Orgasmic Haze: Masturbation Monday

It was a long weekend. Family. Funeral. Friends.

Drugs and alcohol.


And M and I were up late last night, and didn’t end up fucking until after midnight.

And apparently I got off again on his hand randomly in the middle of the night.

With a lack of sleep and multiple days of minor hangovers, my plan was to take the little one to school, and then come back to sleep the morning away. And it started to work out that way.

I came home. Cozied up in bed with some erotica. Pulled out my wand. Came.

And it was a good orgasm, a smooth wave that rushed across by body.

But it wasn’t quite what I was looking for.

Book down. Phone up. Porn on. A cute little set of lesbians. Wand. Big Orgasm.


I pulled the blankets up. Wrapped my arms around M’s pillow and closed my eyes.

And then I head a door shut.

And then a knock.


Out of bed. Down the stairs.

And I see M.

We chit chat. I say I was getting ready to take a nap.

“Did you masturbate?’

“Twice,” I lit up a cigeratte and sat down at my desk.

He asked details.

I shared.

“Wanna fuck?”

I look at him. “I just masturbated. Twice,” I reiterated.

“I know,” He said. “And now I’m horny thinking about it.”

I stand up with a sigh. “I suppose.”

We get in bed and M grabs my wand, still plugged in next to the bed. He clicks it on and presses it between my legs.

At this point, I’m super sensitive. I’ve cum innumerable times in the last 10 hours. Within moments, I’m squirting on the bed.

I take  the wand from him and pull down his boxer briefs. He’s already hard, His cock standing at attention. I press the wand right below the head, where I know He’s the most sensitive.

“Leave it there too long, and I’ll cum,” He warned me.

Before long, He took it from me and flipped it off. Moving to His knees, he rolled me to my side, and slipped His cock into my pussy.

His long, slow thrusts and the pressure of my thighs squeezing together on my clit had me panting, another orgasm already building. This one was explosive, my juices covering both of our thighs.

M pulled out and I rolled onto my knees and moved to take Him in my mouth, dropping down until His cock hit the back on my throat. I licked Him from base to tip, tasting myself the whole length of Him.

Yet He didn’t let me linger long. His flipped me onto my back, and pushed my thighs together and back, making my wet pussy push out between my legs.

He pushed into me. Deep. My eyes closed.

And then I heard the wand click on. I started shaking my head.

He paid no mind.

It pressed to my clit as He thrust deep. I clenched. I pulsed. I wasn’t breathing. He fucked me harder. Using the hand on my legs to hold me in place as he pounded into my pussy.

I exploded. Again and again. Soaking us both. And the sheets. And comforter.

Tossing the wand aside, He used my legs to flip me onto my stomach, and instantly He was back inside me, thrusting harder and harder.

With one hand I grabbed the edge of the bed, and with the other I braced against the wall. M’s hands were tight on my waist, and when I tried to lift my chest up, He pushed me back down, holding me to the bed.

His sounds got louder and again push me over the edge. Cum splashes everywhere and causes him to growl his arousal. He releases the pressure on my back and twists His hand into my shirt, pulling me up, using it like reins to move me against Him.

I lose it, and so does He.

Five, six, seven thrusts later, we slow. Another thrust or two, and we collapse onto the bed.

Now, a few hours later, I’m still in an orgasmic haze. No nap. Drained body. But a smile, plastered on my face.

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  1. Oh! No nap? What a pity! 😉
    And thanks for sharing this hottest of hot moments with us 🙂

  2. O…M…fucking G. Okay, I totally know the silly grin and blissed out feeling from being drained like that. It’s been WAY too long for us, but yay for you. See? Masturbation Monday IS the best day of week. 😉

  3. What did you say was plastered to your face?

    And did it help the hangover?

  4. Out-of-control sex. Gotta love it! A very enjoyable read. And, yes, I masturbated!

  5. Great little story!

  6. Masturbation Monday! Thank You VERY Much!

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