My Kinks Are…

Four years on this blog. Hundreds of posts. Thousands of comments.

And not once have I listed my kinks.

Which is no big deal really, but given how much I like to talk about sex and kinky things, I thought it odd. So to remedy the situation, here it is, a post all about my kinks.

Exciting, I know.

Without further ado, here it is…

My Kinks.

  • Submission: The knowledge that I am His does something to my mind and my girlie parts.
  • Restraint: Cuffs, ties, ropes, anything that keeps me in place and doesn’t allow me to move. The best… His hands pinning me to the bed or wall.
  • Impact Play: Spanking, flogging, paddling, it if hits my bottom and hits it hard, I’m going to like it. If it leaves me marked, even better.
  • Asphyxiation: There is nothing like His hands wrapped around my throat. Especially when He squeezes.
  • Gagging: No joke, I cum from gagging on His dick. Make it a face fuck and I turn to Jello.
  • Nipple Torture: While we don’t play nearly as rough since I needed an ultrasound due to “breast trauma,” I still love it all from clamps and slaps to bites and scratches.
  • Exhibitionism: Although it’s taken me years to be comfortable in my own skin, the idea of being seen, watched, enjoyed… It does something to me.
  • Voyeurism: I never realized this was one of my kinks until I watched my Husband fuck another woman. Now I’m hooked.
  • Dressing Up: Thigh highs, school girl skirts, French maids, and mini skirts. I heart it all.
  • Fisting: When you’ve had your pussy stretched by a grown man’s hand, you know there’s nothing quite like it.
  • Dirty Talk: Whether He tells me I’m His favorite toy, how good His cock feels inside me, or calls me a dirty little whore, I turn into a wet mess.
  • Hair Pulling: I love it when His hand’s in my hair, wrapped around my pony, or hanging onto my braid. Every single time, it reminds me that He is in control.
  • Manhandling: Flip me over, toss me around, press me into the mattress, make me feel like a little girl, and I melt.
  • Electro-Stim: I was scared by any kind of electric-stimulation play, but since Sir decided He wanted a machine, I’ve learned to love it.
  • Orgasm Control: It doesn’t matter if He’s edging me or forcing orgasms upon me, I love it as much as I hate it.
  • Punishment: When it comes to punishment, it serves a purpose. And while I may despise that belt, I love what it does for us and how it cleans the slate.
  • Toys: From dildos to cock rings to swings and bits, I love my toy chest and the pleasure it brings us in the bedroom.

A random little list, and I’m sure I didn’t get them all, but these are some of my favorite kinks.

So, dear reader, I told you mine, will you tell me what your kinks are?

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  1. I never truly thought about my kinks and myself until I started blogging.

  2. Monika @

    caitlyn mcconnell, another extremely provoking article by you!

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