I’m so Excited: The Vibra King Arrived

If you’re looking for my Vibra King review, click here.


Okay. See this box, the one right below here.

Well you’ll never guess what’s inside it.

A vintage Vibra King massager. Not sure what a Vibra King is?Β Check out this Red Tube videoΒ  or watch it below to be enlightened. Go ahead, do it now. I’ll wait.

Did you watch it?

Now you understand why I’m so excited, right?!

They say it puts the Hitachi to shame.

M’s been searching and searching for one of these since before my birthdayΒ in November. But the little beasts are hard to come by. They’re not regularly on eBay, and when they are, they go upwards of $150.00, often with a bidding war during the final moment.

But finally he found one he liked, in mint condition, and now it’s here! It wasn’t scheduled to arrive until Tuesday, so you can imagine my surprise when I found this beautiful little box in the mail today.


And I’ve been sitting here staring at it since 11 o’clock this morning.

I know I can’t open it until he gets home, but I want to so bad.

I’ve had my fair share of vibrators, from rabbits to wands, from cheap to top of the line, but nothing ever like this. It may not be the prettiest thing out there, but if what they say is true, it’ll make you scream.

Please hurry home Daddy! My panties are wet!

You can find my review of the Vibra King here.


60 responses to “I’m so Excited: The Vibra King Arrived

  1. Looks positively powerful!

  2. That is interesting looking. We have a hitachi. Would be interested how this compared.

    • Hey Nate! It’s sort of different. And has a much longer cord. I’m going to play around a little more, then do a full blown comparison. I love my Hitachi, so it will be interesting. *hugsandkisses*

      • Longer cord is a huge plus. I have no idea why the Hitachi has short cord like most kitchen appliances. Really limits play distance or laughs when the wand gets yanked out of my hand because I forgot how short the cord is. πŸ™‚

        • Hell Nate, I’ve done that by myself, simply arching into it. Nothing spoils an orgasm worse than losing the source of power moments before the crest.

          Well, maybe screaming children, but you know what I’m saying! xoxo

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  4. I’m terrified of anything MORE powerful than a Hitachi. Can’t wait to read about your experiences with it. Rawr!

    /slurpy kisses and squishy boob hugs

    • Oh Kayla. This boy is *magical*. It’s not necessarily stronger than the Hitachi, but concentrated. I lent my Wand to Lynn, but as soon as I get it back, I’m doing back to back comparisons between the two. Stay tuned, because this little guy has already given me my strongest self-induced orgasm ever. And that’s saying quite a bit! haha. *licks and smacks*

  5. From the video, one of the first thing I noticed was the long cord, thinking this had to be a plus. Then I also noticed that it seemed to be pretty powerful, almost to the point where it was too much. I’m not sure I’m sold.
    Add to that the price… nah, not for me. I’d rather travel (I mean, for real in the world, rather than just in my mind sexually)… πŸ™‚

  6. I’ve been looking for one of these, and the thing I notice is that none of them seem to come stock with the attachment I’ve seen the lovely ladies in the videos pleasuring themselves with. I’ve even googled “vibra king hack”, and can’t find any discussion on the little white knob that seems to be the preferred one. Any suggestions or insights? I’d like to make this one of my xmas presents for my wife.

    • We looked all over. The attachment is definitely not stock. The ones that come with it are the regular, generic heads found on any massager manufactured from 1950 to 1990. We tried a number of things. I thought it was the bottom on a folded chair, but it wasn’t. We use the end of a silicone dildo. The end is threaded, so M drilled a small hole in the end of the dildo, and we screwed it in. We also tried a number of things and the dildo is what worked best, by far. My guess is those white tips are similar… maybe made in a press or mold or something. And, FYI, I’m working on my review and am hoping it have it up by the end of the week. Not sure if that helps… xoxo

    • I have a vibra king, but the shaft is smooth , not threaded. I ordered replacement tips from Wahl Co. They fit perfectly

  7. End of a dildo, I assume it wouldn’t be a realistic one? But rather one that would be uniform on all sides? By that, I mean, that if it was like the head of a cock, it wouldn’t spin smoothly and bump around, no? With that in mind, I’m now thinking of cutting off the the end of one of the blue wand attachments (ours came with a bunch of them and we rarely use that one).

    I’ll also check the isles of the hardware store…

  8. The dildo we use is not realistic and relatively uniform. The end doesn’t spin. It vibrates. But I think a realistic head wouldn’t be that good. The thing that makes this boy rock is that all that power is concentrated into one spot. I don’t know how big your wand is, but the head of my Hitachi Wand would be way too big. I don’t even think it’d fit.

    We tried a golf ball at one point. It’s bigger than you’d really want… Plus it absorbs too much of the vibrations.

  9. I’m talking about the blue attachment that fits over the top of the wand. There’s one that has a curved “finger” and one with a straight one. We don’t use the straight one very often.


    It’s the one on the left. Thinking of cutting a couple of inches or so off the end and drilling a hole into it.

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  11. The white attatchment is the knob from a Conair touch n’ tone.
    Makes this thing rock. Gets wife off within 4-5 minutes.
    F’in great buy if you can find one.

    • You’re my hero. And there’s like a dozen or more of them on eBay. Even if I can’t find just the attachment, the whole unit is going for like $10-15 after shipping.

      • I searched and search for the perfect attachment. Finally figured it out. I had to buy the whole conair just to get the small knob. Let me tell you. More than worth it!!!! It really makes this machine shine. Wife goes absolutely nuts with this unit. Stop shopping, you will NOT need another toy!!! Biggest problem will be where you/when you can use it cause there’s gonna be some moaning/screaming going on with this thing. Got my wife to squirt if you can believe it.

        • What was funny is that, while most of the conair units on eBay had all the attachments, if they were missing any, it was that one. Ordered mine today.

  12. I’ve got one to sell if interested.

  13. Does the Conair massager have as much intensity or at least offer the same results as the vibra king?
    And the Conair attachment that many have spoken of, is it made of a hard or soft material? Plastic or rubber I guess would be the question on the material. Thanks

  14. It’s hard rubber. And, as mentioned above, the conair machines are pretty inexpensive on eBay. Compared to what I paid for the vibraking, it was a pretty small surcharge to make it right.

    And, yes, Ms. Chef enjoys it greatly. To be honest, she dug it before as well, when we were using the stock attachments, but said she does prefer the new one.

  15. Conair bulb hard rubber attachment makes the vibra king shine as far as the mrs is concerned. You might as well throw the conair away, its junk. only the bulb is worth anything.
    Seriously–the vibra king is the best thing that has happened in our sex life since for ever. Mrs consistently gets” there” now, in the past very infrequently. it’s explosive sometimes. i’d pay $1000 for one if I had to..Hope it works for everyone here as well as it does for my better half.

  16. Mine is on the way. I am trying to be discreet about this in order to surprise my wife for xmas. I usually get something sex related and I have no idea how I will top this one next year- I doubt I will but there are going to be some leather products introduced in this house before long, so we will see. It is going to be hard to keep on buying massagers without her asking what the heck is up, so I am going to make one of the attachments to resemble the Conair. So I am seeing the Conair is a hard rubber. I am a machinist and can make this easy. I don’t have any hard rubber that I would want to use that will be used on flesh, but I do have UHMW which I am pretty sure is a NSF or food safe plastic. I think they use it on cutting boards and the counter tops sometimes. If not I use the finger off of a nitrel or latex type glove to cover the plastic and make for real easy cleanup. Now without the attachment in my hand I do not know just how “hard” the rubber is, so I am asking if in your opinion a plastic would work. I have some things I bought last year that are sold as a g-spot stimulator made out of a silicon like material- we don’t use these because they have really large ridges so I am going to cut off the ridges and fill them with silicon where my fingers are supposed to go and mount them on an adapter that I am going to make so I can use them on the vibra king as well. They should have a firm but malleable and squeezable feel.
    Can someone take a ruler and give some approx. measurements on the Conair gumdrop? I could use the length, widest and smallest diameter and how far from the top the widest diameter is. I have some guestimations but would like it as close as possible. I read a post where someone said they like the little triangular attachment that they sell on the Wahl and Conair used to sale one but not anymore. The vking I bought actually has a packet of Conair attachments with it but for some reason the gumdrop was missing. I’m pretty sure the woman kept it for the vking that she is keeping.

    And lastly, has using the vibra king caused anyone to desensitize the clit, and is it one of those orgasms where she is done afterwards or does it make her hot as heck and wanting lots of dong? Thanks for the help.

    • Tom,
      I’ll get you measurements, but in all honesty doesn’t seem to be worth all the work to save $10-15. I lucked out and found someone on Ebay selling just the attachments(bulb included for $6 shipped).
      Had Vking since April 2015. At the expense of getting “to much info” Mrs instantly (first time use, w/in 5min) had most extreme O she ever had. She, any times not all, has multiples as well per session. She even(I though it was internet crap, but she has even released fluid on several occasions its been so powerful-not urine). Been married/dating almost 27yrs–this thing has changed everything for us. Nothing comes close. She does not get desensitized either. Its pretty extreme for direct clit contact for her. She usually is just off it on her labe. Its so powerful it goes thru her entire region. I’d say we use it 2x week. i actually picked up several of these when they were still relatively check, not so any more.

  17. I’m not really worried about the cost so much as keeping things on the down low. Also, I do like making things- kind of natural to me- sort of like the professor on Giligans Isle. Plus when I make things I can make shapes and sizes the way I want them, which is a huge benefit some times.
    The UHMW material is considered “self lubricating”, meaning it is a slick “slide the can down the bar” type of plastic. And being it is used in medical materials it should have no pours- wouldn’t be so smooth with them you see. Lube will likely have to be used, but the material is very slick which means smooth, but it is hard. The material should be safe because they use in the wear parts of hip replacements and the like. I think you see it some on chair leg slides- kind of translucent white plastic. Oh yes, it slides nicely and is smooth! That should make a difference when you have 6000 pulses a minute. Anything with any chance of causing abrasion will not be good on the vibra king, at least I would think not.
    I don’t know if I posted this or not, but I found a post by a lady that said she used the triangular attachment that is sold on the Wahl Massager because she did not like the concentrated vibes of the gumdrop attachment, so if you don’t like the direct contact you should try that because she absolutely swore by it. I think she said she laid it to the side of the clit and basically used the side of the triangle for simulation- basically taking advantage of the larger surface area for less concentration of the vibration and no doubt the angle of the attachment laid nicely against the clit without forcing it into an odd position- that I am assuming and getting aroused by doing so. I’ll keep imagining until I cum to a different conclusion!
    Has anyone used a dimmer switch to slow the motor/vibrations down a little?
    Please post the approximate measurements if you get a chance. I still may buy one but I bet the one I make will be a lot smoother.

  18. tom
    nub is 1.5″ long and 1″ wide

  19. tom,
    nub is 1.5″ long and 1″ wide. Bells out near tip

  20. I don’t need the measurements after all. I found a set of attachments on amazon that I am told will work. Looks like they are silicone so hopefully it will be similar, plus it comes with some G spot attachments so hopefully she will like those as well.

  21. This is what I wound up getting. It costs more than the conair on ebay but I liked that it has the extra attachments and looking at it that way I got the small tip for about 9 bucks. We are prime members and were doing an order anyway so no shipping costs. They used to sell just the small tip but it hasn’t been available alone for quite a while. Plus she tends to favor the feel of silicone over hard plastic or rubber, so we will see.


  22. i put dimensions in here yesterday, but i see the email didn’t take.
    Anyway bulb is 1.5″ long and 1″ wide.
    let us know how these attachments work

  23. Well Bantam, I am disappointed with the attachments I got and I hope that Caitlyn will delete the link I posted. Let me first say that I was turned on to this attachment on the internet with other conversations about the Wahl massagers and how some woman were using it with that device. It may work well with those vibes because of the lower pulsation, but my experience was not so good with this high power machine we are dealing with on this post. Of course I bought it mainly for the spot applicator. It fit perfect but when I turned it on it sounded like something between an engraving tool and a hammer drill. I manipulated it a couple of ways and did find that it stoped the noise if I ran it all the way down to contact the vibra king shell, but that slowed down the vibrations, and I did find one way to turn it that it did not make the loud noise, but it wouldn’t stay there long during a session and I am not fooling with that when we want to use it. Long story short the item is made of a good slick material but it is way out of balance and that is why it makes the loud noise because it is causing something inside of the vibra king to go further than it should and hit the shell or another part, which is not good, especially when you are using a tool that is no longer made because you don’t want those parts to wear out. So that got me to wondering about the other attachments, especially the curved G spot one. I put it on and it was very quiet, just like running the vibra king with no attachments on it at all. As a mechanic/technician I was very surprised by this result, but it is what it is.
    So I am going to see if I can return it. If not oh well- I will sell it on ebay, but I did go on over to ebay and ordered a new Conair for 9.99 including shipping. They were running around 18 plus shipping last week, so if someone is looking for one on the cheap just be patient. As I said before I wasn’t worried too much about the price but I did see some reviews raving about the product so I wanted to try it. I really thought it was made out of a softer silicone as well but it was more like the material that you find on small rubber caps that are made to slide over tubes or maybe the end of the wash clothe hooks on shampoo holders that go in the shower (the caddies that hang on the shower head).
    Consider this my review my contribution to this post and hopefully it helps someone else to just go ahead and go with what works instead of trying to complicate things like I do. I just want the best for my lady!

  24. Update- so I also bought a Conair attachment to do a comparision and to make sure we have the best attachment. I gave this to her the other night with the blue attachment and then the Conair attachment and she said the Conair was about 40% better, so go with the Conair for sure.
    I was a little let down because she did not squirt but she did have powerful multiple orgasms. Now it may be the medications that she is on now that caused her to not squirt and I will admit that I have not been able to make her squirt for about a month using the finger method. The first night she tried the Vibra King she ranked the Orgasm at a 7. Last night was better and I think she hit a 10. She actually thought that she squirted several times but nothing came out- I did not tell her that they were dry. She said 3 hit one after the other in a row and she felt like she exploded. I don’t know if maybe someone has had this same experience but if so please weigh in. I hope this will help her squirt soon. I am now looking for other attachments. Has any of the men on here attached a male masterbator to see what it would do?

  25. Does it make any difference in which Conair Touch n’ tone is ordered for the attachments, HM11M or HM14W ? Many thanks just paid for the VK and am waiting on it’s arrival, my wife is very interested after reading Caitlyns review. and thanks to all those who posted their ideas and discoveries about the modifications needed to really make this toy work.

  26. Bantam, how did you attach the conair gumdrop to the VK? Do the threads matchup?

  27. Tom, Did you have any success in your homemade tip creation using the UHMW material ? if so, can you post a few pictures ? Any chance you can make any more of them?

    • I submited a post about that and it did not post for some reason. First of all, the tip that I spoke about a couple of posts back is not good. It is flimsy and makes a terrible noise with the V king because it kind of lags the movement of the vking so it makes it rattle. I did fill it up with silicone in the bulb area to settle it down and I thought it worked well but my wife gave a different review. What I did in the mean time was go ahead and buy the Conair. I wasn’t too impressed with it being it has a parting line where it looks like two pieces are actually pressed together, so there is a line where there isn’t an exact match. So when I gave it to her I first tried the Blue attachment and it worked good. Then I put the Conair attachment on and to quote her (and she doesn’t talk in numbers like I do but this time she did) she said it was “30-40% better than the blue attachment” that I bought. Coming from her that is a big difference. So there you go on that. The V king still has not made her squirt but I can easily make her with the finger method after the session (I think she is holding back some and she is on some medication that may be preventing her from squirting with it) and the meds seem to prevent my method from working from time to time. I did not make the part as I had a lot going on and ordered the Conair instead- I think Jim said to buy it since it was so cheap and after thinking about it I did buy one for 9.99. Being it would be smoother and have no parting line I would think mine would be better and I think I may make one just to see. I will let you know what comes of it.
      Any suggestions on how to get her to squirt with this thing? She really likes it for about 5 minutes and several orgasms and then she puts it down and tells me she wants me, which is fine by me, but I would like to see her gush like the gals on the videos. Man that makes me hot.

      • Some women can squirt with clit only stimulation and some can’t my wife can’t she has to have internal stimuli and to concentrate and then it happens. We do have a nJoy pure wand and that works everytime for her. When we get the VK and the Conair attachment in, I hope to try a double treat with her and let the pure wand work as the VK is also working and see if is too much or just right for a blended orgasm and gush/squirt for her.

      • Thanks for the advice ! I will do my best to thread it on straight.

    • Jim, the Conair attachment almost slides on the post of the vibra king. I turn it while putting it on and the threads have impressed the material enough that now it is pretty much self guiding when twisted, but you do have to get it on straight or it will vibrate hard, especially when you first turn it on.
      With that said I will say that one need not look at the Vibra King like a vibrator but more like a machine, because a beast of a machine it is for this task! I imagine it would make a good prostate milking device with the proper attachements as well.

  28. I don’t know why I posted as anonymous.
    Anyway, I have never heard of the njoy but I think I will be getting one of those after reading about it. Sounds like it can be used on both of us so that cuts the price in half as far as I am concerned. Plus it looks like it should clean up well and quickly which is good while playing. If you have some feedback on that please add it.
    As far as doubling up, she will love it. Mine wants me inside of her while using the VKing and sometimes I allow and sometimes I don’t, that is just the fun of it.

  29. Jim,
    Any squirting from VK.
    We’ve had less opportunities to use it ’cause of kids $ schedules. Orgasms are consisitent, but cream/squirts have diminished. i think it our schedules more than the VK

  30. These “vintage devices” are FAR more powerful than modern.

    Still have yet to find a Vibra-King that is EVEN affordable, but have found alternatives that I can guarantee work as well. Mostly, you are looking for something that is 110V-60CYC-10/15W. Most of the vintage items are 2-Prong and with pretty weak wires, ideal to know someone who can do a proper rewire with heavier gauge and make sure things are grounded and sealed properly.

    On many of these, the rubber attachments/ massage heads may be degraded, sometimes can be revived with a silicone spray. There are instructions on how to revive natural rubber with silicone.

    In the vid above, that is a CUSTOM MOLDED SILICONE PIECE specifically for FTVGIRLS.com

    Now… With a bit of ingenuity/ creativity on eBay, one can find silicone plugs/ toys/ etc and adapt/ attach as needed.

    A word of caution… I have been using some of these “vintage vibes” for about a year and with great success, not only are they AMAZING for their “intended purpose” and better than modern, but they work on my girlfriend’s orgasmic pleasure and even my own.

    15-20m TOPS for running them! I’M SERIOUS!

  31. How can I find a vibra king vibrator?

  32. I want one! Where can i get it please? I desperately need one.

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