Clit hood piercing
I used to masturbate to fantasies that I was a man.  (I think that sounds really weird).  I remember specific times when a boy would be going down on me, and I would have trouble getting into it.  I would start to imagine that I had a dick that was being sucked…  I’m thinking this boy liked to gently suck on my clit when he’d go down on me…  Maybe leading to these thoughts.  There are also times that I’ve definitely fantasized while riding a guy, about being a man and having a sexy little thing under me, fucking her.  My cock sliding in and out of her wetness.
I see her, sucking my dick.  Soft lips surrounding my cock.  Her tongue doing circles around my head.  I begin to move my hips, lightly pushing against her face.  **I start fucking his face now, my hand in his hair, pushing his mouth against my clit.**
I image her pussy, warm and wet.  Silky and smooth.  In my imagination, my whole cock tingles with nerve endings, sending pure pleasure through my veins.  Pushing into her and feeling her tightness surround me, pulling me in.
And then the power.  I’m the one doing the fucking.  I’m the one in charge.  It’s me making her scream like that, making her convulse underneath me.  It’s my cock making her drip with wetness,  making her cum again and again.
I don’t know.  I imagine that sex feels better for men than for women.  Although, I don’t know how

that’s even possible, as I think sex feels fucking fantastic…  But I know that most men have a way better relationship with their cocks then we girls do with our pussy.  But, if it feels as good as I imagine it does, I don’t know if I’d ever leave my bedroom…  I’d be touching the thing all damn day.  Stroking it to hardness, caressing my balls.  Massaging pre-cum into the tip…

Not sure why I’m thinking about this today…  I guess these thoughts have been on my mind after reading The World According to Woman‘s erotic A Man’s Point of View  this morning.

I think I now need to go spend some quality time with my right hand…