Friday (8/29/14) is Boobday!

So the lovely Hy Jones is at it again with Boobday! A few changes and tweaks, a new picture for the meme and a booby pic!

Here’s my August contribution(s).


IMG_20140828_082421I love this t-shirt. It’s old and comfy and pretty damn transparent. And M loves the way my nipples look through the thin cotton. M loving my nipples… That’s always a bonus!


IMG_20140828_082442Nothing too fancy, but I figured I needed to start off the new and improved Boobday with some actual flesh!
Check out all the other boobies at Hy’s blog, A Dissolute Life Means…


14 responses to “Friday (8/29/14) is Boobday!

  1. Mmmm….gorgeous! So happy to see you posting again. I commented on your last post,.but then my phone died just as I was posting the comment and I haven’t gone back to finish. Jusy saying you’ve been missed.

    I’ve got a few old and comfy tshirts. When they get real bad they just rip right off!

  2. Ah, LSAM, I’ve missed you.
    M has good taste – your nips look delicious and I’m swelling at the sight of them.

  3. I’ve never been so impressed with a Penn State article of clothing, before and especially after- very delicious display, miss! I would say, “keep ’em coming” but I’m sure you do that anyway, LOL! 😉

    -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

  4. Meow! Glad to see you, my dear

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