The Image of an Image: Sinful Sunday

Inspired by the Sinful Sunday meme run by Molly, where it’s all about the image.


I love this, the image of an image. You can’t really see anything, yet you see everything.

You can’t tell, but I’m blindfolded here. About an hour into play. I was a wreck. A hot mess. The sheets were soaked. He’d been in my mouth. His fingers in my pussy. He’d used the Cush. The King.

I think at one point, I was in tears, begging Him to fuck me. Anywhere. Any way.

Sinful Sunday


See what sins everyone else is committing at this week’s Sinful Sunday.

sinful sunday

33 responses to “The Image of an Image: Sinful Sunday

  1. Amazing photo. Clever and sexy… I wish I had thought of it…

    • Thanks, Elliott. I’m not sure if He planned it this way or not. It’s actually a still frame from a video, and when I was watching it, I completely fell in love with the image. Thanks for stopping by. xoxo

  2. such a good image – lots going on!!!
    BMN x

  3. ! This is crazy hot!!! Every detail about it – the way your panties are sitting around your things, the print on your shoes, even the setup of the camera; so, so sexy.

  4. Really neat picture and hopefully a great ending to your play time.

  5. holdenandcamille

    This is brilliant! Every detail, and every word! 🙂

  6. I feel like a voyeur studying this gorgeous image!

    Rebel xox

  7. This is so clever, you have forced us to be double voyeurs and really shown how the camera was actually part of the play. Brilliant

  8. i love the image of an image part, i love seeing the image on the phone!

  9. As someone with a touch of a voyeur kink, I think this is wonderful. I love images which show nothing but show everything, I love images which make me feel like I’m watching something incredibly intimate. Great shot xx

  10. Wow, now that is hot. I love it!!

  11. This is incredibly hot!

    Velvet x

  12. OMG!! I LOVE this photo!!!
    I LOVE your theme too. (Hope you don’t mind if I “copy” using your theme)
    Did I mention that I LOVE your photo???!!! great how you have your naughty bits hidden, but can still see..something. and your setup for taking photo is soooo cool too. I always forget about using my smartphone. Great stuff 🙂

  13. Wow! This is a very sexy photo. Very creative with the camera.

  14. This is an incredible shot, Caitlyn! I could stare at it forever. Gorgeous. xx Hy

  15. I love how we see everything that’s happening here and yet we actually don’t. Very clever!

  16. You leave just the right amount to the imagination… so hot. So inspired. Thank you!

    Lola 🙂

  17. Unbelievably hot, and the added voyeuristic elements make it even more erotic. We love this.

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