Christ, as much as I wished my summer away, due to busyness and obligations, I never would have done it had I known what September had in store for me.

Not only was there school starting and helping the kiddos get back into the swing of things, but then there was an anticipated job change that fell through, leaving one of us unemployed and finances a little tight.

Oh, and then there’s my dad’s heart attack, life-flight and $150,000 night in the hospital with no insurance, each of the children getting a stomach bug, M having an abscessed tooth that made the whole left side of his face swell, me coming down with bronchitis (again), and the baby now breaking into random fits of hives.

Add in the fact that I went off my meds to help save money, which not only makes me bitchy as all get out, but makes me tired and had my sex drive plummet into the abyss. It was just a little topping to the already shitty month.

Fuck you September, with your warm days and cold nights. With your finicky temperatures and falling leaves. I am NOT sad to see you go.

My apologies for this bitch session. Please take it as my excuse for lack of appearance.

*toasts* Here’s to October!