Random Rant: Imagining I’m a Man

Clit hood piercing
I used to masturbate to fantasies that I was a man.  (I think that sounds really weird).  I remember specific times when a boy would be going down on me, and I would have trouble getting into it.  I would start to imagine that I had a dick that was being sucked…  I’m thinking this boy liked to gently suck on my clit when he’d go down on me…  Maybe leading to these thoughts.  There are also times that I’ve definitely fantasized while riding a guy, about being a man and having a sexy little thing under me, fucking her.  My cock sliding in and out of her wetness.
I see her, sucking my dick.  Soft lips surrounding my cock.  Her tongue doing circles around my head.  I begin to move my hips, lightly pushing against her face.  **I start fucking his face now, my hand in his hair, pushing his mouth against my clit.**
I image her pussy, warm and wet.  Silky and smooth.  In my imagination, my whole cock tingles with nerve endings, sending pure pleasure through my veins.  Pushing into her and feeling her tightness surround me, pulling me in.
And then the power.  I’m the one doing the fucking.  I’m the one in charge.  It’s me making her scream like that, making her convulse underneath me.  It’s my cock making her drip with wetness,  making her cum again and again.
I don’t know.  I imagine that sex feels better for men than for women.  Although, I don’t know how

that’s even possible, as I think sex feels fucking fantastic…  But I know that most men have a way better relationship with their cocks then we girls do with our pussy.  But, if it feels as good as I imagine it does, I don’t know if I’d ever leave my bedroom…  I’d be touching the thing all damn day.  Stroking it to hardness, caressing my balls.  Massaging pre-cum into the tip…

Not sure why I’m thinking about this today…  I guess these thoughts have been on my mind after reading The World According to Woman‘s erotic A Man’s Point of View  this morning.

I think I now need to go spend some quality time with my right hand…











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  1. i love your posts, largely for their honesty, but mostly because they get me hot. i think you’re right that having a cock is huge fun and that maybe us men have got the better deal there. but… i fantasise about being the woman when i masturbate, so i guess there is something more universal going on here.

    • Aww — Thanks *blushing* I’m not saying it’s bad being a girl… I doubt there are any men out there who can cum as much as I can… But maybe it’s just the eroticism of never knowing if the grass is greener… And, Kyle, thanks for commenting!

      • i blushed writing it but i thought it had to be said, i can’t the only guy to fantasise about being fucked – and i don’t mean in that way, i’ve tried that and i’m certain its not the same – if i could spend one day as a woman, i would be such a slut for that day

  2. Step 1: Get a girlfriend.
    Step 2: Acquire a strap-on.
    Step 3: Get her to give you a blow job.

    Speaking from personal experience? TOTALLY WORTH IT. You might not have a lot of nerve endings in your “cock,” but you have a hell of a lot between your ears 🙂

  3. Being that I’m now getting bored of not being able to cum, I am SO jealous of men right now. I made him cum 3 times earlier, until he couldn’t get it up anymore (I didn’t have long with him).. and me, well, I didn’t want him to leave! I was not done. Oh if it were so easy to orgasm. I don’t think I’d get out of the bedroom either

  4. LSAM, I love the pictures you pepper your posts with (yes, I like alliteration). I believe every one of us is ambisexual. I have had sex with male and female, and although I much prefer being with a woman, there is something exciting about knowing EXACTLY what makes a man feel good because I am one. There is no question of technique, I just do what feels good to me. As for who has more intense sex, physiologically, the clitoris has far more nerve endings than the penis or vagina. Just once I’d like to feel a female orgasm from direct clitoral stimulation. It must be explosive beyond what I can imagine.

    • (Complete side note. I sometimes believe I think in alliteration and assonance). And I will agree that the clit has more nerve endings, but they are also all jam packed into a little bitty thing, that sometimes becomes so sensitive it’s painful to touch the damn thing. And a cock… Oh, a beautiful cock has so much skin to touch, to rub, to stroke… Mmmm. Getting distracted. And I’ve often thought that perhaps a females orgasm might be better (sometimes they are almost black-out good), but that the overall sexual experience is better for men. And keep in mind that many women have never even experienced an orgasm… Oh, well, I guess we’ll never really know! And thanks for the insight, George, it’s always nice to hear from people who have experience on both ends!

  5. You certainly keep it interesting! I can’t say I’ve ever fantasized from the male point of view, but I’ve had to get very acquainted with male pleasure to write their POV (hence the gay porn addiction).


  6. Now that’s an honour!!! And merci buttocks for the pingback!!!

    I’ve never fantasised about sex from the man’s point of view. Excuse me please. I think I need to test this out as I think I am missing something!!!!

  7. This post automatically brings to mind the Steve Martin quote “I could never be a woman, ’cause I’d just stay home and play with my breasts all day. ”
    I’ve fantasised about being on the other side of the fence because the grass looks so much greener over there at times. I love my penis (looks down at his crotch “Yes I do, yes I do!”) but the idea of having a vagina, clitoris etc. does seem very exciting.

    • Huff, it is exciting, but the damn things don’t always cooperate! And if you scroll up and see my response to Kyle, you’ll see that I think I’d play with my cock all day if I had one…

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks about these things! Thanks for commenting!!

  8. I am in total agreement with you. I’ve definately wanted to have a cock. I’ve never told anyone but when I was pregnant I would really, really want to have one (was it because I was pregnant with a boy?). I would take my double-headed dildo and stroke it like it was my own dick. The motions from my stroking moving it inside of me. Some times I’d just fuck the bed with it.

    I often ask guys I feel comfortable with what the is the strangest thing they’ve fucked. I’ve never gotten a good answer. If I had a dick I’d put it in: Jell-o, watermelons, mashed potatoes….what ever was squishy enough to penetrate.

  9. I concur – I think it’s time to fuck your man in the arse!
    (For what it’s worth, I think if most men had a cunt, they’d never have dry fingers.)

    • Ha! M would probably never speak to me again if I tried! Hell, some times he “claims” he doesn’t even like his taint played with… Although this is always after the fact. During the “playing,” his body always responds as though he is enjoying it… But, some night, if I’m drunk enough, I may broach the subject… But I doubt it. I would guarantee it would cause problems… Hence the need for a girlfriend!

      • Maybe the two of you need to sit down together and be honest about sex. He certainly sounds like he’s repressing something (maybe he’s feeling guilty about blowing a guy after football practice at college) and in a functional relationship you really should feel comfortable enough to tell your man you want to fuck him in the ass without alcohol. ROFL.

        • What the fuck, Accidental! You crack me up! And I’d much rather fuck a girl (hence the imagining I’m a man thing…), there’s way less hair! But now you’ve got a picture in my head… M in his football uniform, kneeling… Mmmm. 🙂 You are a bad boy, AM!

      • I’m sure if M really loved you he’d get a full body wax.
        Now think about him kneeling with your Feeldo nudging against his lips.

      • Oh, L-S&M, you poor, poor thing. You really do need to open your mind to sex a little more. Getting my cock waxed is not just about aesthetics. Yes, I like how it looks, but imagine how much better it would be for you if you didn’t have to gag as one of M’s pubes catches the back of your throat, or you didn’t have to pick them out from between your teeth. As for his benefits, if he had the faintest idea how much better sex feels sans muff, he’d be balder than a bald thing in a strong wind.

        • Oh, like I said, I love a bare cock. Prefer it actually. And M is bare, he just shaves… Mmmmm… Now you’ve got me thinking about his cock. It’s too early in the morning for that!

          I don’t know if I would even want to be with a guy who is unwilling to shave at this point. M and I have both been bare for a very long time… Me, before we started fucking, and him shortly thereafter. I love it! Sex is so much sexier when there is skin to skin contact everywhere. And giving head is SOOO much better when he’s bare. It looks better, smells better, tastes better… God, I’ve got to stop talking about it! I’m going to have change my panties again before I go to work!

  10. For Gillian and LSAM:


    I haven’t been around long enough to know everyone’s predilections, but it sounds like you two might enjoy this.

  11. Hey, TT13, mashed potatoes?? Sorry, doesn’t have the gripping power of, say, a vagina. I keep wanting to buy myself a Fleshlight, but I’m SUCH a cheapskate.

  12. HAHA. I didn’t actually use the word “correct”. There is no single optimal gripping power. There is a range of desirable gripping powers. If that were not true, then men would only want vaginal sex, not anal sex. What I meant was that mashed potatoes do NOT fall in that optimal range. Nor do watermelon and Jello. A vagina falls nicely into the optimal range. I suppose I can’t expect Torn to know that men don’t masturbate with jello because it wouldn’t produce enough friction. Then again, I suppose maybe a man could have a mashed potato fetish. Yes, that’s it!! That’s what I’m going to write about for Feb. 28. Now, don’t anyone else steal my idea!!!!!

    • Ha! Love it George! Love it! I can see it now… “He walks slowly to the bowl, admiring it’s soft exterior, it’s buttery texture. He dips a finger in to it’s creaminess, bringing it to his lips, and ever so slowly, begins to like it off…” It’s fucking great! Watermelon, though, I can understand where Torn is coming from with the watermelon, especially if you warmed it up somehow… It’s all juicy and wet.

      Jesus, I’ve got to get off (**haha*get off**) this food thing before I’ve got to make supper!

  13. An intimate and provocative thought, my dear. I have imagined myself a lady at various times, and perhaps it stems from the thought of enjoying providing pleasure to a lady. It is interesting to think of how you would act if you were me, and I find it quite stimulating and inspiring 😉


  14. Did you know that Dr. Seuss wrote a book entitled “The Things I Would Do If I Were A Man”?

  15. My dear LSAM, I have a quirk you should know about. I rarely use emoticons. This means that on occasion I am misunderstood. No, Dr. Seuss did not write a book called “The Things I Would Do If I Were A Man”. I was trying to be funny but it backfired. Now you can either laugh, or throw a crystal vase at me (that would be me adopting my Cary Grant persona).

    • I had assumed it was sarcasm… And, silly me. I often say, if you have to ask if it’s sarcasm, then you already know the answer! Oh, well. It was funny! And, btw, I did assume you were saying it in humor. And believe me, the only thing crystal in my whole house is my vases… So I won’t be throwing those at you… A cast iron skillet, on the other hand, I’ve got a few of those…

  16. “A cast iron skillet, on the other hand, I’ve got a few of those…” OOH, I love it when a woman talks dirty to me.

  17. Please, Mistress LSAM, spank me with the broom. I promise I will be a good boy. I promise.

  18. I’ve not had time to read all the comments made for this post, so apologies if anyone has said this.

    I sometimes fantasize about being a Woman and being fucked by a Man. I dunno what it is exactly, because I don’t focus so much on having a female body but more of the situation they’re in, how hot it would be.

    I think it is normal to have these thoughts, the mind is extremely curious.

    • Thanks, Loki, for sharing. I don’t really think of what it’s like to “be” a man, just more what it feels like… Because I imagine it feels fucking fantastic!

      And the mind is a wonderful, crazy thing, isn’t it?

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