It happens.  You’re really excited.  It feels really good.  She’s moving and moaning.  And suddenly, you can’t hold back anymore.  Damn.  She didn’t even cum yet.  She says it’s okay, but you know it’s not.  Now you feel like a douche.  But wait, this doesn’t have to happen again.  There are some quick, easy tricks to use to help you last longer.

Focus on Her

Spend some time on her.  Touch her.  Kiss her.  This way she’s already excited and when you do start having sex, she’ll be more likely to enjoy it, even if it is quick.  Get her off before you fuck.  Anyway you can.  Eat her out, finger fuck her, use her favorite toy, but make sure she’s came before you penetrate her.  This way, even if you do cum quicker than you’d like, she’s already had an orgasm and won’t be resentful that you got off and she didn’t.

Keep Her Away From your Junk

While you’re fooling around during foreplay, don’t let her handle your package.  It will be natural for her to go that way, so you may have to put her hands in other places, but if she is not stimulating and stroking you, you won’t be as hot and ready when you’re finally inside her.  This will give you some more time once the sex actually occurs.

Change Positions

Move around a lot while you’re fucking.  Go from missionary, to cowgirl, to reverse cowgirl, to side by side, to doggy.  Whatever it takes.  When one position starts to feel too good, switch to something else.  It will take a little bit to get the momentum going again and will give you a bit of a break, slowing down your orgasm.

Utilize Your PC Muscles

These are the same group of muscles that you use to stop peeing when you’re urinating.  If you “pulse” these muscles while having sex, it will slow down your climax.  This may take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you can do it again and again during one bout of sex.  And when you do cum, it will be MUCH stronger and more pleasurable.  As a side note, you should try to exercise these muscles regularly, and you will gain more control of them.  Talk to just about any woman who enjoys sex, and ask her about her Kegels (the exercises that help strengthen her PC muscles).  She very well may tell you she does her exercises at least once a day.  She may say she’s doing them right now.  I know I am.

Think About Baseball

I know that it’s a cliché, but, really, think about baseball.  Or meatloaf.  Or Meatloaf.  Or your garden.  Or whatever it is that can take your mind away from all the feel good that’s going on around your cock.  This is not necessarily a good long-term solution, but it can sometimes get you through the moment.


When you masturbate, don’t cum as quick as you can.  Remember what your football coach used to say, “You play like you practice.”  If you are cumming in two minutes when you jack off, this can easily spill over into your sex life.  Think about this next time you masturbate, and slow it down.  Bring yourself to the point where you want to cum, then back off.  Do it again and again and you will develop the skills to do this when you’re fucking your girl.  Try to reach at least 15 minutes, because if your fucking for 15 minutes, you are NOT a two-pump-chump.

Touch It

While your fucking, if you get to the point where you think you’re going to climax, pull out and squeeze your cock right below the head.  This

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should put some pressure on your urethra, and push back your ejaculation.  It will force the blood back out of your dick, allowing you to delay your orgasm.  It may also help if you gently tug on your balls, pulling them away from the body, as they tend to pull in right before you cum.

Final Thoughts

Okay, so obviously, this is not something that I necessarily have to worry about, as I can cum as much as I want and it doesn’t matter.  It’s actually encouraged.  Any men reading this, please add your suggestions to the comments, as you know better than I do.  But this is my last piece of advise for tonight.  If you do cum quick, don’t stress too much about it.  This will cause a downward spiral, and may even lead to difficulty getting it up.  So lay back, try some of these strategies, make sure she cums first, and work together on finding the right solution for you.