Here’s To You

Toast to a New Year 148/365

Here’s to a fan-fucking-tastic 2014!

*glass raised*

Here’s to you, my friends. With gratitude for your acceptance and camaraderie *had to google that one to figure out the spelling!*

Here’s to you, for allowing me to vent and sort through the rubble of my mind.

Here’s to you, for a second year down, even if it wasn’t a time of productive writing.

Thank you for reading. And for those of you that do, thank you for caring.

*hugs and kisses*

16 responses to “Here’s To You

  1. Wishing You An Awesome New Year Filled With All Your Heart Desires!

  2. Happy New Year! Hope your’e well, the family is well, and that life is good.

    (((HUGS))) ~ Elle

  3. Mwah!

  4. Muah, from a straggler who cares. Here’s hoping 2014 is better – with more orgasms, less strife and better knowledge of your mind and heart.

  5. ((HUGS)) So happy to see you if only for a few moments! Happy New Year! /lick /slurp

    • Thanks Kayla. Hopefully I’ll be around a bit more. I’ve made a promise to myself to write daily, but much of it includes writing exercises and other boring stuff. Here shortly I should be blogging again. And happy new year to you too! **lick**

  6. Caitlyn,

    Wishing you a Happy New Year!

    Mr Fox

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