So, here is the situation.  We’ve officially moved in with my dad.  M and I have one room (but are

Eros Galicia - Sensual caricia

Eros Galicia – Sensual caricia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

sleeping in separate beds, as M has to lay diagonal across the double bed because he’s so fucking tall).  And the baby and girls are in the room right next to us.  Needless to say, our sex life is currently lack, but we are working it out, being creative…

But even worse than just twice a week sex…  I haven’t masturbated since April 3rd.  What the fuck!  That was 16 days ago!!  Again, can I say, WHAT THE FUCK!?!  I normally masturbate almost everyday, sometimes multiple times a day.  I would say on average, about 10 times a week, spread about in different ways.  Sometimes it’s less.  Sometimes…  it’s WAY more.

Well, today, I found myself completely and utterly frazzled, running around like a nut, doing 273 different things at once.  I decided I needed to mediate, and found myself at a pond near a country club.  I found a grassy spot under a tree, and sat for 25 minutes.  And my mind raced.  Over and over again.  When I was done, I felt a bit better, but still not quite centered, like I normally do.

Fast forward a few hours and I’m talking to a friend.  And she flat-out says to me, “You need to masturbate.”  And I kind of laughed about it, but I’ve contemplated this ever since.  I masturbate a lot.  To get off.  To relax.  To help me fall asleep.  Hmmm…  Maybe to deal with stress?

Can my lack of focus really be related to not rubbing one down?  The anxiety and fragmentation of my thoughts and actions?  As I said, I continued to think about this, through dinner, through the baby’s bedtime.  And I was fucking wet, just from thinking about masturbating…  Not even imagining doing it, but just thinking about this whole concept.  Shortly after the munchkin was asleep, I followed M to bed, and we fucked.  Good and hard, but quietly (both baby and step-mom in the house).  And I came.  A lot.

But now, here I sit, 3 hours later…  Horny as hell.  And I’m trying to figure out where I can go in the house where no one will hear my wand.  Because, although my libido is sated, I really want to touch myself.  Not necessarily to cum, although I wouldn’t be complaining if I did, but just because.  Because my hand is aching to do it.  Rubbing around in the wetness, a mixture of his cum and mine.  My clit is aching for it.  Hard, I can already tell, wanting to be touched.  Damn.


Anyway…  The point I guess, of telling you all that, was to say that I was thinking about the health benefits, particularly the mental health benefits of masturbation.  And decided to write about it.  And that way, if someone in your life bitches about how much you touch yourself, you can come back at them, claiming you’re doing it for your health.

Physical Health

For men, masturbation can increase their immune system and lower the risk for prostate

Caucasian man in act of masturbation Deutsch: ...

Caucasian man in act of masturbation Deutsch: Nackter liegender Mann beim Masturbieren (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

infection.  And, get this, masturbation might be able to prevent cancer.  This is from a FoxNews report  (I know, I know!!):  “A survey of men found the more frequently a man masturbates between the ages of 20 and 50, the less likely they are to get prostate cancer. In fact, those who masturbated more than five times a week were one-third less likely to develop prostate cancer.”

In women, regular masturbation seems to help build resistance to yeast infections, reduces the severity of menstrual cramps, helps with back pain, and actually even increase your pain tolerance (especially if you masturbate like me…  I tend to get a bit rough).

Mental Health

For both sexes, masturbation can have significant mental health benefits.  For instance, it reduces stress (no wonder I’m so fucking crazy right now!).  When your mind is running everywhere, like mine was today, masturbation gives you the opportunity to slow down and focus on only one thing, which will help you to relax, both during the act and after.

And engaging in any type of sexual activity increases the amount of dopamine in the brain, which is what allows us to feel pleasure (particularly in our VTA or “reward circuit,” which is where the pleasure experienced from drug use also occurs).  Masturbation also releases endorphins (which are very similar to opiates), which act as “happy pills,” producing a calming feeling.

Masturbation is a natural sleep sedative, but can also increase energy levels, by giving you a little “pick me up” (no need for the bit of white powder on the hand mirror anymore).

Masturbation also tends to increase self-esteem and body-confidence.  It allows you to become

Female masturbation with an electric massager.

Female masturbation with an electric massager. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

comfortable with yourself, and learn your body and what feels good.  This, my friends, will make your sex life MUCH better.  Once you are comfortable and can learn what makes you cum, then you can teach your partner, or do it yourself when you’re fucking, and sex just got a whole lot more interesting.

So, I think I need to go rub one down.  Just not sure where to go…  Thinking I may just have to trek out to the barn to “check on the horses”…

**A disclaimer:  It is thought that frequent masturbation, especially when used specifically for stress relief, can lead to dependence and addiction.  Touch yourself with caution.**

I’m not too concerned about this, but I came across it more than twice, so thought I should throw it out there.  Me.  I’m not worried about it.  There are worse things to be addict to.  And, fuck, who’s to say the difficulty I’m having right now isn’t masturbation withdrawal?  Maybe that’s the problem; maybe I’m DTing.  Fuck.  Makes me want to touch myself more.  Good night my fellow masturbators, I’ve got something I need to take care of…

And the first song that came to mind…