All Over the Place with Caitlyn McConnell: March 27

Happy Easter, y’all, if that’s your type of celebration. If not, happy spring day! It was gorgeous here, although I didn’t get to appreciate it. I spent my day either on the couch or wrapped around the toilet with a stomach flu. Nice image, I know.

Either way, I’m still feeling rather shitty, so I’m going to keep this quick today.

I recently started writing a regular sex column, Ask Ms. X, over at Inscriber Magazine. My first piece is about how to last longer, where I explain the self-help techniques developed by Master and Johnson that’s up to 90 percent effective. If you’ve got questions, I’ll get you answers. Email me at, hit me up on twitter @lsmblogger or on Facebook. You’re questions will always be anonymous.

Here’s a picture of new corset number two, for your viewing pleasure.

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I’ve joined Instagram as @lovesexandmarriageblog. Just learning my way around the place, but if you’re there, feel free to find me.

Best Reads of the Week

I Support Our Troops by Hyacinth Jones at A Dissolute Life Means. It’s sexy. It’s real. And it reminds me that we have these fleeting moments in time when something magical happens, and if we don’t jump, we miss it.

Is Sex Addiction Really About High Sex Drive? at takes a look at sex addiction and tells you what’s really going on. Turns out, those who struggle the most aren’t even the ones getting it on. Those of us that fuck everyday, I don’t think we’ve got to start heading to meetings or anything.

Six Daily Choices that Will Improve Your Relationship from The Good Men Project gives you easy ways to improve your relationship every day. They’re little things, but those little things easily pile up and become big things.

Who the Hell Would Want to Sleep with Cruz?

Just a quick note, because my eyes are heavy and my stomach’s queasy and my legs are achy. I watched as the #cruzsexscandal exploded on social media. And the following morning, I turned on the news while I worked, something I don’t normally do. I waited. And waited. And finally around 2:30 in the afternoon, Fox News finally had a blurb regarding Ted Cruz and the sex scandal. I could give a fuck if Cruz created on his wife. Perhaps I lose a little respect for him, but I didn’t have much to start with. But I wonder, really, why anyone would want to fuck Ted Cruz? And how was something that was shared over 500k times on Twitter regarding our political circus not get just a little bit of news recognition until over 12 hours later?

Have a good night y’all. I’m out.



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  1. First, HOT ASS CORSET. Second, thank you for your kind words! I’m humbled 🙂 xx Hy

  2. Both corsets are beautiful and you wear them so well.

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