Handling Sub-Drop

M and I typically drink on Friday nights, me to forget my week at work and other people’s troubles, and M to appease me. When we find ourselves in bed after our indulgences, we tend to fuck for hours, sometimes so long that the first strands of morning light are peeking through our window.

I spend most Saturdays hung over and miserable.

And I’ve never really thought twice about it. Even if I don’t over indulge on alcohol, between the lack of sleep and dehydration caused by “lost fluids” I’ve never questioned the hangovers.

But a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a reblog at phoenixasubbie that lead me to this post by Corey (go read it, I’ll wait), and it got me thinking.

Perhaps I wasn’t so much hung over as dropping. My mind fought this for awhile, as most nights we don’t scene or even play heavy, so there would be no reason for me to be dropping. But then when the next week rolled around, and I had only 2 drinks the night before, but felt miserable and depressed and hating on everything the next day, I had to consider it.

And while there may not have been ropes and beatings, clamps or corsets, there was many, many orgasms, sometimes lasting minutes at a time, building and growing until there is nothing left.

I float, so why couldn’t I drop?

So I decided to give Corey’s suggestions a try. Last weekend, before I even got of bed on Saturday morning, my hand made its way between my legs, and although my clit was ultra sensitive, I was able to climax before I got out of bed.

And amazingly, I felt great throughout the day: my head was not in a bad place, I had energy and motivation, and all-in-all, I felt pretty damn good.

Fast-forward to yesterday. I woke up, tired and exhausted. I could hear the children playing downstairs, but was hesitant to get up and start the day, preferring to stay in the warmth of my bed. Soon, M makes his way upstairs, and sits down next to me.

“You gonna get up today?” he asks.

“Um… eventually.”

He smiles down at me. I smile back.

“Remember what I told you last week about the possibility of me dropping, and I was thinking morning orgasms could help?”

He nods, and I watch as his hand glides over his cock, already growing at my words. “I remember.”

“You wanna help?”

Without any hesitation, he has me on my knees, my ass in the air and his fingers are moving over my skin, down my back, across my ass, between my lips. He’s hard in moments and pressing against my wetness.

10 minutes later, I’m dressed and already feeling much, much better.


I can’t yet say that the morning orgasms are helping with the drop, as I’ve just started experimenting with the idea, but so far, so good. *And who doesn’t like morning orgasms anyway*

But it makes sense. I, like Corey, believe that sub-drop occurs due to the massive amounts of hormones that are released during intense play, and when your brain gets back to normal, you go through what can only be explained as a withdrawal.

The morning orgasm lets me get some of those feel-good chemicals released, and it makes my brain happier, therefore I feel better.

I’m going to continue with this idea, and see what comes (cums) from it.

7 responses to “Handling Sub-Drop

  1. Well, this takes me back a few years. Not that there was any idea of D/s at all with my ex. But I remember noticing that, every time we had sex in the morning, he was even more crabby than usual that day. Maybe it was due to his hormones crashing after an orgasm? Any idea on how this works for men?

    • So… I did a quick bit of research, and it was very most likely definitely a crash, much like a hangover. I’m going to do some more research, and write about it soon! mwah!!

      • Wow! So it wasn’t just me feeling like he was being horrid? Too bad we weren’t aware of this, because this led to a vicious circle of sorts. When you know your partner is going to be awful all day if you blow him in the morning, it takes away a lot of the fun of playing and makes you reconsider (though subconsciously) whether or not to have sex with him that morning!
        Well, it may be too late for the last relationship, but being aware of it will be helpful for any subsequent one. I’m really looking forward to reading whatever it is that you find out 🙂
        And thank you for doing the research for us!

      • Dawn – you realise you just ruined the chance of morning jollies for hordes of men!

  2. Nick, I hope you realise all men are not equal in their behaviour… I only meant that handling my ex was no fun and made me reconsider. If I find someone who is happier about it, either because they don’t suffer from sub drop or because they know what to do to handle it and tell me how I can help, then I don’t have any problem with morning jollies as you say 🙂

  3. Wow, this is so interesting, I never thought about the drop being so important but it is. Makes sense!

    • Weirdly enough, I rarely gave it much consideration. If I were really gone, spontaneously crying gone, then yeah, I need a little extra attention. But just some very orgasmic sex, didn’t really ever think about it. But it makes sense. I’m edgy and bitchy, like a haven’t had a cigarette in 15 hours. One of these days, I’m going to do some more research on the topic. Mwah!

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