Happy Anniversary To Me!

Five months ago today, I went to WordPress, and started Love Sex and Marriage.  I started LSAM because, first off, I love to write, and couldn’t find the time to make it a priority on my own.  I used to do content writing for Demand Media, blog for Families.com, and have a site at BellaOnline, but life got in the way, as it has a tendency to do, and those fell by the wayside.  Well, New Year’s rolled around, and one of the things I wanted to do was start writing again, but I didn’t just want to write crap, shit I didn’t care about.  So, after a bit of research, I decided that I would try my hand at blogging, and if any of you researched blogging before you started, you know that you must blog about something you are passionate about to keep yourself motivated to do it…  Well, what am I, LSAM, passionate about?  Getting off.  Fucking.  Blow jobs.  Spanking.  You get the picture…  Alas, that is how LSAM was born.

And in five months time, I feel that I have accomplished much, both on a personal level and as a writer.  Not only is this my 130th post (not the “post a day” that I had originally set my mind to, but what the fuck, it’s still quite bit), but the blog has inspired some life changes that have improved my marriage as well.  Also, I have again started to write fiction, which I hadn’t done in over six years.  I am now working on a novel and will most likely start writing and editing for a new magazine.  I have made some dear friends and found a hobby that I am passionate about.

And, with all that being said, I want to put out a big ol’ thank you to you, my dear readers, because without you, this would just be the ramblings of a horny girl…  You, my friends, are what make LSAM what it is.  And for that, I am grateful…

And, although I have done two award memes in the last two weeks, my word count is only in the 300s right now, so I’m going to wrap this up with my own version of the latest blog awards that I have been nominated for…

The lovely ee from erotic exploration has bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award (and you, my dear, also bring sunshine to my days)…

And then, a new award that I had not seen until yesterday, the One Lovely Blog Award, was given to me by both Scot from The Dom Next Door and Deviant Wench


Well, my lovelies, my last blog award was the first one that I actually followed “the rules” with, and you can’t really expect that to happen more than once in a lifetime.  If you were to go back and read my other awards, you would see that they are complete and utter chaos…  That just tends to be how I roll with things.  So, again, I’m saying fuck the rules and all that stupid shit, and instead of telling you random facts, I’m going to tell you seven different ways that I like to get off…

  1. Being finger fucked, with two fingers, pressing against my G-spot.  My absolute favorite thing in the whole world, and I often beg M to keep doing it once he starts.  I squirt all over the place and then we end up sleeping on a towel, as the bed is soaked…  opps.
  2. Riding M, not up and down, but grinding against him, moving forward and back.  And when he grips my nipples, you best watch out, because I lose my ability to even think for a bit after I cum this way.
  3. Getting fucked in the ass, while I hold my wand against my clit.  ‘Nuff said.
  4. Doggy style, hand in my hair, being pushed into the bed.  Shoulders down, ass up, with the headboard pounding against the wall.
  5. Missionary, face to face, chest to chest, as close as two bodies can get.  My legs wrapped around M’s waist, keeping him as tight to me as possible.  Slow and hard, all at the same time…
  6. M’s face, buried in my pussy.  And being fingered at the same time.  Mmmm…  Then, after having my clit licked and having orgasmed a few times, I like it when he sucks on my clit.  And then sometimes, when he scrapes his teeth across it, holy fuck…
  7. Masturbating, with two fingers, straddling the side of the bathtub.  It’s my fail safe position, and if I’m struggling to get off (which hasn’t happened in years), I can go there, and will be cumming in less than a minute.  To make it even better, put a dick in my mouth and I’m in heaven…

Again, thank you all for reading.  For your support.  For your friendships.  For commenting.  For caring.  And remember, keep on cumming, again and again!

23 responses to “Happy Anniversary To Me!

  1. Congratulations! Hugs and kisses to you both!

  2. Happy anniversary!!! And love your list!

  3. Gillian Colbert

    Happy Anniversary, love!

  4. LS&M – thank you for detailing a sex life to aspire to, need to, want to.
    And the details of HOW TO!
    Happy 130th!
    xxx Nick

  5. Happy Anniversary! Keep writing!

  6. Happy anniversary! I’m glad you started blogging and have stuck around. 🙂

  7. Congrats and Happy anniversary! I admire your sticktoittiveness. 🙂

  8. So, I found LS&M somewhere in the middle, but I honestly thought you had been at this for years. I had no idea it was ONLY 5 months!!! Wonderful! I’m so glad you’re in a better mental space now. I attribute a lot of my mental health to writing and it looks like it has helped you too. Keep it up.

  9. Congratulations! And many happy returns (or multiples!)

  10. 1st, you are most deserving and welcome.

    2nd, this is really getting eerie how similar our paths/journeys are. Leigh could have written #1 word for word.

  11. eroticexploration

    A bit late, but congrats! And so glad you accepted the award – I LOOOOVE how you changed the rules and shared some pretty hot stuff with us! Sunshine all the way 🙂

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