Inspired by this week’s Masturbation Monday meme, put forth by the dedicated and lovely Kayla Lords.



He lay there, unable to sleep, his cock hard with images from the weekend flashing through his mind. He’d assumed his lust had been satisfied with all the fucking they did, but apparently not.

He reached down, his hand wrapping around the hard length of his cock as his eyes closed, envisioning the treat he feasted on only days ago.



They were so hesitant to kiss, the girls, even though the sexual tension was so high anyone could feel it. But once they did, they couldn’t keep their hands off one another. Hands under shirts, moving beneath bras, then panties, until they were gasping into each other’s mouths.

His cock responded in his hand, and he slowed his motions, the thoughts running through his head too delightful to rush past.

He saw them laying on the bed, in nothing now but panties. Mouths moving between lips and nipples, caressing necks and collarbones. It wasn’t long before the panties were gone, tossed aside and forgotten. He watched as his wife slipped underneath the other woman, pulling her pussy down to her mouth, her tongue playing across her swollen clit and lips. 

His hand played over the head of his cock, the skin purple and tight. It was wet with precum, and he used it to lubricate the rest of him, now throbbing with want.

He remembered the taste of the other woman’s pussy on his wife’s lips, moments before she bent down to take his cock between her lips. The warmth of her mouth engulfed him, and as much as he wanted to bask in the pleasure, the other woman’s pussy was too pretty to ignore.

Bending down, his cock still buried in his wife’s mouth, his fingers, lips and tongue explored the folds of her pussy, while she lapped at his wife’s cunt, the three of them making a perfect erotic triangle. 

His balls tightened, and he reached down to cradle them, giving a firm tug that made him want to cum. But his mind wasn’t quite there yet.

The girls were 69ing again, soaked with sweat and cum, when he joined back into the fun, kneeling over his wife’s face, his dick positioned at the cleft of the other woman’s slit. Her tongue flicked from the woman’s lips, and over the head of his cock, making it wet with saliva. He groaned as he pushed into her pussy, warm and tight around the thickness of his cock. He thrust once, then twice, before pulling out and letting his wife lick the woman’s wetness from him. 

Over and over again he pounded into her, as his wife sucked at her clit, and she fingered and licked his wife, the three of them forming a center of sexual pleasure. The woman started to squeeze around him, begging him please, and his pace increased, his body pressed against her back as he fucked her hard. 

His hand moved faster, keeping pace to the momentum of their fucking, remembering the feel of a different pussy, the way his wife’s tongue flicked across where they joined. He was ready to cum.

When he could hold back no longer, his cock throbbing with need, he thrust hard into her before pulling out, his cum spilling across both women, his wife’s lips and tongue and the other’s pussy. As his eyes closed in the release, it engraved a picture he would never forget.

As the final spasms left his body, he lay back on the bed, the same bed the three of them had shared only days before, a satisfied smile playing on his lips.


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