It’s been quite awhile since I’ve done one of Jade‘s Kink of the Week, but when I saw this week’s topic was biting, I couldn’t resist.

See, I have a thing for biting.

I like the feeling the flesh between my teeth.

And sometimes when things get a little… um… rowdy, it feels like I need the flesh between my teeth, need it to cum, need it to feel, need it to breath.

And it doesn’t have to be His flesh. Actually, when it’s overwhelming like this, it tends to be my flesh. He gets a little salty when I try to take a chunk out of Him. Apparently I have learned this through the years, and I now turn it on myself, without even knowing it. I notice it a few days later, or catch a glimpse of myself after a shower, and there it will be, a rather large, circular bruise on my left arm, just below my shoulder.

This happens when he’s fucking me doggy-style, and I’m cumming and cumming, and I don’t know what it is. Perhaps it’s the need for a little bit of pain with my pleasure. Perhaps it’s a need to have a different type of release. Maybe I need to just clamp down on something, in more ways than one. But whatever the reason, I turn my head and bite. Hard.

It must be hard anyway, because it leaves one hell of a bruise when it happens. One that starts with blacks and purples then fades to greens and yellows. One that sticks around for weeks at a time and hurts when you press on it.

But damn. The feeling of skin and meat, my teeth pushing towards each other, the soft friction between them.

Now I’m aroused. Just thinking about it. I can almost feel it, taste the salt of skin on my tongue.

And now thinking about biting has me thinking about getting bit. His teeth on my neck, my lips, nibbles and tugs and pulls. His teeth on my nipples, quick and hard.

Even now, I can feel him grazing me, teeth across my hip bone, where the cheeks of my ass meet my thighs, teeth gently scraping across skin, sending chills and ripples through my body.

And then he’s between my legs. All teeth, tongue and lips. Soft and smooth right next to rough and ragged. Lick and suck, then bite and nip. On my lips. On my clit. Everywhere and nowhere all at once.

Fuck it makes me a quivering damn mess.

So, yeah. Biting. Apparently I have a thing for it.