So after I talked about wanting a girlfriend, I’ve been harness browsing, thanks to Lily and her excellent suggestion. And I’ve never really looked at harnesses before, as I don’t have a girlfriend (yet) and I was rather in love with the feeldoe style cocks when I was browsing the gender play area.

But fuck, apparently I’ve been missing out. I don’t really understand how I’ve over looked harnesses before, because believe me, I’ve done my fair share of sex toy shopping. I know which male masturbators are best (and as much as everyone talks about the flesh light, I think I’d much rather go with the Tenga Flip Hole; don’t have a cock, but just sayin’) and how expensive dildos and butt plugs can get (check out olga, coming in at $795). But for some unknown reason I’ve never drooled over harnesses.

Until this week. They are gorgeous and so freaking sexy. Look at this baby from ASLAN leather, the minxMinx. Oh my god, I think I’m in love! How fucking hot is this. Not only does the front look rockin’ but did you see the back? With the corset lacing? *swooning* And this baby is handcrafted with premium leather, hot, erotic, kinky leather. Have I mentioned yet that I’m in love with this harness? Okay, just making sure. So you know this is absolutely fabulous, now imagine it with a nice cock in it. *sigh*

And I can so imagine what it feels like on, with the straps curving underneath my ass, firm and snug against my skin.

To add to the already awe inspiring, the design promotes clitoral stimulation to the wearer, increasing pleasure all around. Every single review I read had people surprisingly startled at how well it preformed, both for giving and receiving.

Shit, fuck, damn, people! I’m going to own one of these soon. So, very very soon! They’re out of stock right now on EF, or else I’d have one on its way already. Oh, my god, I can’t wait! *jumping up and down*