Making her Squirt the First Time

If you’ve never experienced female ejaculation, either as the giver or receiver, it’s about time to try.  But first, I want to give you a little bit of information to clear up many of the misconceptions many people have about squirting.  First and foremost, it is not urine.  Again it is NOT urine.  It is a clear fluid expelled from the urethra, very similar to men’s ejaculate, but without the sperm.  The fluid comes from the G-Spot, the female equivalent of a man’s prostate.  All women have a G-Spot, so it is technically possible for all women to have a gushing orgasm, although it is very hard for some.  The more in touch with her body a woman is,together with how comfortable she is with herself sexuality, the easier it will be for her to ejaculate.


Make sure you and your partner have talked about squirting and are both into making it happen.  If either partner is hesitant, it will make it harder to accomplish.  She needs to relax enough to let go and she needs to know that you are not going to freak out when she squirts all over you.  Once you know that you are going to make her ejaculate, plan it out.  Before the event gets started, make sure she goes to the bathroom.  This will help end her fear that she may pee, which will help her to relax once the time for her to cum arrives.  Make sure that you’re prepared.  You will need a bit of time, some lubrication, and a towel, as things are going to get messy.  Begin with foreplay, whatever it is that really turns your girl on.  Move slowly through it, taking your time, making sure that she is very excited before moving on to her G-Spot.

Stimulating Her G-Spot

I hope by now, you all know how to find a G-Spot, but if not, here we go.  Once you are both already aroused and excited, have your girl lay on her back on the bed, with her legs spread and knees up.  Use some lubrication, even if she’s already wet, as this may take a little bit and you want to make sure not to chaff her or make her sore.  Insert two fingers into her pussy, with your palm facing the ceiling.  Bend your fingers up towards her stomach.  Somewhere, about one to two inches inside her vagina (think of trying to touch the back of her clit), you should feel a spongy area.  Welcome to the G-Spot.  Using a “come here” type motion with your fingers (pulling up and in) massage this spot continuously.  In many women, it will swell and become hard.  This is good and you should notice that she is responding well to it.  Increase your pressure, and you can even place the heel of your other hand above her pubic bone (right above the hair-line) and press down slightly, which will increase her pleasure even more.  Don’t be afraid here.  Your touch should not be gentle because many women need a lot of stimulation  to squirt.  This video gives a great demonstration.


As her G-Spot hardens, and her pleasure increases, she should begin to feel a pressure to pee.  Reassure her that this is normal and not to worry about it, that she’s not going to pee.  Encourage her to let go, and give in to the feeling.  If she continues to hold back, tell her how excited you are and how much you want her to cum.  If she hasn’t squirted by this point, have her bear down on her pelvic floor when she feels an orgasm approaching, which should move the process along.  And just because she orgasms does not mean that she’s not going to squirt.  A lot of times, she may need the orgasms to build on one another before she ejaculates.  So don’t stop your stimulation on her G-Spot just because she’s withering underneath your hands.   Be prepared.  The orgasm is often intense, unlike others that she has experienced. She will very well need a little time to recover.

Don’t become discouraged if it doesn’t happen the first time, as some women will have trouble.  But think of all the fun you’ll have trying again!

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  9. This was soooo enlightening – honestly – I’ve always thought how strange it was that when I had a really, really good orgasm, I would “pee a little”… upon investigation, I realized that it smelled nothing like urine, but I thought, what else could it possibly be? I would make absolutely certain to go to the bathroom beforehand, and still it seemed not to prevent it. It was terribly embarrassing, I would panic and try to disguise it somehow… it would really mess with my mojo! I am feeling much, much better about this now, and a heck of a lot less embarrassed – in fact, at this point, I’m almost feeling a sense of pride 😉 Thank you!

    • Em, first let me say “Thanks” for reading. I completely understand. I remember the first time I squirted. I was probably a senior in high school. I was on my parent’s couch (opps), riding the boy I was dating. I had this mind-blowing orgasm. Then I freaked out! I had no idea what it was (I, too, thought it was pee). Then, a few weeks later, it happened again. I eventually figured it out (my boyfriend at the time had an ’86 Lincoln Towncar and riding him in the backseat was the perfect position for it), and started to enjoy it.

      Anyway, so glad this helped! That’s why I’m writing. That’s what makes it count. And you should definitely be proud! Keep cummin’ girl!

      • I plan to! And now that I know it’s natural and not some sort of freakish defect that I should be ashamed of… I shall start being more observant of the circumstances… I do notice that it seems to happen when I am feeling particularly uninhibited and really just let myself get swept up in the moment… when I’m absolutely not *trying* anything… not trying to focus or plan my next move, not feeling self-conscious in the least… when I am totally 100% comfortable and things are just flowing… literally! Other than that, as for position or whatnot, I’ve not yet noticed a pattern, but will definitely be paying more attention in the future!

        • Em, you’re right to keep an eye on it. See what works best for you. I know that M (my man) has really started to enjoy my squirting and tries to make it happen all the time (great for our sex life, but hard on my sheets and washing machine). You definitely have to be relaxed, “uninhibited,” and enjoying it.

          I’m so glad you’ve found me and LSAM. Looking forward to hearing how things work out! 🙂

      • OH MY GOODNESS!!! I have always had the talent of getting extremely wet… to the point of embarrassment, and tonight, I made myself squirt over and over again!!! THANK YOU!!! 🙂 Now I will just have to teach my man to do it to me!

        • hehe. Yay!! That’s why I started blogging, right there folks. So glad for you Suzie, and once you’ve figured it out, it shouldn’t be too hard to teach him. *hugs and kisses* and best of luck! xoxo

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  12. This is something I have wanted to introduce my sweetheart to. It sounds just freakin fabulous. I will read the above again, and jot bullet points down on the inside of her thigh with a felt marker, if she’ll let me.

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  14. Haven’t read the responses yet but I have to say just reading the stimulation part is making me squirrmy. I LOVE this! And TB does it soooo well.

    Okay, back to finishing this.

    Wow that is a well trained girl in the video! Holy smokes.

    Today’s writing (in Demon Plague) will be about sex and I think I will have Liam actively make Anna squirt. He seeks to re-claim her after recent events and this would show them both just how much she is capable of letting go for him and show her that letting go her control in his hands doesn’t mean that bad things will happen.

    Thanks for the inspiration you wonderful woman!

    btw, Canadian or American? I want to find that Curiousity show for you and it would help to know. Don’t pay enough attention to your spelling to figure it out. (Of course the extra Us could make you British too lol)

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  20. I want you to experience this pleasure

  21. It is one of the best description of the instruction for squirting orgasm.Nice to hear so many women finally enjoying this gift and proudly announcing it to the world.

  22. I enjoy taking the time to teach one to squirt

    • *sigh* if only all men thought this way! And its appriciated, Vile, by me and women all around the world. If a man takes the time to learn what works for me, or even better, teach me new ways my body can respond… well, fuck, I’m putty is his hands! Thanks for commenting, and welcome to LSAM! *hugs and kisses*

      • If you want to make your pet squirt it is really pretty simple, it may not work the first time, because many men do not have the patients. What I can tell you guys is how to make her follow you around like a puppy.
        I have spreader bars with cuff’s for the arms, once in place, I have a hook on the wall, place the spreader bar on the book, then you attach spreader bars to her ankles. Noway can she close her legs.
        You walk up I am right handed so I place my left hand around her throat squeezing gently.
        My right hand, I take two fingers and push in her already wet, pussy just in barely you take the two fingers by your thumb, and bend them making like a hook. Just inside and up, you will feel like a little button the size of a quarter , you apply pressure and hold it, you take your thumb and start rubbing her clit, not to hard, just so you can feel it roll around, holding pressure on her G spot. It will happen, maybe not the first time, but it will.

        The real key to squirting, is being open sexually with your partner, being able to let go, just let your mind go where ever you want or need.
        Bring her pleasure like that and she is hooked….
        So what are you waiting for?

        • Excellent advice! And I agree that the key is being open, and I would add communication. It can be a weird sensation the first few times, but shit, after you get the hang of it, it’s all fantastic from there. And I think I may have to have M ready this bit about the spreader bars… Sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing Vile!

  23. me and my girlfriend what to try this but she is worried if i get her to squirt next time we have sex she will squirt we just want to try it not have it happing every time so will it happen every time or not ?

  24. I tried this on my wife today. She didn’t squirt at me, but she definetely had about a thimble full of cum come out. I have been told that it is glicerine, which is sweet, so i tasted it and sure enough it was sweet. She had a powerful orgasm, but she said that I must be good all of the time because it felt like some of the others I have given her. In fact, she didn’t realize that she did it. We had sex and about an hour later I tried it again. She had another powerful orgasm(s), but nothing came out that time.

    • Well Tom, they say some women might not be able to. But I’d say to keep on trying. I know for myself, I have to cum a few times before I’m able to squirt, and it took me awhile before I had any control of the matter. For me, I’ve got to “bear down” if I want to make sure it happens. Good luck!

      • I may have messed up. We tried it on Saturday night and again on Wednesday night and nothing happened. Friday morning she went to the doctor with what he called a kidney infection (I’m wondering if it could be a bladder infection). I have to wonder if her not squirting, though she definetly got to that point, may have caused this infection. The stuff goes somewhere if it doesn’t come out doesn’t it?

        • Kidney infections are somewhat common, she will be back to new in a couple of days.
          Next time try having her stand, legs apart just a little, put a little lube on the fingers you are not going to insert.
          Once she is aroused, insert two, find the G-spot just a little pressure, with the other hand or have her, stimulate her clit.
          She did not get the infection from you playing with her, and yes it has to go someplace, that would be out, there is noway for it to be re-routed…
          Keep trying man…

        • Don’t stress about it, Tom. Keep trying and don’t get frustrated. Afterall, it’s about enjoying yourselfs. Maybe not everyone can ejaculate, science hasn’t yet decided. I don’t know if it could actually cause a kidney infection, but couldn’t find anything that lead me to believe it would. I am prone to bladder infections, and I always make sure I pee after a bout of sex, especially when we play rough.

          As far as she is concerned, have her practice bearing down, that is how I gained control over my squirting. And lots of kegels. 🙂

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    This is awesome

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  28. I made my baby squirt my accident; she was crying to pee and I wanted to climax before I let her go and then all of a sudden it happened. We were soaked and I climaxed inside. I will now follow the two fingers technique.

    • It works wonders for us. And, christ, is it lovely! Thanks for commenting!

      • I still have not been sucessful geting my wife to squirt. Seems like the deep spot (a spot?) stimulation gets her the closest as far as a big urge to pee feeling, but it just is not happening. As far as feeling the g spot get larger, maybe I can tell a little difference, but not the same as some of the threads I have read.
        When she is laying on her side during intercourse she says she gets that same feeling of the urge to pee. I told her to let it go instead of grabbing at the covers, but have yet to be successful that way either. I don’t know if she is trying too hard or what is going on. Closest I think I really got her was the first time I did the 2 finger up down technique, and at that time she did not know what I was doing. She literally pushed my fingers out of her, and me not knowing at the time, I pushed them back in and went back at it and haven’t gotten her back to that point. But OMG, she has had some very powerful and intense orgasms trying this stuff. Even before this she would get off 8-10 times during intercourse. I think if she were more relaxed that it would help, but I really don’t have a way of getting her to that point as she gets headaches from alcohol use, etc.
        I have watched the above video several times, and I have got to say, I may be wrong, but I think that girl is in a hypnotic transe like state. She seems out of it during the whole thing. Probably a good way to relax though.

        • As far as location of the g-spot, it tends to be between two and four inches in, on the outer wall of the vagina. With it getting bigger (some say harder) idk. I can’t really reach mine, but I will ask M, as he is the one who does the “work.”

          It’s hard to let go, because it really does feel like you are going to pee, and your mind holds on to not doing it, even when you try to let go. With pushing your fingers out, I’d say she was really close, as I do that a lot. There is a “bearing down” that occurs, right before my orgasm hits.

          Keep trying, but don’t stress about it. No one knows for sure if every woman can do it. It’s the orgasms that are fantastic, and it seems that you are achieving those!

          As far as the girl in the video, I think she’s high as a kite…

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  30. i’m gona definetly try this squirting wuth my wife

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  32. Oh, that was wonderful and amazing. I had medication issues and went a long time without orgasms at all. I’m back newly back in the game full swing but didn’t think it would work for me. Uh, yeah, so we’re in the market now for a more waterproof mattress cover lol

    • hehe and YAY!! Invest in towels. And sheets. It is such a lovely experience, isn’t it!? And be prepared Chickie, once it starts, it soon gets out of control! haha. So glad it worked for you! *hugs and kisses*

  33. hi! just found your awesome blog! i know i am late to this party but i just learned to make myself squirt with my vibe (as far as i know, i haven’t done it with penetration… yet 😉 ). i will say i do squirt more if i haven’t urinated. it’s definitely not urine that comes out, but i guess if you think about it, if you aren’t hydrated, well, what will come out?

    • Oh, once you realize you’re doing it, you’d know it, even with penetration. Although it is sometimes more difficult with penetration. I haven’t quite figured out why yet! haha. Thanks for commenting and good luck! xoxo

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  37. Mmh you describe that so nice I’m going to try that tonight. I’m So horny now and my cock is so hard to think about to Open my jeans and stroke it

  38. I’ve been wanting to learn to squirt for a while now. I’ve been with my man for 8 years and he can usually make me cum multiple times each time. He’s great at giving me clitoral orgams with his mouth! Hehehe 😉 but I recall a few years back, we were having sex doggy style and I guess it was just the way I was positioned but I felt like I was going to pee. But I never did, so I’m guessing that’s the feeling I’m looking for. Now I know what was about to happen. I wish I would’ve just let go! We’re going to try and do the two finger (I love you symbol, heavy metal symbol) method. I’m bound and determined to make it happen, even if I have to do it myself lol! Thanks for the article! I’ve also watched the video before a few months back, when researching female ejaculation, and it’s the best how-to video! I’ve mastered the vaginal and clitoral orgasm, now I’m going to try and master the g-spot! Wish me luck! I’ll cum back and let ya know how it went!

    • Good Luck!! Have you tried it with a vibrator as well? It took me forever to learn to do it on my own, and then for the longest time I could only do it with the Hitachi… Now, well fuck, now it happens with just a little bit of friction. Keep on practicing! xoxo

  39. My husband was able to get me to squirt repeatedly. I learned to fight it off (even though it felt amazing) because it made a mess of the bed – right through the towel. We have tried to do it (several years later) and I can’t feel the same sensations any more.

    • Keep on trying Girl! It was always random for me, but now we have the hang of it. I try and hold back to stop the mess too, but M is relentless. haha. I hear great things about the Liberator blanket for the mess, but don’t have one yet to give it my own props. Good luck! xoxo

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    Wow, what a sight. I want my wife as happy as possible. Can’t wait to try some of this!

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