I Like It When…

I  like it when he trails his fingertips along my collar-bone, feather touches, light and soft. I like it when he runs them down my sides, across my ribs. And when the backs of his fingers scraping against the hollow between my breasts, I arch into His touch.

I like it when his fingers yield force to my flesh, manipulating and massaging. When he moves them down my spine, making me moan under his ministrations.  And if he moves them to my ass, hands gripping and squeezing, I find myself pushing back against him, inviting him to touch me harder, deeper.

I love the first touch of his hand to my cunt, the jolt of pleasure it shoots through my being. When his fingertip slides up between my lips, to circle lightly over my clit, teasing it to attention.

And when his finger enters me the first time, that alone came make me cum, make me squeeze against him, trying to pull him deeper, make myself fuller. And when his lips trail the path his fingers have walked, my moans become louder, my movements instinctual as I lose myself in Him.

I like to look down and see his face between my legs, his hands wrapped around my hips, holding me in place. I love the feel of him taking my clit into his mouth, sucking and licking until I am quivering beneath him, hands fisted into his hair, pressing him against me, wanting nothing more than to feel like His forever.

And when he slips his fingers inside my warmth, curling them upwards, while his mouth works me, my body will begin to shake and clamp around him, as juices slip, soaking us both while I cum again and again.

I like to ride him, grind against him, while he tugs on my nipples, twisting and pulling. I will cum so hard, wrapped around him, that I will lose time, and sometimes space, forgetting where I am and what I’m doing until I come to, laying on his chest, trying to catch my breath.

I like being beneath him, feeling his chest pressed against mine, my legs wrapped around his hips or hooked over his arms. I love to feel his muscles work beneath my hands as I feel him move inside me.

I like it when he fucks me from behind, hands roaming my body, gripping me and moving me and holding me in place. I like it when his hand wraps into my hair, making me arch back against him. And if his hand is to slip around my neck, applying pressure and force against me, I will begin to float and lose myself, yet again, in Him.

Most of all, I like it when I know I am His. In any way. In every way.


The music in the first half of this song seems to do something to me that I can’t quite explain…

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  1. I definitely like what you like, so hot

  2. I think that I really like what you like… only from the opposite sex point of view. TY for sharing.

    • Thank you, Mark, for reading! *hugs and kisses*

      • My pleasure, LSAM. 🙂

        I’ve got your blog page marked, so I can keep on reading your thought provoking and groin churning posts.

        In spite of the fact that just like in early June of 2013, WP admin banned my blog again yesterday, one day after my blog had it’s highest number of page views for a single day.

        WP admin banned my blog for WP TOS violations that they still refuse to reveal to me, as of this writing.

        I think it’s because I was a little too honest in my writing about my true opinions of WP TOS and those in WP admin who enforce WP TOS.

        So like the proverbial loose cannon, they cut me loose and threw me overboard. But hey, no great loss. There’s other blogging platforms out there that are far more tolerant than WP, and I’ll be back.

        Wishing you and your guy all of the very best,

        Mark Sheridan

      • Good luck with WP Mark. I know some of my other blogging friends have had issue after issue. Keeping my fingers crossed they leave me alone!

  3. Wow such a turn on this post and great read. I don’t ever get turned on or jerk off to reading. Thank you for this erotic post mwa

  4. Princess Monster

    Mm-mm! Sounds yummy!

  5. Wow, this flowed like music to my ….heart, mind, soul, pussy… Awesome!

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