Friday 3/4/2016 Is Boobday!

Hello my lovely, lovely friends. Happy Friday! And you know what Friday means… Boobday! Yay! Hooray for boobies!

As always, Boobday is brought to you by the lovely Hyacinth Jones from A Dissolute Life Means… Who also happened to be voted the Number 1 Top Sex Blogger of 2015! Woo-hoo Hy, and congratulations my love. It’s well, well deserved. Continue Reading

Playing Dress Up

I’m a full-time writer.

That means I have a strict dress code which consists primarily of leggings and comfy clothes. Come to my house any winter day, and you’ll find me in slippers, yoga pants, and a sweater. Visit in the summer, and it’s typically tank tops and loose skirts. Continue Reading

Friday 2/26/2016 Is Boobday!

Hey y’all, it’s that day of the week again! No it’s not hump day, it’s Boobday! As always, a big shout out and thank you to Miss Hyacinth Jones, the host and creative genius behind Boobday. Continue Reading

Where I Find Myself In a Weird Place


Here, I call myself Caitlyn McConnell, although I assume most of you must realize that’s not who I really am, merely just a small piece of the real me.

I find myself in a weird place here, where I once felt more me than anywhere else. A place that feels vaguely familiar, yet intrinsically different. Continue Reading

Friday 12/4/2015 Is Boobday!

M and I recently had a photo shoot for my professional “real life” writer’s site. **If you know it, go check it out. It’s completely revamped and any feedback is appreciated!** Well, put a camera in M’s hand and you’re bound to end up with boob and butt shots. Continue Reading

Here’s to 35.

I celebrated my 35th birthday this past Saturday. I’m now in a new check box demographic, no longer 25-34, I’m now in the middle-agish 35-44. *sigh* I’m alright with it. Really.

And it was a great celebration. Black Friday shopping with M on Thursday night and the realization that the line outside of Kohl’s is much more entertaining after eating some delectable hash brownies. Friday consisted of a somewhat lazy day. Dinner and drinks followed by hanging at home with my hubby and bff. Oh, and some pretty fucking passionate fucking, too. Saturday involved sleepy naps and three different bouts of sex. Sunday gave me my 35 spanks, a day late, but better than ever. And today, the first day of rifle season and therefore a national holiday here in Pennsylvania, a day spent in the woods with a blow job and quickie in camo. And I kissed a girl somewhere in all that, so there’s that too. Continue Reading

Orgasmic Haze: Masturbation Monday

It was a long weekend. Family. Funeral. Friends.

Drugs and alcohol.


And M and I were up late last night, and didn’t end up fucking until after midnight.

And apparently I got off again on his hand randomly in the middle of the night. Continue Reading

Friday 10/23/2015 Is Boobday!

Whew! I sure am happy it’s Friday. I don’t know about all you folks, but it seemed like a really long week here in the McConnell household, and I’m looking forward to my Friday night and to checking out all the lovely ladies who are participating in Boobday. Continue Reading

Friday 10/16/2015 Is Boobday!

Yay for Fridays! It’s not only the end of the work week for most of us, but it’s a day designed to celebrate boobies!

This picture is thanks to Sir, who was kind enough to help me with the camera. Then fuck the shit out of me once He was done. Continue Reading

How Do You Like Your Erotica?

Mmmm…. erotica.

One of my favorite past times. I’m about half way through the newest installment of Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, Beauty’s Kingdom, and it’s got me thinking about some random erotica things. Continue Reading

Show Your Blogging Love

Hey y’all.

It’s October and that means it’s time to show your favorite bloggers some blogging love!

First, Rori over from Between My Sheets is working hard on her list of 100 Top Sex Bloggers of 2015. I’ve made the list the last three years, and keeping my fingers crossed I make it this year, too! Continue Reading

Friday 9/25/15 Is Boobday!

It’s everyone’s favorite day of the week again. Yay for Fridays!! And for it being Boobday!

I know it’s late in the evening, but I figure better late than never!

Found this old piece of lingerie in my drawer this evening. Definitely NOT liking it. It doesn’t look horrible here, but in real life, I look sort of like a shiny and sheer superhero. Continue Reading

When He Falls Asleep: Wicked Wednesday

Welcome to my first Wicked Wednesday!


We were drunk.

He more than me, but I hadn’t realized it until it was too late.

Dizzy, He laid down and, in less than a minute, His eyes were closed and His breathing deep. Continue Reading

Friday 9/18/2015 Is Boobday!

It’s been a while since I last participated in Boobday.

And this morning, as I was deciding if I should join in, I was struggling with my thoughts.

Within the last year, I’ve lost 30 pounds. And from April to August, I dropped my body fat percentage by nearly 15 percent, putting me in the “athletic” category. Continue Reading

I’m His Slut, Not Yours: A Pissed Off Rant

Just bitching. You’ve been warned.

So… I’ve recently become more active on social media. I’ve used my @lsmblogger on Twitter off and on, but I haven’t touched the LSAM Facebook page in years. **Sorry for the shameless plug** Continue Reading