Drawing by Francesco Hayez. Español: Dibujo de...

Drawing by Francesco Hayez. Español: Dibujo de Francesco Hayez. 한국어: 남녀가 커닐링구스 또는 구강성교를 구사하고 있다. 프란체스코 아예스의 그림. Nederlands: Facesitting. Polski: Francesco Hayez, rysunek. Русский: Картина Франческо Хайеса. తెలుగు: Cunnilingus, or oral sex performed on a woman. Drawing by Francesco Hayez. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Okay, so I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’ve been broading over this, because I haven’t.  What I have been doing is proofreading and writing and reading and all sorts of stuff and now, I’m procrastinating.  I’m really good at it.  A pro, truly.  And what better way to procrastinate, then to communicate with you all, my fellow pervs.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this article (bullshit, it was saved in a folder in my email, for situations just like this, when I’ve got shit to do, but don’t want to do it) about teens and what they consider sex.  Apparently, according to these researchers, teens will suck and blow, as well as have anal sex, and still consider themselves virgins.  “Oral sex has become common place,” the author says.

Well, duh!  I am no longer a teen *sigh* and in the 16 years since I was 15, I don’t think a whole lot has changed on this arena.  Oral sex wasn’t that big of a deal to teens back then, and it isn’t that big of deal to them now.  I remember a specific event, when I’d accidentally led a guy on, and felt that I should fuck him, even though I didn’t want to.  So, what did 15 year old LSAM do?  I took him to the locker room and dropped on my knees.  And it’s not necessarily that I didn’t care or I didn’t respect myself…  It’s just easier to suck a cock then to fuck a guy sometimes.

But, that, my dears, is not the point.  The point is what is sex?  According to Google, sexual intercourse is “Sexual contact between individuals involving penetration, esp. the insertion of a man’s erect penis into a woman’s vagina.”  Hmm…  sexual contact involving penetration.  Does that mean finger fucking is sex?  What about playing with toys?  Is it sex if M shoves a dildo in my pussy?  What about in my ass?  What if I’m pegging him?  The questions can, obviously, go on and on.

To me, sex is sex.  It’s not about love or even necessarily intimacy.  I’ve had some really good fucking sex with very little intimacy involved.  It’s about the mutual desire to get off and enjoy each others’ bodies.  It’s about orgasms and cum and falling down, exhausted on to the bed.  To me, there is no difference, no clear-cut difference anyway, between sex and fucking.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are different levels.  Fuck, there are differently levels of everything.  Sex with a complete stranger is going  to be a whole lot different from sex with M.  But sex can and does happen all the time without any of that emotional mumbo-jumbo.  And it can still be just as good.

Fuck, I’m rambling.  Get back on track LSAM (see why I’m procrastinating, I can’t fucking focus)!  Do I consider oral sex, sex?  What about anal?  Yes and yes.  If it’s about getting off (even if it’s about getting someone else off), and it involves some sort of penetration from one person to another, then it is fucking sex.  Get over it.  Hell, one of my dear friends, Gillian at BDP, has a scene in one of her books where there isn’t even penetration, but fuck, it is definitely sex (and I’m too lazy to get up and get my Nook to see which book it was, but I’m thinking it was Breaking Through, but, Gill, babe, correct me if I’m wrong).

As far as girls still thinking they’re virgins because they are only blowing guys and getting fucked in the ass…  Well, virginity is overrated anyway.  Who really gives a flying fuck?  And if she is dumb enough, or perhaps her thinking is distorted enough, that she can honestly say she went to her wedding bed as a virgin, even though 2o guys have shot their load up her ass, well, her husband is going to have a lot more to worry about than a few red dots on the sheets…

*hugs and kisses* y’all, and thanks for listening to me rant…