Persistence is Key

As much as I love sex, sometimes I find my body and head are not aligned. I know I need it, the release, the endorphins, the oxytocin. I know I will feel better and it will help me sleep. I know how good it will feel and that I’ll end up a withering mess in a puddle.

But even with all that, my mind says “No.” It says, “You’re too tired, have too much to do. Just go to sleep/watch tv/read a book.” And no matter what I know *like how good it will feel to cum on his cock*, I simply want to give in to my lazy desires.

Good thing M doesn’t.

See, he’s very persistent. And patient. And stubborn.

And he’ll take his time, put up with my batting away of his hand. He’ll start with my back, just rubbing me, not sexual. And then I’ll relax. And soon, his hands trail over me, my neck, my arms, my ass. And before I even realize it, I’m moaning into my pillow, arching my back for more, spreading my legs, willing his hand to travel in that direction, willing his touch where I want it.

And he will, in his own good time. Sometimes he gracious, and doesn’t make me ask. Other times he’ll wait, just using his feather touches across my body, until I’m begging him to do something about it, my panties already soaked with want.

And either way, we will end exhausted and sweaty.

And I will say, “Thank you Daddy.”

And he’ll ask for what.

“Thank for making me have sex. Thank for not giving up. For being persistent.”

12 responses to “Persistence is Key

  1. He knows you. You’re very fortunate. I can’t tell you how much I love Cheap Trick and this song especially. I have been listening to them and The Cars and lot lately

  2. Hey there, LSAM! 🙂

    Loved reading your post, which was hotly erotic and very sexy. From my perspective as a married man, sometimes I’m glad for those times when my wife isn’t feeling up for sex. It’s an opportunity for me to use my talents and skills practicing The Art of Seduction. When I succeed in making her want and urgently need what she told me she wasn’t in the mood for, all that follows is that much more intense for both of us.

    I can see that M can do the same for you, and you’re both very lucky.

    • Hi Mark *waves* I never thought of it that way, so thank you. It’s interesting to look at it as an opportunity for him to demonstrate his skill, flex his muscles so to speak. And yes, we are very lucky.

      Great to see you around! *hugs and kisses*

  3. Great song! I love that he woos you with his hands! Relaxing and such before he pounces! Thats one of my fav things…..I dont have the option to be lazy anymore! He wont stand for that! Yay!

  4. yes; lots of books written this last decade (12 on Amazon) on the “low sex drive spouse” and what to do.
    I once read (Doug Weiss, Intimacy) that a couple could go w/ a contract (dumb)
    a) negotiate the number of bonks each needs/wants per week (standard narrative-he 4, she 2; easy peasy math. Happy couple agrees to fuck 3x wk
    b) divide by 2
    c) each take turns being initiator; once him, once her, flip coin 3rd time
    Great plan on paper but really stupid in real life. Men and women are not wired that way; not all guys are Tops/Doms and couples do not have the same libido going on, no?
    Married 7 years, the Lady and I are still talking about this. It’s not easy. I’m a guy that went to the doc to get Testosterone level’s tested, for one thing.
    Thanks for getting us thinking. I say it is important to “water the house plants”. A spouse deserves to be watered/nurtured/fucked, no? The union deserves it, too. The relationship needs the fuck. I’m sounding like a girl? Oh well.

    • Ironically, 2 years ago today I wrote a post all about how to want more sex… What I think, just do it. Even if you don’t want to, even if you’re not in to it. Suck up it and fuck. Sex is like so many other things in life: writing, reading, masturbating, working out, etc. The more you do it, the more you want to do it. The less you do it, the less you think about it, the less you want it until it eventually fades from your life.

      Just my 2 cents.

  5. 2 cents worth a million I’d say. You’re right. “Sex is easy; love is hard”? Bullshit. Both are work if you care about someone. I budget a weekly wank. Joke is I even have to negotiate with MYSELF to get “laid” with me and Rose Palm; have to feel I’m worth the time. You are so right.
    Want to fuck more? Then fuck more! Amen. Now turn to Hymn # 323 on page 412.

    • Damn right. I had a masturbation deal with myself a few months ago when I had a huge drop in my libido. It was a chore the first few days, but then, well… You know how it goes.

      And out of curiosity, do you have a blog? Your link on your gravatar gives me an error.

      *hugs and kisses*

  6. Sorry, blog under construction; almost done. Memoir by same title, almost done. Some formats won’t let you comment w/o posting a URL; some won’t list your comment unless it checks out and the system does it immediately. I’m a blog newbie in many ways, lot to learn. But, that said, I’ve been a student of love and a student of the Vulva for 3/4ths my life. And I think I’ve read 200 books on sex, love and God, trying to find my way. We were so uninformed back then. Catching up.

    • Just wasn’t sure, because I could see the link. I had to link my gravatar, because it always used to come straight here to LSAM. When I started my other blogs, I necessarily want everyone directed to my sex blog.

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