It’s been a while since IĀ last participated in Boobday.

And this morning, as I was deciding if I should join in, I was struggling with my thoughts.

Within the last year, I’ve lost 30 pounds. And from April to August, I dropped my body fat percentage by nearly 15 percent, putting me in the “athletic” category.

Five years ago, when I delivered my last child, I weighed 100 pounds more than I do today.

And I feel great. I’m healthy. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been. And for the first time in my life, I can do 50 “man” push-ups and run 5K.

But the weight loss, or more preciously the weight gain that caused me to need the weight loss, has wrecked havoc on my tits.

I was one of the first girls to have to start wearing a bra when I was in fifth grade. When I graduated high school, I was a size 5 and had D cups.

After having my babies, my boobs were huge. When I was breast feeding, they were nearly the size of basketballs.

As a girl who was known because of her big boobs, all I ever wanted my entire life was to have small tits.

Well, now I do. Little C cups. That are in the skin that used to hold DDD.


So to all those young women out there that don’t yet appreciate what nature gave you, take care of your bodies. You’ll be thankful once you’re a little older and realize you can never get back what you once had.


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