female masturbation) aren’t really sexy…  they’re good, but not hot or exciting.  I would think that one of the erotica pieces are best, either Watching or Struggle, depending on your tastes.  I personally like Control, but I’m kind of sick and twisted that way.

The BLIFs…

  • Barely Pink @  The Pink Report
  • Fatal @  You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain
  • Wmcutterback @ A Firm Grip
  • The Alpha Belle
  • Scot @ The Dom Next Door
  • And really, you all know I love you.  You are all fantastic.  And, don’t worry, there aren’t any of you out there I wouldn’t consider fucking.  But these five blogs I’ve started following faithfully, get a bit damn when I see a new post come up in my e-mail…  *hugs and kisses* to each and every one of you.

That’s it y’all.  That’s the BILF award.  You’ve earned it so put it up there on your trophy shelf.  But promise to shine it with a bit of cum, I’ve heard it does wonders!!

And today’s song of the day…

Color Me Bad — I Wanna Sex You Up

16 responses to “Sexy Awards

  1. Thanks, darling! I’m touched, of course. <3

  2. Oh, my! Thank you very much for the nomination! I am so impressed! and congratulations on all your awards.

  3. So, of your five sexy suggestions, 1-4 are done, done, done, and done. But #5, the sexy undies. I’m stumped. What constitutes sexy undies for a guy? I’ve actually never thought of it. Some suggestions please.

    And, btw, if you DO take those pics, it would be nice to post them.

    • Sexy underware for a guy… I, myself, prefer boxer briefs. But I’m also a fan of the right type of boxers. But not tighy whities. They don’t do much for me, except tickle my funny bone!

      And HH, we take a TON of photos. A ton. I expect I’ll be posting some soon. I actually had one to post under the panties suggestion, but thought it would give me away on Gillian’s game, so I took it back off.

      And, really, you’ve been hitting everyone up for photos lately… You finding yourself a new fetish?

      • Hey, so glad you posted the pic of you in the car and saw your latest nipple torture pics! It’s not a new fetish – I just think it’s a nice touch to a blog. I mean, it’s like wanting a home cooked meal. You can have one at home or you can go out to eat, but if you go out to a fine restaurant, you don’t want pie that came in a box. You want it to be home made. You know?

      • Well, thank you sir! The tit shots made me a bit nervous, as after nursing 3 children, well… I’m not 21 anymore, but a friend once said to me, “babe, that’s life,” and I guess he was right. Love what you got, right! xoxoxo.

  4. Definitely deserved.

  5. Gillian Colbert

    Great pics, babe.

    M … You’re hot, luv! Nice ink … 😉

  6. *blushing furiously* I am JUST now learning of this.

    I can imagine the Acceptance being a bit awkward….LOL!

    Thank you very much. I need to go stop blushing.

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