Friday (5/10/13) is Boobday!

Yay for Friday! Still lovin’ Boobday!


And don’t forget to stop over at Hy’s place to check out all the other luscious ladies playing along today!

*hugs and kisses*

Ya know, sometimes I can’t think of songs to play. And then I think of my favorite bands, and I realize I’ve never played them at all. Maroon 5… *sigh* I love them, especially the little bit older stuff. Hell, there were so many songs off the first few albums that were about sex, how could you not love them? And Adam, well he just keeps getting hotter and hotter. Idk, maybe it’s additional tattoos or something, but fuck… *swoon*

32 responses to “Friday (5/10/13) is Boobday!

  1. Beautiful picture Lady! I love Adam Levine too. He’s great on the Voice

  2. Modest and lovely.

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  4. That picture is so sexy. Cute bra!

    • Thanks! I’ve got trouble with bras, as there is no specialty shop close by, and the department stores don’t care too many sexy styles in my size. It sucks. I love this one, and it sooo damn comfortable! xoxo

  5. Nice photo Ma Belle! I love Maroon Five too.


  6. Love love love him! Hottest ever… Some people say my Sir looks little like him..

    • I think it’s left over from my 90s grunge days… The tats, the 5 o’clock shadow, the dark hair… It’s weird though, typically I like my guys husky, broad chested. Mmm… maybe I just love them all!

  7. Totally pretty creamy kissable titties! And Adam, he just does something special for me too. So fucking hot, oh my.

  8. Thanks for your submission this week. Always a great way to begin a man’s Friday.

  9. Girl that is a lovely and delicious shot.
    Well done!
    Love the song as well…. He is one of my faves!!!!

  10. I want to lick you. And I loooooove Maroon 5!

  11. Love that cleavage and a nice sexy red bra to nicely frame it… yummy..

  12. Ohhhh… I LOVE me some Adam. Even wrote a blog about him last year when he broke up with his girlfriend. He just ooooooozes sex. From his scruffy face to those tats… mmm mmm mmmm!
    …nice pic, too!

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