So, Jade‘s KOTW hit home with me this week. You see, I love panties. Love, love, love them.

For the longest time, after having babies, I didn’t ever think about my panties. I had gained a ton of weight, lost a lot of self-confidence, and was really just in a bad place. While I didn’t wear “granny panties” per se, I stuck with plain bikini-cut cotton, which were not very flattering on my figure.

But after our move back home in 2011, and kicking myself in gear to get back in shape, along with getting closer with M, that has all changed. Now panties are an integral part of my day. I think about them when I get dressed in the morning, picking a pair out of my two drawers filled with different colors and textures, cloths and styles. I think about how I’ll take the daily *almost daily* picture that I email to M at some point throughout the day. As a matter of fact, all the pictures here are pictures I took for M while at work. Most of them in public restrooms.

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Because that’s one of our rules. One of the only that really stuck, as far as things I must do regularly. He expects one, and there are no excuses if he doesn’t get it. Not only does he enjoy knowing what I’ve go on, giving him something to think about through his day, but it’s service-oriented, as far as our dynamic goes. It’s me, making a specific effort for him, no matter what. It signifies that I am willing to take a few minutes out of my day, no matter how busy or crazy work is, to do something that will please him. Make him smile.

love sex and marriage blog


And christ, M does love panties. It’s one thing that I splurge on that he never complains about. He loves it when I come home with new panties and try them on for him. Absolutely loves it. And even when new ones come, he still has his favorites, one of which is this pair bought almost a year ago, with what looks like polka-dots, but are really little hearts.


And I love to show my panties off to him. Not only in pictures, but in life too. I wear a lot of skirts and dresses, and I have a really bad habit of pulling my skirt up, just enough for him to catch a glimpse of what’s underneath. I make sure to bend down long and slow if there is something that needs picked up off the floor. When we put the kiddos to bed, I make sure to take the steps just the right way, allowing him to have a nice little view. I like to tease him, when we’re out and about, giving little peaks when we are places he can’t do anything about it. I like to let him know when they’re wet or have cum dripping on them from an earlier play time.ย love sex and marriage blog

And he doesn’t only love knowing what I’m wearing and getting pictures and peaks of them. Not at all. He loves to play with me while I’m wearing them. Spank me over them. Pull them tight between my lips and cheeks, reddening my ass with his hand, watching the contrast of my skin against the fabric.ย He likes to make them wet, so wet that my juices soak the fabric, sometimes to the point that they are dripping when I take them off.


He likes to fuck me with them one. Pull them to the side, while he slides his thick cock into my pussy. I imagine it adds an extra sensation, the wet fabric moving against his skin as he thrusts in and out of my cunt, making me cum again and again.

love sex and marriage blog

I have one pair, animal print with red trim *actually wearing them right now* that holds special ย memories for us, and although I can’t speak for M, every time I wear them, I think of one of our first weekends away when we were living with my pops. It was an all night fuck fest, but for most of it, my feet were bound together, wrapped up in these panties, which surprisingly wouldn’t give an inch.wpid-IMG_20130116_131808.jpg

And although we haven’t gone there yet, I can only imagine that at some point in time, M will have me gagged by my own panties, ones that are damp with my juices, covered in my scent, while he holds me down and fucks me, one hand gripped in my hair, while the other is wrapped around my throat.


And what do you do with a pair of panties, once they’ve lived their life and performed their duty? Well, when I have a pair of panties that have ripped or gotten a hole in them or something, I make sure to mention it to M. And then later on that night, when he has me panting with want, those same panties end up being ripped from my body in shreds.

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*hugs and kisses* y’all!