Playing Dress Up

I’m a full-time writer.

That means I have a strict dress code which consists primarily of leggings and comfy clothes. Come to my house any winter day, and you’ll find me in slippers, yoga pants, and a sweater. Visit in the summer, and it’s typically tank tops and loose skirts.

But come to my house in the evening, sometime after dark when the munchkins are asleep, and it’s a different story. Bodycon dresses and plaid school skirts are a regular. Thigh highs and pretty panties, garter belts and lingerie, they all make an appearance.

In the McConnell house, we do fashion shows when pantie orders arrive.

It’s fun. Sexy. And hot.

grey panties and black thigh highs

Spice Things Up by Dressing Up

Dressing up is such an easy way to spice things up, and it’s a win-win situation. First, it makes me feel sexy. Instead of running around in sweats and a t-shirt after my evening shower, I lotion up and don something sexy.

It doesn’t have to be thigh highs and thong panties. Go with something that’s comfortable that your man likes you in. Maybe it’s a tight t-shirt and a pair of flirty panties. It could be pantiless in leggings wearing his shirt. But whatever it is, make sure it’s something he’s going to appreciate seeing you in.

It Gets You In the Mood

When I dress up for M, it instantly gets me thinking about turning him on, and that turns me on. And it can do the same for you. Dressing up for your man gets you in the mood and boosts your confidence. Just the process of getting ready and prepping you body makes you feel good. Think about how he’ll look at you. Imagine where he’ll touch you. Let your imagination carry you away as you dress, and you’ll be more than ready for him when the time comes. Thinking about sex and looking good for him also increases self-confidence, which, ask any man, is sexy as hell. Stroll into the room like you own it, girl, and you will.

pink skirt pokadot panties

It Makes Him Feel Special

One of the main reasons I love to dress up is because it turns M on. A lot. Not only does he appreciate the effort on my part, but he loves nothing more than a pretty pair of panties and and thigh highs just visible under a hemline.

Making your man feel special should be your number one priority, regardless of the dynamic between the two of you. In marriages and long-term relationships, it’s so easy to take each other for granted and something as small as slipping on a skirt instead of leggings can make a world of difference. Let him know he’s special, ladies, and that you want to make him happy. I’m sure he’ll want to return the favor.

A Few More Reasons to Dress Up Tonight

Just in case you’re still not convinced, here’s a few more reasons you should put on something sexy tonight.

  • It lets you take advantage of a night in.
  • It’s a reason to pamper yourself, starting with a shower and shave, then lotion and clothes, then seduction.
  • It’s a reason to go shopping and every girl needs that once in a while.
  • It’s fun. Dressing up gives you the ability to try new things and wear clothes you’d never consider in the real world. It’s leather skirts and see through shirts, tight dresses and sky high boots. It’s like having an adventure without every leaving your bedroom.

white skirt, pink panties

Easy Ways to Make It Happen

So I’m sure there are those of you out there like, “Sure, Caitlyn, this is all easy for you to say, but in reality, it’s just not feasible.”

To those girls, I say You’re Wrong. It’s not too hard. It’s easy. And I’ve got three kids under the age of 10 at home, a husband who works odd hours, and my own writing business that consumes half my bedroom and at least 50 hours a week. I’m not in a position where I can drop hundreds of dollars on new clothes only to wear them in the bedroom. I get it. Really, I do.

So to prove you ladies who think it’s too much hassle wrong, I’ve compiled a quick, easy, and cheap way to start dressing up for your man.

  • Wear one of his white button down shirts open over a pair of red panties. If you’re looking for more discretion, maybe fasten one or two of the middle buttons.
  • Grab a pair of cute cotton panties, a baseball style t-shirt, and tall socks. Pulling your hair into high pigtails makes this outfit even cuter.
  • As you can see from my pics, I’m a big fan of the short skirt and tank top. Most of the skirts I wear are from my regular summer wardrobe, I just wear them with a pair of thick, above the knee socks when it’s chilly.
  • Any type of lingerie or fetish wear or sexy costume also counts as dressing up for you man. Too many times we buy these things, wear them once, and then they end up shoved in the back of a drawer, covered in socks and slips. Pull those babies out and give them a round two. Or three or four.
  • Men love seeing women’s curves, and what better why to show off than to show him yours through the silhouette of a sexy, tight dress.
  • Any matching bra and pantie set will let your man know you want to turn him on, as will just about anything with thigh highs. Remember, men are visual creatures and appreciate when a woman looks good.
  • I do a lot of shopping at thrift stores and consignment shops. It allows me to try things I wouldn’t normally without having to drop too much money on them. Some of my second hand scores include real plaid skirts, a short leather bodycon dress, super high heels, and once a full outfit that had to have been worn by a stripper.

If you find yourself in a sex slump, either when it’s not happening or you just don’t feel up to it, dress up. Treat yourself to a nice, hot shower or bath. Shave. Lotion. And slip into his favorite dress. It’s no harder than slipping into sweats, but the benefits are so much more.

Do it just for him.

Believe me, he’ll appreciate it.

What are some of your favorite things to dress up in? I want to know what you think, so share in the comments. 

7 responses to “Playing Dress Up

  1. holdenandcamille

    Lovely pictures, Caitlyn! One of my favorite things about our shoots is combing through my drawers and closet in search of sexy things that I haven’t worn in a while. And he loves it as much as I do! ~C

  2. You have hit the nail on the head. Dressed and sexy is so much a turn on for me and the more subtle the better. Naked is fine cuddling in bed, but the seduction to the bed is the most exciting. Your photographs show exactly the way women should dress for that special person to become their lover. Great job.

  3. A lot of men are like myself, we love the visual effect. And the first comment on your list is one of my favorites. A shirt that just cover the party line and some crotch-less panties to either pull off, or get right to first taste. I think I will have to start taking pictures too, after seeing how sexy your pics are…

    Peace and love

    • Thanks 1Man. My hubby’s always been a visual creature, it just took me years of building up the courage to believe that he saw me as beautiful. Now, it’s just one of our natural practices, dressing sexy. And we love it. *hugsandkisses*

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