As much as I love sex, sometimes I find my body and head are not aligned. I know I need it, the release, the endorphins, the oxytocin. I know I will feel better and it will help me sleep. I know how good it will feel and that I’ll end up a withering mess in a puddle.

But even with all that, my mind says “No.” It says, “You’re too tired, have too much to do. Just go to sleep/watch tv/read a book.” And no matter what I know *like how good it will feel to cum on his cock*, I simply want to give in to my lazy desires.

Good thing M doesn’t.

See, he’s very persistent. And patient. And stubborn.

And he’ll take his time, put up with my batting away of his hand. He’ll start with my back, just rubbing me, not sexual. And then I’ll relax. And soon, his hands trail over me, my neck, my arms, my ass. And before I even realize it, I’m moaning into my pillow, arching my back for more, spreading my legs, willing his hand to travel in that direction, willing his touch where I want it.

And he will, in his own good time. Sometimes he gracious, and doesn’t make me ask. Other times he’ll wait, just using his feather touches across my body, until I’m begging him to do something about it, my panties already soaked with want.

And either way, we will end exhausted and sweaty.

And I will say, “Thank you Daddy.”

And he’ll ask for what.

“Thank for making me have sex. Thank for not giving up. For being persistent.”