Friday 3/18/2016 Is Boobday!

It’s a lovely Friday morning here at the McConnell house, and what better way to celebrate than with Boobday!



With the lovely pictures we’ve been seeing lately, I felt compelled to try to step up my game, but it backfired on me. Too much beer and my overwhelming feelings about my body had me nearly in tears.

Ridiculous, I know.

I almost gave up, swearing to never do another Boobday again. And then I had to stop and remember what it’s all about. And with M’s encouragement–and kisses–I continued.

Thank you, Daddy. xoxo

Caitlyn McConnell standing boobday

Guess I didn’t shut my lingerie drawers!

Caitlyn McConnell Boobday

And please excuse my dirty mirror. I’m a squirter… Things get messy. And M wasn’t willing to let me go wash it. He was ready to fuck.

caitlyn mcconnell boobday

And here’s where they should be, my barely C cups in DDD clothing.

Make sure to head over to Hy’s place to see this week’s edition of Boobday!



14 responses to “Friday 3/18/2016 Is Boobday!

  1. You are stunning, sweet Caitlyn. xx Hy

  2. I love these pics… Especially the one that shows your ass in the mirror 🙂

    • Thanks, Ann! I really can’t express how much I love the mirror headboard. Oh. My. God. I’m sort of mad I didn’t do it 15 years ago!

      I love that pic, too. By far my favorite! *hugsandkisses*

  3. I think all of us have felt the way you did about ourselves. I’m glad you didn’t walk away from it and your photos are honest and real. That makes them beautiful & sexy 🙂

  4. holdenandcamille

    These images are so very sexy and we both love them! Thank you. 🙂

  5. WOWWWWW!!! Caitlyn. The twins are AMAZING and very beautiful. Love the way they raise their heads to say HELLO sexy. Come taste me. LOLOLOL

  6. Oh why, why, why would you ever doubt???
    These are simply fabulous . . . ALL of them!!!
    And yes, yes, yes to Hy’s “remember what it’s all about” !!!
    Xxx – K

  7. Oh I know this feeling only too well. Sometimes I hate what the camera shows me but I have learned to push on and work with it and find something I do like which is such a happy feeling.


    • TOTALLY agree, Molly. In general, I’m not photogenic. And I get these bad pics that capture everything at its worst, and then I fall into the mopey behavior. I’ve got to learn to push through those bad pics until the good ones emerge. *hugsandkisses*

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