Masturbation as Stress Relief

So, here is the situation.  We’ve officially moved in with my dad.  M and I have one room (but are

Eros Galicia - Sensual caricia

Eros Galicia – Sensual caricia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sleeping in separate beds, as M has to lay diagonal across the double bed because he’s so fucking tall).  And the baby and girls are in the room right next to us.  Needless to say, our sex life is currently lack, but we are working it out, being creative…

But even worse than just twice a week sex…  I haven’t masturbated since April 3rd.  What the fuck!  That was 16 days ago!!  Again, can I say, WHAT THE FUCK!?!  I normally masturbate almost everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.  I would say on average, about 10 times a week, spread about in different ways.  Sometimes it’s less.  Sometimes…  it’s WAY more.

Well, today, I found myself completely and utterly frazzled, running around like a nut, doing 273 different things at once.  I decided I needed to mediate, and found myself at a pond near a country club.  I found a grassy spot under a tree, and sat for 25 minutes.  And my mind raced.  Over and over again.  When I was done, I felt a bit better, but still not quite centered, like I normally do.

Fast forward a few hours and I’m talking to a friend.  And she flat-out says to me, “You need to masturbate.”  And I kind of laughed about it, but I’ve contemplated this ever since.  I masturbate a lot.  To get off.  To relax.  To help me fall asleep.  Hmmm…  Maybe to deal with stress?

Can my lack of focus really be related to not rubbing one down?  The anxiety and fragmentation of my thoughts and actions?  As I said, I continued to think about this, through dinner, through the baby’s bedtime.  And I was fucking wet, just from thinking about masturbating…  Not even imagining doing it, but just thinking about this whole concept.  Shortly after the munchkin was asleep, I followed M to bed, and we fucked.  Good and hard, but quietly (both baby and step-mom in the house).  And I came.  A lot.

But now, here I sit, 3 hours later…  Horny as hell.  And I’m trying to figure out where I can go in the house where no one will hear my wand.  Because, although my libido is sated, I really want to touch myself.  Not necessarily to cum, although I wouldn’t be complaining if I did, but just because.  Because my hand is aching to do it.  Rubbing around in the wetness, a mixture of his cum and mine.  My clit is aching for it.  Hard, I can already tell, wanting to be touched.  Damn.


Anyway…  The point I guess, of telling you all that, was to say that I was thinking about the health benefits, particularly the mental health benefits of masturbation.  And decided to write about it.  And that way, if someone in your life bitches about how much you touch yourself, you can come back at them, claiming you’re doing it for your health.

Physical Health

For men, masturbation can increase their immune system and lower the risk for prostate

Caucasian man in act of masturbation Deutsch: ...

Caucasian man in act of masturbation Deutsch: Nackter liegender Mann beim Masturbieren (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

infection.  And, get this, masturbation might be able to prevent cancer.  This is from a FoxNews report  (I know, I know!!):  “A survey of men found the more frequently a man masturbates between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely they are to get prostate cancer. In fact, those who masturbated more than five times a week were one-third less likely to develop prostate cancer.”

In women, regular masturbation seems to help build resistance to yeast infections, reduces the severity of menstrual cramps, helps with back pain, and actually even increase your pain tolerance (especially if you masturbate like me…  I tend to get a bit rough).

Mental Health

For both sexes, masturbation can have significant mental health benefits.  For instance, it reduces stress (no wonder I’m so fucking crazy right now!).  When your mind is running everywhere, like mine was today, masturbation gives you the opportunity to slow down and focus on only one thing, which will help you to relax, both during the act and after.

And engaging in any type of sexual activity increases the amount of dopamine in the brain, which is what allows us to feel pleasure (particularly in our VTA or “reward circuit,” which is where the pleasure experienced from drug use also occurs).  Masturbation also releases endorphins (which are very similar to opiates), which act as “happy pills,” producing a calming feeling.

Masturbation is a natural sleep sedative, but can also increase energy levels, by giving you a little “pick me up” (no need for the bit of white powder on the hand mirror anymore).

Masturbation also tends to increase self-esteem and body-confidence.  It allows you to become

Female masturbation with an electric massager.

Female masturbation with an electric massager. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

comfortable with yourself, and learn your body and what feels good.  This, my friends, will make your sex life MUCH better.  Once you are comfortable and can learn what makes you cum, then you can teach your partner, or do it yourself when you’re fucking, and sex just got a whole lot more interesting.

So, I think I need to go rub one down.  Just not sure where to go…  Thinking I may just have to trek out to the barn to “check on the horses”…

**A disclaimer:  It is thought that frequent masturbation, especially when used specifically for stress relief, can lead to dependence and addiction.  Touch yourself with caution.**

I’m not too concerned about this, but I came across it more than twice, so thought I should throw it out there.  Me.  I’m not worried about it.  There are worse things to be addict to.  And, fuck, who’s to say the difficulty I’m having right now isn’t masturbation withdrawal?  Maybe that’s the problem; maybe I’m DTing.  Fuck.  Makes me want to touch myself more.  Good night my fellow masturbators, I’ve got something I need to take care of…

And the first song that came to mind…

43 responses to “Masturbation as Stress Relief

  1. I’ve always liked to think it was good for me. Thanks for confirming it. I shall go and work on making myself heathier very shortly. But before I do …

    Interesting point about self esteem. I think I probably do feel better about my body as a result of regular masturbation.
    Any opinions aboubt wanking as a method of anger management? I know stress and anger are close cousins, but I have, on occasions, found tugging myself off a good way of dealing with anger. (They’ve tended to be pretty rough wanks.)

  2. thank you
    i am do unstressed right now 😉

  3. Masturbation is a pain relief thing for me, on top of every other reason for it (one of which is to please TB). Not all of my synapses respond to the command “relax!” and the muscles stay tight. Until a good orgasm that is. Works beautifully.

    • Right catherine. 100%. Sometimes, for me, I need that release (or 7 or 8) to truly let go and just be.

      • It works wonderfully. 🙂 Doctors should never have stopped prescribing them lol

      • Someone recently told me their doctor recommended it… accidental maybe? Hmmm… I wonder where that was. Something about prostate health I believe. During my 1st pregnancy, I bled a bit. And was told to not have sex for so many weeks. I asked the doctor if I could masturbate, and he gave me this weird look. So then I was like, well, I’m trying to figure out what I need to avoid: penetration or orgasm. He did know what to say. Asked me to clarify the difference. Fuck, he never did give me an answer. So I masturbated, with no penetration. And felt guilty as hell everytime. Hard to beliece he’d been an OB for 20 years, and aparently no one had ever asked that. Wtf people.

      • It was indeed me, and it was to reduce the likelyhood of epididimitis (sp?). Though to be strictly acurate my GP didn’t tell me to masturbate, just to ejaculate regularly – he didn’t specify how. 😉

  4. For what it’s worth – my 2 cents – I think you’re right, it is an addiction and you may be addicted. But, you’re also right, there are way worse, more destructive things to be addicted to. Lo and I have a friend who has a lot of addiction problems, including sex (and not safe sex). She readily admits the best addiction for her is masturbation.
    Lo, as it turns out is also such an addict and she gets frenzied when she doesn’t get it. At the same time, she expressly forbids me from any sort of self-pleasure, “Save it all for me, Daddy,” she pleads. I try to abide by her wishes, despite the health problems that may cause. (Actually, I like “edging.”)


    • Had to look up “edging” HH. Thanks for teaching me something today. Me… I don’t know if there can be such a thing as orgasm denial. I think at a point, my body just responds, whether there is stimulation or not…

      And masturbation addiction. Well, I spent a good deal of time in the middle of the night with my hands down my pants, then another significant amount of time early this morning with my wand in my pants. And let me tell you, I feel like a junkie who just shot up. I’m calm, collected. Yesterday, I called myself frantic and frazzaled. I feel on top of the world. I will never go 16 days without masturbation again!

  5. I know you’ve probably got actual stress going on in your life right now, so this isn’t funny. But it is. I get a big happy smile, reading this and thinking about you looking for chores that take you away from the house, under the house, into small rooms with the door closed, up on the roof, in the bathroom at the train station, in a stuck elevator. If you lived in Afghanaistan, you’d always be concealed under a burkah, and you could rub off anytime you felt like it.

    • Interesting… Never thought of benefits of a burkah before. Damn. No wonder all those Muslim women are so calm and quiet all the time!

      And, Theo, you think you’re making a joke… That’s actually what I’m doing! Just not on the roof. Pitch is too high. Wouldn’t want to forget what I was doing and slid off, with my pants around my ankles… That one might be hard to explain!

  6. I get off to relieve stress all the time. If I didn’t I swear I be ready to jump every other man I come in contact with during the day.

    • I know, right!?! And, I don’t know why, but for some reason, sex just isn’t always the same. Sometimes, I can fuck and fuck and fuck, and cum and cum and cum. And when it’s all over, I still need to take matters into my own hands. I don’t get it. But I don’t necessarily mind it either!

  7. Gillian Colbert

    Masturbation is one addiction that only helps and harms no one, so who cares if you are. As for me, I say masturbate well and often. An orgasm a day has been proven to help with stress. It releases endorphins into the body and doesn’t put weight on you like chocolate. So, masturbate away!

  8. I used masturbation the other night to recalibrate and calm down! Best medicine ever and about to do it now to calm my mind.

  9. No wonder that Fox News did a favorable report on masturbation – because they’re the biggest bunch of wankers around! But even a broken watch is right twice a day, so when you’re right, you’re right! But Fox News is so far to the right that I’m surprised that they haven’t circumnavigated the earth by now and come out on the left! I’ll bet that they secretly have, and are now really just a bunch of closet commies trying to make it look good – But you can’t fool ME Fox News! You socialist pinko commies, with all your secret wanking off to posters of Fidel Castro in his prime! Pass the pinko kleenex all around and clean up that nasty mess right now, you right wing orgasm fakers!

    About your “problem”… I have a private room that you can “relax” in, if you don’t mind me watching… And with no video cams anywhere in sight! Lol 😀

    • Ok, Chris… No politics at LSAM. That’s the rule. Period. End. *biting tongue* Don’t do it again, or I’m pulling the paddle out!

      In a private room… Yeah, I’d probably be cool with that! 🙂

      • Sorry, but I couldn’t help it, as I was possessed by the evil (and very funny!) spirit of Stephen Colbert at the time. But I won’t ever do it again, so you can put your paddle away – unless of course, you want me to use it on you, and I’d be quite excited and delighted to oblige! 😀

        And that private room voyeurism scenario of watching you go solo? Well that would have been near the top of my bucket list, if only I had remembered to make my bucket list!

      • @ chris… no problem dear. Its just that I studied social and political philosophy for way too long and have some very strong feelings on the matter (don’t we all). And we’re not here to talk about politics. We’re here to talk about sex. Fucking. Getting off. I don’t want us to lose focus of that!

        And, about that paddle… we’ll just have to see how that masturbation room turns out…

        And, one more thing chris, the sexual bucket list. I think you should still do it… why the fuck not?!? 😉

  10. PostModernSingle

    I love the complete relaxation afterwards. It always makes me think of Tori Amos’ Icicles:

    “And when my hand touches myself, I can finally rest my head.”

    Sometimes (often) it’s the only way I can get to sleep.

    • First and foremost, Welcome to LSAM!

      And Icicles was almost the song I used, but figured the other was more well known.

      And, I too, have been known to fall asleep with my hand down my pants…

      Thanks for commenting!

  11. Well, all right then! 😀 I am completely back on message again! Talking about sex. Fucking. Getting off. Got it… Who the hell wants to talk about politics anyway, when we’re given free reign here to talk about much better stuff instead?! Sure as hell NOT this guy! That would be like walking into Tiphany’s and turning down a great deal on diamonds and pearls, cause you’re just in the mood for some cheap costume jewelry instead.

    How that masturbation room turns out? If I had my way, it would turn YOU inside out!

    And yes, Virginia, there will BE a fucket, er, I mean, bucket list! Lol

  12. eroticexploration

    Well, I am finding reading all the comments almost as interesting as the blog post itself! Lots of food for thought for me (with my fear of addictions or dependency of any kind!)

  13. Dear LSAM
    I have been a frequent & experienced masturbator since the ripe old age of 13 when I discovered my fathers penthouse and late night soft porn on a french channel (bleu nuit). I truly believe it is why I’m such a force of nature in bed now & totally why I am multi orgasmic. I’ve been discovering what gets me off for 3 decades now. I also might admit to a minor addiction to it. If I don’t for a couple days
    I am definitely crankier. I use masturbation as the best alternative to a sleeping pill. I sleep during the day often & if I wake up early I will rub one out to go back to sleep. Hopefully it’s during school hours so I can use my hitachi. (I am considering writing an ode to it!!). I wish that fucker wasn’t so loud. Or that I wasnt so loud when I use it. Scratch that. I love being loud. It gets me off too. I totally feel for you being at your dads. My mother is visiting in a few weeks and it crossed my mind that I won’t have the hitachi time I might need. Oh well. I can always farm her out to her brothers place. Thanks for reinforcing that masturbating is a good thing, I highly recommend it. 🙂

    • Ginger, I, too started masturbating young, probably at 11, but did not come across the Penthouses until 12 or 13. And, boy, did that expedite the process! I’ve never considered my early (and frequent, maybe even more so than now) masturbation as a reason for my extreme sense of sexuality, or multiple orgasms, but it is a thought to consider.

      And yes… the Hitachi. Is it wrong to have such strong feelings for a piece of machinery? Because let me tell you, next to my husband and kids, my wand is probably the next best thing in my life! I have found that if I play music in my room, now that I’m a guest in someone’s house, it tends to mask the sound, at least enough that I can quickly get off… Well, at least I hope so. No one has said anything yet… Like, “Hey, LSAM, what’s that strange noise coming from your room in the morning after your shower?” Ah, well. Sometimes you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.

  14. suggestivetongue

    Sometimes I find myself a little twisted out of shape and I remember that I haven’t masturbated in a long time. Sometimes I forget about masturbation. And then you remember, and that’s an awfully good feeling.

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  18. Thanks for sharing. A book to check out: The multi-orgasmic man by M. Chia, D. Abrams.

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