I received the first text early yesterday afternoon: “So I just wanted to say if things go down badly, you guys should come get drunk with me here.”

Just those simple words spiked my libido, especially after last weekend’s Brazilian waxing episode. But I doubted anything would come to fruition, after all, the hockey game wouldn’t be over until after 10, and I figured chances are by the time we got back to town, you’d be asleep.

So when the text came through at nine, saying you were headed out to the bar, the stupid hockey game couldn’t end quickly enough.

Nearly two hours later, we made it back. Drinks were had, shots were poured, and within only a few minutes, there was little doubt left that we would end up in bed together yet again. It was then that my panties started to get wet.

As we stood at the bar, legs touching where no one could see, I wanted nothing more than to taste your lips.

More drinks and hands became freer, less concerned about the others standing around and more concerned about the feeling of your skin on mine.

I wish I could have seen the boy’s face when you told him to quit trying because you were coming home to fuck us.

And then there was the random boy who could get Molly, and that topped the night off.

As soon as the rolling began, I wanted nothing more than to feel you both, flesh on flesh, heat on heat, pleasure spawning more pleasure.

You were wetter than I’ve ever seen you, your pussy so eager for attention. I couldn’t get enough.

And you’ve been so frustrated this week with life issues. It was nice to see you let go and enjoy the simple pleasures of fingers, tongues, pussies, and cock.

It made me laugh, because the first time, I remember you commenting to M about how receptive I am. Well, girl, if only you could have seen how beautiful you looked, laying back on the bed with your eyes closed and your back arched, as waves of pleasure washed across your body. Watching you cum again and again, it was absolutely fucking gorgeous.

And you were such as a dirty girl, loving the flogger, the nipple clamps, the Hitachi, touching places you’ve never touched before.

Although I’ve never said it, I’m sure you know there have been many, many times over these last few months when you were in our bed, even when you weren’t. On both our minds as we touched and played, I’d think of things to come in the future.

And one of things I always thought about isΒ you riding Him while I straddle his face. And when that happened last night, it was beyond my expectations. Watching you lower yourself onto His hard cock, the look on your face as you were filled with His length, watching you rock and grind against Him, it was exquisite.

And, oh how I loved laying beneath you as He fucked you from behind, your swollen clit between my lips, my eyes only inches from where the two of you joined, His cock sliding into your tight little pussy.

The moment, shortly after 4 am, I don’t know how we got there, with you on your back and M between your legs, your knees bent far and wide to give him full access. I knew He didn’t want to cum yet, but how could I not encourage it, with you begging Him for more, begging Him to fuck you harder and harder.

And when the two of you came together, my love for you both grew beyond what I thought was possible.

After the final kiss between the three of us, when we curled up and wrapped around each other in bed, it felt like the most normal thing in the whole world, three bodies joined in exhaustion from the pursuit of each other’s pleasure.

Last night was perfect, in so many ways. Unlike the first time, which was so fuzzy with alcohol and Ritalin. Unlike the second time, which was apprehensive and sort of scary, because we were doing it with intention.

Last night was different. It was effortless. It was natural. It feels so fucking right, the three of us together this way.

And here I am, again today, delaying showering, because I don’t want to wash the scent of you from my body.

Next weekend, my dear, be prepared. My plan is to give you a birthday you will never forget.

Not us, but could have been... "Threesome (one man and two women)" by golden retriever fan - Flickr: file.bin-2. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Threesome_(one_man_and_two_women).jpg#mediaviewer/File:Threesome_(one_man_and_two_women).jpg

Not us, but still one of my favorite moments from last night…
via Wikimedia