His Hands: Masturbation Monday


As always, inspired by Kayla Lords’ Masturbation Monday meme.


It’s amazing the differences between His hands and mine. Mine bring pleasure, over 30 years of familiarity, a life long exploration of folds and depths. My hands know this body.

But His hands, His hands are different. They explore unafraid of the unknown. They push past boundaries and navigate my limits, forcing me to places and heights never before reached.

His hands know things mine don’t. The hows of it, I don’t understand, but His hands command my body. Stopping when He says stop and cumming when He says cum.

his hands masturbation monday


His hands cover mine, guiding me to new places. Together we journey through my depths, twisting and turning, seeking its pleasures. His hands persuade mine, moving them where He wants them to be.

Yet I stray. My fingers feel for a detour. A resting place to catch my breath. Relax. Breathe. My heart pounds and I linger.

He does not.

“Toy.” There is no inclination in His voice, yet I know He scolds me. His hands move past my own, reprimanding me for not following His lead. When His fingers slide beneath my panties,  He reaps punishment on my flesh, and my hand falls aside, my mind, like my body, slipping into His grasp.

My breath catches when His calloused fingers find my clit. Once, twice across, and His fingers slip lower, sliding through my wetness, playing with my lips. When I gasp, He tugs. Hard.

My body arches against Him and the waves start to crest. Two thick fingers plunge deep into my pussy and topple me over the edge. I push against His hand, grinding against the palm, my clit swollen and craving His abuse. Fingers pump inside me, forcing me to rock back and forth, back and forth until the waves crest again, this time, liquid spilling into His hand and down His arm, dripping on to the floor at our feet.

“Baby girl.” His voice is gruff. Erotic. Filled with held back passion, on the tipping point of losing control. My nipples tighten at its sound.

“Yes, Sir?” my voice shakes as spasms continue to rack my body, making it jolt against Him.

“I need to fuck you.”

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  1. I’m drooling and squirming over here. Everything about this is amazing, but those last few lines? Heaven!

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