Friday 3/4/2016 Is Boobday!

Hello my lovely, lovely friends. Happy Friday! And you know what Friday means… Boobday! Yay! Hooray for boobies!

As always, Boobday is brought to you by the lovely Hyacinth Jones from A Dissolute Life Means… Who also happened to be voted the Number 1 Top Sex Blogger of 2015! Woo-hoo Hy, and congratulations my love. It’s well, well deserved.

Mwah. Mwah. Mwah. 


Today’s boobday shot isn’t anything special. As a matter of fact, I just took it, snapping pictures one after another, asking M for help. Watching, he offered his kind advice: “You can rush boobday.” 


Today, I taught a blogging class at a local college. I didn’t realized I knew so much about blogging. About how much LSAM has taught me. Without this, without you dear reader, I’d never be in the position I’m in today. 

So thank you. 

Here’s a picture of my titties in show of my gratitude.

boobday black bra

Notice the patch. Today’s day 39. And I had to look at the calendar to figure that out. I’m assuming that’s a good sign. 

And if you haven’t already, drop on over to Hy’s place and see what kind of skin everyone else is showing for today’s boobday.

*hugs and kisses* y’all.

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  1. holdenandcamille

    You look very beautiful! ~C

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