I shouldn’t be posting right now. There are 152 things I need to get done. Writing that’s already missed its deadline. A deadline approaching that is impossible to reach at this point. Dishes to due. Laundry to put away. Legs that need shaved.

But I’m overwhelmed. It’s been one of those days. And I haven’t had one of these days in such a long, long time, apparently I’ve forgotten how to handle them. From loose horses and broken fences to trips to the ER and an aching tooth, all I can think to do isΒ scream.

Truly, I don’t want to do anything. I want to take a scalding hot shower. Put on my most comfortable PJs, curl up in bed, and fall asleep until tomorrow, when things can start anew.

But alas, a 4 year old who had his head split open not once, but twice, and a sick 7 year old prevent that from even being a possibility.

So I sit down to work. And my hands stay still at the keyboard. I can feel my pulse beating in my chest. And the tears threatening to spill from my eyes.

And the stupid 2 week old chicks are making all this racket from the room next to me and there’s a timer ticking somewhere that is too ridiculously loud. And I just want to scream. Or cry. Or cum.

And I start to think about M. And how I was so needy last night, seeking reassurance from him after Saturday night. And how even though he was exhausted from work, he still took me to bed.

I think of how good it felt with his head between my legs. What his mouth and fingers and lips do to my body. I think about cumming, over and over again, yet he wouldn’t stop, he kept going, taking me higher and higher.

My shoulders drop and I feel a small amount of tension leave my neck.

I remember what it felt like when he pushed into me, my hips supported by pillows, my ankles over his shoulders. I can almost feel how his cock instantly pressed into g-spot and how the warmth of his mouth felt surrounding my nipple. I remember what it felt like cumming together, his cock buried so deep in my pussy that it made me ache.

While this makes me feel a little better, it’s still not quite enough.

But wait.

I think I just heard M’s van pull in the drive. Now it’s time for some real stress relief.

Wish me luck people.