If you’ve never experienced female ejaculation, either as the giver or receiver, it’s about time to try.  But first, I want to give you a little bit of information to clear up many of the misconceptions many people have about squirting.  First and foremost, it is not urine.  Again it is NOT urine.  It is a clear fluid expelled from the urethra, very similar to men’s ejaculate, but without the sperm.  The fluid comes from the G-Spot, the female equivalent of a man’s prostate.  All women have a G-Spot, so it is technically possible for all women to have a gushing orgasm, although it is very hard for some.  The more in touch with her body a woman is,together with how comfortable she is with herself sexuality, the easier it will be for her to ejaculate.


Make sure you and your partner have talked about squirting and are both into making it happen.  If either partner is hesitant, it will make it harder to accomplish.  She needs to relax enough to let go and she needs to know that you are not going to freak out when she squirts all over you.  Once you know that you are going to make her ejaculate, plan it out.  Before the event gets started, make sure she goes to the bathroom.  This will help end her fear that she may pee, which will help her to relax once the time for her to cum arrives.  Make sure that you’re prepared.  You will need a bit of time, some lubrication, and a towel, as things are going to get messy.  Begin with foreplay, whatever it is that really turns your girl on.  Move slowly through it, taking your time, making sure that she is very excited before moving on to her G-Spot.

Stimulating Her G-Spot

I hope by now, you all know how to find a G-Spot, but if not, here we go.  Once you are both already aroused and excited, have your girl lay on her back on the bed, with her legs spread and knees up.  Use some lubrication, even if she’s already wet, as this may take a little bit and you want to make sure not to chaff her or make her sore.  Insert two fingers into her pussy, with your palm facing the ceiling.  Bend your fingers up towards her stomach.  Somewhere, about one to two inches inside her vagina (think of trying to touch the back of her clit), you should feel a spongy area.  Welcome to the G-Spot.  Using a “come here” type motion with your fingers (pulling up and in) massage this spot continuously.  In many women, it will swell and become hard.  This is good and you should notice that she is responding well to it.  Increase your pressure, and you can even place the heel of your other hand above her pubic bone (right above the hair-line) and press down slightly, which will increase her pleasure even more.  Don’t be afraid here.  Your touch should not be gentle because many women need a lot of stimulation  to squirt.  This video gives a great demonstration.


As her G-Spot hardens, and her pleasure increases, she should begin to feel a pressure to pee.  Reassure her that this is normal and not to worry about it, that she’s not going to pee.  Encourage her to let go, and give in to the feeling.  If she continues to hold back, tell her how excited you are and how much you want her to cum.  If she hasn’t squirted by this point, have her bear down on her pelvic floor when she feels an orgasm approaching, which should move the process along.  And just because she orgasms does not mean that she’s not going to squirt.  A lot of times, she may need the orgasms to build on one another before she ejaculates.  So don’t stop your stimulation on her G-Spot just because she’s withering underneath your hands.   Be prepared.  The orgasm is often intense, unlike others that she has experienced. She will very well need a little time to recover.

Don’t become discouraged if it doesn’t happen the first time, as some women will have trouble.  But think of all the fun you’ll have trying again!