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A few weeks ago, I was reading an article in Poets & Writers about finding your own writing tribe and it got me thinking about somethings. First, I was disgruntled, because I’ve been trying for well over a year now to get to my local PennWriter’s meeting and have never made it. And I’m thinking, “Shit, fuck, damn, where am I ever going to find a tribe of writers to call my own…” And it hit me when my muse said:

Shit, Caitlyn, you’ve already got a tribe of writers, you just haven’t been there much lately.

And you know what, my muse was right. I do have a tribe, and this is it, the community and people I’ve met here through LSAM.

So I wanted to give a shout out to you, my tribe, for being there, for reading what I write, for following and writing and being you.

And it just so happens a few months ago, on my birthday, I was awarded the Versatile Blogging award by my friend (and tribe member) Panty Parade, so I’m going to morph these together and hand out this award to those I feel are part of my tribe…

I’m sure you know the rules, so I’m simply skipping that part!

7 Secrets…

1. Last week, I dyed part of my hair blue. I meant to do purple, but the damn fluorescent lighting at Rite Aid screwed  with my eyes and I didn’t realize until I got home it was blue. Why purple, you may ask… Not sure. Perhaps it’s a mid-life crisis.

2. I have 10 chickens in my backyard. And it’s helping me get over my fear of chickens, after a traumatic event when I was 4 with a rooster and a baseball bat.

3. I’m writing daily now, just nowhere on the web. Most of it happens in a Mickey Mouse journal I received for Christmas.

4. I am a Bitch (yes, with a capital B) before I have coffee in the morning. Don’t believe me, ask my children.

5. My family is currently living on less than 1/3 of what we were only 3 years ago. The weird thing is, my bills are paid on time, my checkbook has not bounced, and there is more money in my checking account at any given time than ever before. Go figure. It’s taken me getting piss-ass-broke to figure out how to manage money.

6. Next year, M and I will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary *God that makes me sound old*. He promised me years ago that we would go to the Caribbean. I’m holding him to it!

7. LSAM turns two this week. What a wild, crazy thing it has turned out to be. Thank you all for that!

And here is a list of my tribe members (give or take a few)…

1. Cara Thereon— I’ve know Cara since before she was Cara, and I remember her struggling with words like “fuck” and “cunt.” Cara, my dear, you have grown so much since I’ve met you, more than any other writer I know.

2. Hy from A Dissolute Life Means…–Hy’s fantastic and writes with a descriptiveness that pulls you in, makes you see and feel what’s happening.

3. Anisa from 13 Years In–Anisa’s been having a rough few months lately, but she’s a great gal, so stop and visit her to show your support.

4. Nate from Speaking Out on Sex, Speaking Out on Life, Speaking Out on Blogging, and Scrawlings of a Mad Man–Nate writes more than any person I know.

5. Nick–Although he doesn’t blog, and still owes me a post from damn near a year ago, if you know him, you know he’s a great friend. Once you get past the accent.

6. Fatal from You Linger Like a Haunting Refrain–Fatal’s writing resonates with a part of me I often try to hide, both from the outside and from myself. She is honesty, put to words.

7. G from Filled and Fooled–G’s honest and true, detailing a life of a swinging married couple.

8. Confessions of Your Husband’s Mistress–One of the first blogs I ever followed, Mistress keeps it real, with both the glory and gloom of being a mistress.

9. Dawn from Alice Thierry–Dawn has been with me almost from the start of LSAM and I am grateful for her presence. Except when she speaks in French. Then I don’t understand a damn word she’s saying.

10. Captain Kitty –Kitty always makes me laugh, even when things are shit. That’s why I love her.

11. Snarky Snatch–Snatch and I started blogging at the same time, and I’ve watched her ups and downs with her life in Cleveland. Glad to see you back around these parts Babe!

12. Anastasia from Astral Traveler–Anastasia is always supportive. Thank you for that my dear!

13. HH and Lo from My Sex Life with Lola–HH has had more problems with WP than any other blogger I know. And if you like sexy stories and pics, his blog is one you will want to check out.

14. Elle from The Submission of Elle–Elle details the real life of implementing D/s into a marriage. A girl after my own heart.

15. Mandy from Last Mandy Standing–Mandy doesn’t blog too much, and she’s not a sex blogger, but she’s fucking fantastic. She’s made me laugh and cry at the same time more than once, so she had to make the list!

16. Kayla Lords–Not only is Kayla a fantastic writer, but let me tell you, she can do some amazing things with her tongue. There is no one (well, maybe M) I would rather lick!

And for your listening pleasure…

17 responses to “My Tribe

  1. Nice to see you back in the tribe. Been quiet around the fire of late. When I read dyed part of your hair purple I had a flashback to when Barb dyed a part of her where there is hair purple. Fun times. 🙂

  2. Will you be here more often?? I really miss you, lady! Thanks for the shout out.

    • You deserve the shout out and 100 more my dear. I’m hoping to be here more. We’ll see where the writing takes me. I’ve been a bit more active over on Caitlyn, but I’m hoping to get all 3 blogs active again.

      I’m holding back with my writing, fearful of giving in because of the time it likes to consume. As soon as that battle’s won, I’m hoping to be posting at least weekly.

      I miss you too! Mwah!

  3. Congratulations on so many accomplishments…Wedding anniversary, blogaversary, conquering your chicken fear, learning how to manage money, and, most importantly, writing no matter what! Thank you for including me in your “tribe.” I am both humbled and flattered. I miss your words and wit and hope to read more of your blue-haired, coffee drinking escapades! XXOO ~Elle

  4. Welcome back, baby. And Happy New Year. I’m glad to be part of the tribe. Missed you.


  5. I was actually holding my breath in hopes you would include me in your tribe. I need to be around more, reading other blogs rather than trying to keep mine updated. That is how it all started, and I need to get back to my roots too.

    I’m so glad you didn’t forget about us. Thank you for coming back!

    • It’s a balancing act, G, truly it is. Hell, I haven’t been around in months, but when I started, those first 6 months or so, I’d spend hours out and about in the blogging world. *sigh* Seems to come and go, with me anyway.

      And of course you’re part of my tribe! Mwah!!

  6. I bet blue is awesome! I want purple, but I’d take blue. 🙂

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