It’s a lovely Friday morning here at the McConnell house, and what better way to celebrate than with Boobday!



With the lovely pictures we’ve been seeing lately, I felt compelled to try to step up my game, but it backfired on me. Too much beer and my overwhelming feelings about my body had me nearly in tears.

Ridiculous, I know.

I almost gave up, swearing to never do another Boobday again. And then I had to stop and remember what it’s all about. And with M’s encouragement–and kisses–I continued.

Thank you, Daddy. xoxo

Caitlyn McConnell standing boobday

Guess I didn’t shut my lingerie drawers!

Caitlyn McConnell Boobday

And please excuse my dirty mirror. I’m a squirter… Things get messy. And M wasn’t willing to let me go wash it. He was ready to fuck.

caitlyn mcconnell boobday

And here’s where they should be, my barely C cups in DDD clothing.

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